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My Superior (Levi x Reader) Shingeki no Kyojin by Heichou_is_smol
My Superior (Levi x Reader) levi's
Levi x Reader, Enjoy! --- (Y/N), fell in love with her Superior, Captain Levi Ackerman, "Humanity's most powerful soldier." She knew that it was Impossible for...
I Think I Love You {Ereri/Riren} [18+]  by Wolkun
I Think I Love You {Ereri/Riren} [ Wolkun
Note: This is my storyline, meaning that this will probably not end up following the same path as the manga/anime. There will be titans and it will take place in the sam...
Is This Love Corporal? by Chishiru
Is This Love Corporal?by Chishiru
Corporal Levi. No emotion, clean freak, humanity's strongest soldier. Not anymore. (y/ n) (l/n) is stronger than him and she's just a cadet. She laughs and has fun, but...
Wrong side (lexi x ex Kenny squad member) by tonakai606
Wrong side (lexi x ex Kenny tonakai606
You are apart of the famous Kenny the riper's squad when your whole squad ends up dieing. Even your leader. But not you. You lived. Got found. Some may even say saved. I...
 Levi x Reader | Oneshots by SeroSuper
Levi x Reader | Oneshotsby ⌍Sero⌎
To my fellow Levi lovers and Otaku's! Welcome to my one shot book where there is both happy and sad moments that are all spent together with our wonderful Levi. Leave a...
Levi x Reader Oneshots by Yumi-SamaTheBest
Levi x Reader Oneshotsby AmAzINgLYaWeEz
WELL, IT IS YOUR TIME TO BE WITH LEVI IN THIS ONESHOTS! LEVI WILL BE YOUR "BOYFRIEND".♥ How will you overcome his attitude between your relationship.😍 0-I DO...
Levi x Reader Short Stories by PocketSizedMochi
Levi x Reader Short Storiesby Mochi
Highest ranking: #1 in shorty, #1 in stories A book of everyone's favorite Captain. He may be a bit OOC, but I'm trying to perfect his attitude! Enjoy! I'll update soon.
Eren's Older Sister by mongu_Levi
Eren's Older Sisterby Aramjoon
did you know Eren has a older sister well this is the story that explains and tells the story of the two jaeger*** siblings WARNING: I SUCK AND I IM NOT THE BEST AT LIF...
Levi X Reader Lemons And Fluffs by MaplePepperLover
Levi X Reader Lemons And Fluffsby MaplePepperLover
The title is self-explanatory, just some sexy, fluffy, fun one-shots with our favorite shorty 😉
| | Levi x Reader | |                                           | | Oneshots | | by _Koala-Paola_
| | Levi x Reader | | _ThatOneKoala_
This is a simple Levi x Reader oneshots book! Requests are not currently open and feel free to tell me if I made any mistakes! I will update weekly or as much I can! Di...
Suicidal Thoughts (Levi x Reader AoT) by MonochromeMochi
Suicidal Thoughts (Levi x Reader Mono.
Your life was always a shit storm. So why not end it? Its not like it wasn't a recurring thought. But it didn't turn out as you planned and your world is turned upside d...
Crimson Seeping Through The Cracks (Rivetra) by whydoo
Crimson Seeping Through The insert creative name
I'd bare the weight of a thousand worlds. I'd kill anyone or anything you ask. I'd let you own me completely. Who am I kidding; you already do. Just... Beat me. Burn m...
Levi x Reader One Shots by attackonshadows
Levi x Reader One Shotsby attackonshadows
None of these characters are mine as well as yourself.
Don't leave me (Levi x eren) by jaegerbombb
Don't leave me (Levi x eren)by Lilith
Eren And levi have been through a lot together in the few years that they've known each other, it was time for hidden feelings to be dealt with. WARNING: season three sp...
Ackerman's Class by guccikpop_7
Ackerman's Classby Katpop
"Welcome back to class, brats. For the next month, we will be learning about the human's reproductive system. So if you guys could do me a favor, don't act like a b...
I Fell In Love With My Boss...[Levi X The Reader] by the_colorful_soul
I Fell In Love With My Boss...[ 《Doubt》
You live in an apartment with Hanji and you are best friends. One day you have to go for a job interview. You find out that your boss is the famous Levi Ackerman. You re...
Eren x Levi ~ The Showers (LEMON) by nekochibi003
Eren x Levi ~ The Showers (LEMON)by nekochibi003
Okay you brats, I was in English class and I just had this random thought about one of my OTPs; Levi x Eren from Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan. Ummm so yah it's a...
Whispers in the Dark (Levi x Reader) by KiaraCoston
Whispers in the Dark (Levi x WeebTown
Y/N grew up with more loss than anyone could even deal with in a lifetime. She lost her parents when she was only 5 years old. Her 13 year old brother took care of her w...
Levi X Eren Oneshots (EreRi) by RayOfRandoms
Levi X Eren Oneshots (EreRi)by Rayna
Just a bunch of EreRi Oneshots that I may write a story of. There will be fluff, angst, smut, you name it. Feel free to send prompts if you like, and feedback is always...