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Back To The Drawing Board (Stephew) by wandering_sadie
Back To The Drawing Board (Stephew)by wandering_sadie
Matthew and Stephanie Patrick are at a high point in their lives, successful both at YouTube and at their relationship. However, when Stephanie becomes pregnant and thei...
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I Can't Break Free {Stephew} by Scottsc20
I Can't Break Free {Stephew}by Scott
WARNING: This is a sequel to "I Can't Lose Her". Go read that one first. It's been almost three months since Matthew Patrick had the most intense, terrifying n...
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Music For If You Miss Me (Stephew AU) by wandering_sadie
Music For If You Miss Me ( wandering_sadie
In 1984, Matthew Patrick is just trying to impress a girl with a cassette tape. However, when the cassette tape gets sent to the wrong girl, Stephanie Cordato, and she s...
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Under The Stars (Stephew) by WhyCats4444
Under The Stars (Stephew)by WhyCats
Every once in a while Matthew likes to go outside to look at the stars, one night he meets someone else who catches his interest.
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Random by HighGroundTheory
Randomby HGT
Updates, stories and more.
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Life is For Us by MostlyMoreThanSmut
Life is For Usby NJ
Based on the Life is Strange play-through on GTLive. After a bit of overworking, Matthew uses a bit of time travel to change the past.
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Stephew Oneshots! by Fangirl_Powers
Stephew Oneshots!by Esther_Rose
Brief stories surrounding Matpat and Steph! Mainly AU's, but I also will take requests. 💖
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(Stephew)(Fluff)(Oneshot) by MostlyMoreThanSmut
(Stephew)(Fluff)(Oneshot)by NJ
Jason has 10 minutes to get the Diet Coke. Matt tries to use this to his advantage.
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Child (Oneshot) by MostlyMoreThanSmut
Child (Oneshot)by NJ
Raising a child can be hard work. But a cat can train you how to take care of a child, right?
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When Jason's away(Stephew) by MostlyMoreThanSmut
When Jason's away(Stephew)by NJ
Jason's away for a second honeymoon, Chris gets sick; and when the children are away, the parents will play.
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If You Like Pina Coladas by MostlyMoreThanSmut
If You Like Pina Coladasby NJ
Matthew Patrick's going through a mid-life crisis. So he looks for a woman from a long time ago.
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Skip!(Stephew) by MostlyMoreThanSmut
Skip!(Stephew)by NJ
Skip the cat doesn't understand humans.
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Returning the favor(One-Shot)(Stephew) by MostlyMoreThanSmut
Returning the favor(One-Shot)( NJ
When Matthew was in collage when Stephanie threw him a surprise birthday party. While looking for a job in California, Matthew decides to return the birthday party she l...
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Numbers Before Us [ NatePat ] by CtrlAltDelMyHeart
Numbers Before Us [ NatePat ]by MattyPatty
a·lone əˈlōn/ adjective & adverb 1. having no one else present; on one's own. "he was alone that evening"
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Magic Theory by Afictionwarrior
Magic Theoryby M. Crain
At age 11, many young witches and wizards are excited to go to Ilvermorny, the North American school of witchcraft and wizardry. Matthew Patrick was no different. But wh...
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Blast to the Past {Stephew One-Shots} by HighGroundTheory
Blast to the Past {Stephew HGT
Matthew and Stephanie Patrick go through old photos of themselves in the past, and relive those moments their memories. Whether it be Matthew's proposal or their first e...
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Fluff to make you cry in a good way by MostlyMoreThanSmut
Fluff to make you cry in a good wayby NJ
idk, who needs sleep, its the weekend, lets write.
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It wasn't a good night (Stephew) by MostlyMoreThanSmut
It wasn't a good night (Stephew)by NJ
Stephew angst, hopefully with a fluff resolution. Stephanie has some suppressed memories. One night, they can't help but to surface. Can Matthew help her through these t...
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Peepachu, I Choose You! by FearTheDonut
Peepachu, I Choose You!by Joey
When the Game Theorists' world gets transformed into what seems to be an RPG game where they have to battle wild monsters and complete different challenges, they have no...
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