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when The World Caught fire(PeetaxReader) by mj12345567
when The World Caught fire( mj12345567
You never really knew Peeta too well, until after your father and sisters died in a tragic fire that destroyed nearly half the seam. You practically didn't know he exist...
For You- you are the best and the worst thing that has happened to me.  by Livvyyyyyyyyyyyyy
For You- you are the best and Love Livvy
Faye was a thirteen year old victor of the hunger games from district 4 she is the youngest ever. Now at 20 the quarter quell is nearing. What happens when time at the...
The Capitol Games by amzzz18
The Capitol Gamesby Leanne Rose
~ a Hunger Games fanfiction ~ In Mockingjay, the victors decided to hold one last Hunger Games using only Capitol children. When President Coin was murdered, the Games w...
Peeta's Story- The Hunger Games by amandagrace
Peeta's Story- The Hunger Gamesby amanda grace
Thanks to my editors... check out their works! Izzy (bellabooily1997) Lizzy (MySweetSunshine) Since Suzanne Collins wrote from Katniss's point of view, I decided it woul...
May the Odds Be Never in Your Favor by thatgirlfromhamlet
May the Odds Be Never in Your Favorby Ophelia the Nerd
Emlyn Thomas is your average girl. Smart, brave- and training for the Hunger Games in District 2. Her goal since she joined the training academy- five years ago- has bee...
My Reason To Live (A Hunger Games Fanfiction) by Sparkly_Teardrop
My Reason To Live (A Hunger L
I was ready if I was ever chosen to be a tribute but what happened wasn't what I was expecting I'm Jessica Woods from district 7 and this is my story.(Cato/OC) I used to...
꒱꒱ 𝐉𝐘𝐏 𝐇𝐔𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐑 𝐆𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐒 ✓ by -moonbyunee
Primrose everdeen~ watching  over you { a hunger games story }  by everlark4lifexo
Primrose everdeen~ watching Peetas wife😍✨
This is the hunger games from primrose everdeen's point of view watching her sister suffer out in the hunger games while Gale and her mother looks after her back at dist...
A very Clovely story by CLATOSHIPPER
A very Clovely storyby CLATOSHIPPER
Clove, the blood thirsty career from 2, isnt who you think she is. In this story, I will pretend Cato and clove won the Hunger Games. Read more to find out what would ha...
The 165th Hunger Games by thefanboynextdoor
The 165th Hunger Gamesby Peeta Bailey
Flint and Rosie's nightmares of their child dying in the Games come to life when Jonah Green is reaped at fifteen years old for the 165th Annual Hunger Games. The third...
Life without you (cato the hunger games) by Molly-Prewett
Life without you (cato the SHAKETHATBOOTY
It's the 73rd hunger games. Cato volunteered a year earlier and encounters a fiery red head. Immediately there's something between them...... Hate. The games push them c...
Love is not a game (Hunger Games Fan Fiction) by District_12_Rocks
Love is not a game (Hunger Games kryptid
What if you were chosen as one of 24 tributes chosen to fight to the death? What if your newfound friend came with you? What if there could only be ONE survivor? Cato's...
Rue's Games by OnHerToes
Rue's Gamesby Sara
When disaster strikes in the Hunger Games, Rue must fend for herself. Can she win the Games and become a victor? Beyond that, can she aid a rebellion aged only thirteen...
Into The Wilderness: A Hunger Games Story by december_noon
Into The Wilderness: A Hunger carmenxox
What happens when Primrose Everdeen gets selected for the 74th Annual Hunger Games, but her sister, Katniss, is too shocked to do anything about it? This is Prim's story...
Clove's Story (Hunger Games) by frecklefacegreeneyes
Clove's Story (Hunger Games)by frecklefacegreeneyes
What if Clove made different decisions and made them based on what she thought? What if she never followed Cato's lead? What if she outsmarted everyone? Would she have w...
Double Me {Back on} by InamorataFeels
Double Me {Back on}by Writing Becomes Her
It sure was cool stuff for Phyllis to have a doppelganger who could stay at home to keep her folks from suspecting she was out at some party and the likes. Like, which t...
Tributes Of District 2- Cato and Clove by DarkDusk
Tributes Of District 2- Cato and Danie
We all know their names. Cato. Vicious, brutal, a Career.... and also a boy who lost his older sister to the Hunger Games. He is a boy who follows his instinct, and neve...
The 69th Hunger Games by skyeelehr14
The 69th Hunger Gamesby Skye
13 year old Atlantic Quicksilver is a tribute in the 69th hunger games. She is scared,young, and not at all like the Career Tributes that most other districts associate...
The 36th Hunger Games by CottonWheel
The 36th Hunger Gamesby CottonWheel
The hunger games.... Years before Katniss Everdeen ever even existed