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You Stay On My Mind by theelorethalyon
You Stay On My Mindby theelorethalyon
compilation of CooCious one shots for y'all to enjoy.
Equal empire  (tiana love story) by writing_sd
Equal empire (tiana love story)by writing_sd
when Elsa lyon meet tiana the new artist of empire she has a change of her sexuality and starts to take a liking to tiana.
Me, Myself, And I (A Sequel to Sincerely Breanna) by Breaa2wice
Me, Myself, And I (A Sequel to queenslum
Life is too short for me to keep being upset over the past. You gotta move on. Your the Queen. Believe It. © All Rights Reserved
Cookie and Lucious by babydoll679
Cookie and Luciousby .
What if lucious did visit cookie in jail read and find out
When Cookie Met Lucci by whatsgood_
When Cookie Met Lucciby Kali Woods
Mafia × BWWM × Empire Cookie's daughter is in the wind after Cookie gives birth to her promising herself that she wouldn't send the baby to her father. Unfortunately for...
Insecure Love •JK• by jiminie_love07
Insecure Love •JK•by jiminie_love07
"Why do you love me?! I'm ugly I'm fat I'm disgusting. You could've chosen anyone, why me?!" "I love you for who you are, you're beautiful and that's all...
everything's fucked// james cook by mossykneesocks
everything's fucked// james cookby 𝖋 𝖑 𝖔
UNDER EDITING Vivian Easton's fucked. Luckily for her, so is James Cook. A Cook fanfic. Set after the events of season 3, doesn't follow the events of season 4. TW:...
Cookie Run x Reader Oneshots (Request are Closed, Sorry!) by aqua-the-penguin
Cookie Run x Reader Oneshots ( aqua-the-penguin
So um...I honestly never thought I would post any of this. As the title says, this a book of one-shots with your favourite cookies. Because there are not enough of thes...
Princess and The Little Ones by malin87
Princess and The Little Onesby Malin
Princess is chosen to become the next Alpha of the world famous Ninjan Pack. She has been trained her whole life to become an elite warrior and the Alpha offer was never...
Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantisby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
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Cookie by AlmaaaGgg
Cookieby Alma G.
Nataly, the innocent looking girl with a sad past, needs to stop grieving and start living again after losing her twin sister. But it's hard to do something like that wh...
Miraculous One-shots / Memes by Buginette_DC
Miraculous One-shots / Memesby Purrincess-Hiatus
Goal: Make this the longest Love square one shot book
Alpha and Omega   21+ [JJK × Reader] Werewolf by ADJchimchim
Alpha and Omega 21+ [JJK × One Shots
"Seriously my parents were murdered by werewolves and now the universe expects me to fall in love with one? That's a little far fetched even for me." [Jungkook...
𝕔𝕣𝕒𝕫𝕖𝕕 𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕝 // skins uk by mossykneesocks
𝕔𝕣𝕒𝕫𝕖𝕕 𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕝 // skins ukby 𝖋 𝖑 𝖔
she fell from heaven. hard. he couldn't catch her. but he cradled her head as they cried tears of sorrow. A SKINS UK FANFICTION BY MOSSYKNEESOCKS
Complicated..ELMO X COOKIE MONSTER by ritzcracker69
Elmo and Cookie Monster loves eachother so much...but then things got complicated.. This is an Elmo x Cookie Monster fanfiction •••••••••••••••• This contains: ••••••••...
I'll Love You Forever And Always by alixtunaaa
I'll Love You Forever And Alwaysby alixtunaaa
"I've traveled the whole world, but never have I felt more home, more secure than in your embrace"
Picture Of Love • JJK by SeoulKekosu
Picture Of Love • JJKby 𝘓𝘦𝘦𝘯𝘢
Gördüklerinin yarısına inan, duyduklarının hiç birine. Başlangıç tarihi: 19.03.2020 Henüz bitmedi. HAYAL ET KİTABI DEĞİLDİR!
Nuts And Cheeses - A Cookie Run Fanfiction by enchantedcocoa
Nuts And Cheeses - A Cookie Run Cocoa
In a world where the Cookies have their own civilized society, there were two families that have fought for decades; the Nuts, a family of detectives that seemed to succ...
Gacha cringe x reader oneshots by thatoneboringkid
Gacha cringe x reader oneshotsby dreams shoes
Lemon: 🍋 Angst: 💔 fluff: 🧸 • This has to many reads- Also, I don't think Gacha life is cRinGe I was just bored 😋