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He's My Mate by SkylarSaitou
He's My Mateby Steph
(boyxboy/manxman/malexmale) Aiden is a 15 year old rogue, not even old enough to have a solid place in a pack yet let alone a mate. What will he do when he is suddenly c...
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Truth or Dare[WattyAwards2011--Slowly Editing] by XxIcyxX
Truth or Dare[ Laura
**I AM SLOWLY EDITING THIS!!!** WARNING: This is in no way a fairy tale. Kylie's been living life as simply as possible with her childhood friends and no worries except...
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Wicked Ties| Shayla Black {read my bio} by Copyright_Issue_Now
Wicked Ties| Shayla Black {read Erotic Fantasy Land
he didn't know what she wanted until he made her beg for it... Morgan O'Malley has seen a lot of kinky things as the hostess of a cable sex talk show. But she's never me...
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Soul Bound | [DISCONTINUED] by IridescentStarlight
Soul Bound | [DISCONTINUED]by IridescentStarlight [Archive]
Sarah is a happy girl, content with everything she has. A chill Mom, a sweet little sister, and two of the best friends a person could ask for. But when fate takes a tur...
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Wattpad 101: Your guide to the world of Wattpad by whatsawhizzer
Wattpad 101: Your guide to the Whatsawhizzer
So you just started an account... Or maybe you've been here a while and you just aren't getting a feel for things. Well Dorian is here to help you out! Here is an ongoin...
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Beautifully Red (DROPPED) by libraopal1005
Beautifully Red (DROPPED)by Libra Opal
Alison "Ali" Evans, a 19 years old girl who has a beautiful red hair. Lots of people envy her also because of her outstanding beautiful face but despite of tha...
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Aiutiamo ad aiutarci 2.0 by yuma91
Aiutiamo ad aiutarci 2.0by yuma91
Copyright! Troverete tutte le informazioni nella prima campagna aiutiamo ad aiutarci! Le iscrizioni vanno fatte lì nel capitolo bacheca
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The Best  BoyxBoy Books on Wattpad by charredsmoke
The Best BoyxBoy Books on Wattpadby C
Like BoyxBoy books? Well you have come to the right place! Here is where I have reviewed and put all my favourite books written on Wattpad by some amazing authors! Go a...
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Taking peter ( first book) by Pendragon2407
Taking peter ( first book)by Pendragon2407
"Taking his hand from my mouth and the phone from his ear he slapped me , loud enough from mr stark to hear on the other side of the phone "what happens when p...
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Chihiro's Return by BabySpinel
Chihiro's Returnby BabySpinel
its in the title. this story is no mine, all rights to the original author CielNaiRicchan on
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You're Mine by _AFSHANMIRZA123
You're Mineby _AFSHANMIRZA123
Mason is the most popular kid in school and he is the future alpha for the dark moon pack. On his 18th birthday party he finds out that his mate is the betas daughter An...
My Hero (a Ziall Fanfic♥) by -gayshipsonly
My Hero (a Ziall Fanfic♥)by Auriyanna💜
Zayn Malik is the school nerd and Niall Horan is the popular boy. When a class trip to NYU turns into a fatal accident Zayn is exposed to radioactive energy then gets su...
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Bad Boy Roommate (Jaden Hossler fanfic completed)  by ChillinHolder
Bad Boy Roommate (Jaden Hossler Kari
Liv is 17 and moving back home to LA after three years of been sent away to boarding school. She doesn't know why she is going back home but hopes to fix her relationshi...
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His Runaway Mate  by mxxnchild__7
His Runaway Mate by 𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓮𝔂 🍯
All her life Yerim has known a few important things. Fight, protect, obey and respect. She was trained to fight and protect. Abuse made her obey and respect. She's the...
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Book of Poems and Quotes by Bloodyruby12
Book of Poems and Quotesby おおかみのダイヤ
Hello everyone! I'm new here and I just created this book for fun and I hope you can give me some requests based on your suggestions(Note:I'll write also so it's not jus...
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Kakashi's Mistake by Eishi_Hibari8027
Kakashi's Mistakeby [Nofkumo Before]
This is an Amazing book from I dont own anything and I just share this book to you people. I repeat I don't own anything, If you want to support the real...
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САRЕLЕSS》JIMIN by shookbae_
{HR: #63 in short story} Did you ever care for me at all? @shookbae_ ...
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Megan Thee Stallion daughter by j-mauni
Megan Thee Stallion daughterby PrinceX_forever and always
Megan and Demario has a 7 month old daughter she was born shortly after the couple broke up in 2019 her name is Tiana white born December 31 2019 she spends a lot of tim...
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Story Of Abusion, Life Of Torment by Jay-Kpop
Story Of Abusion, Life Of Tormentby JaydeChung_18
A young girl has lived a life abuse,until she turns 18, then her life changes! find out what happens when her life turns upside down...
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