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JenLisa Oneshots by cutiecorn_me
JenLisa Oneshotsby Sab
All about jenlisa ❤ Best ranks #1 in convo #5 in poetry #7 in shortstorycollection #15 in letters #102 in random
Taennie Incorrect Quotes by Redsherry16
Taennie Incorrect Quotesby Kiara Heartphylia
Taehyung: I have high standards. Jennie : [smiles] Taehyung: Oh no, she's meeting all of my standards. get a dose of the cute and hilarious couple!
Jenkook Incorrect Quotes by Redsherry16
Jenkook Incorrect Quotesby Kiara Heartphylia
Jennie- Kookie, I have two questions Jungkook- oh ask! Jennie- where have you been all my life? Jungkook- Aww, babe that's so sweet. And the second question? Jennie- Ca...
The Heartbreak Therapy | ✓ by Crowdstroia
The Heartbreak Therapy | ✓by #MSBYBlackJackals
#35 in English Non Fict (March '17). "Why do I feel like I lost him? He isn't mine to begin with." © Crowdstroia 2016. Image source: pinterest.
BLACKPINK ONESHOTS by lisaholyforehead
BLACKPINK ONESHOTSby lalisa manobangs
just blackpink being blackpink. CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER (Sorry for any grammatical mistakes)
Sealed | ✔️ | Dialogue Story by seasonal_dragon
Sealed | ✔️ | Dialogue Storyby \ merlene /
"I can sense the smile." "I can feel the smile." "I can telepathically see the smile." "Shut up. I'm not smiling." "Then you...
Random BLΛƆKPIИK Convos by softforseul
Random BLΛƆKPIИK Convosby J
You read that title
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Charming | ✔️ | Dialogue Story by seasonal_dragon
Charming | ✔️ | Dialogue Storyby \ merlene /
"Hey Princess" "Excuse me?" "No. You are not excused." "What? Wait, who are you?" "I am your Prince Charming." And j...
The Title Says It All 9 DORKS BEING BUNCH OF CRACKHEADS AND BEING GAYS Bunch of Incorrects between TWICE I've collected from Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Wattpad, YouTube...
Pizzeria Hotline | A Dialogue Story by hopemari-
Pizzeria Hotline | A Dialogue Storyby mari
In which a girl just wanted to satisfy her cravings and a part-timer boy who just want a peaceful job. [background cover edited by yours truly] Started: 12-04-19 Ended:...
Random Shit With BLΛƆKPIИK! by softforseul
Random Shit With BLΛƆKPIИK!by J
Part 2 of Random BLΛƆKPIИK Convos cause I've reached the 200 limit :D
Jenkook Incorrect Quotes II by Redsherry16
Jenkook Incorrect Quotes IIby Kiara Heartphylia
Jennie: I'm single, your single, you know what that means.... Jungkook, blushing: yeah Jennie: we ugly Get a dose of the crack culture Jenkook couple filled with laught...
Can You Be My Textmate? by roseescribbles
Can You Be My Textmate?by Lolita Rose
english epistolary | 01 Life is full of unforeseen things, like Kent to Serenity: the unexpected person to love. Kent and Serenity started in bad terms because of Sere...
Oh My Girl Convos. by HollyMacMillan9
Oh My Girl OhMyGirlManiacLol
just some convos that may or may not have happened between omg members
convos | stray kids imagines by hoemeho
convos | stray kids imaginesby peter lee
roses are red, grass is more green, when i think about you, i think of poo
14:30 by roisinerised
14:30by Róisín Erised
14: 30 EP. A playlist of cherished tales.
Yo! I'm Suga. by WinterLoner
Yo! I'm Winterloner
Kim freaken Taehyung a.k.a our lovely V was responsible for his hyung,Min Yoongi's misery of falling in love with a stranger.. #guiltyascharged On a particular rainy day...
The Dangers of Butt Dialing by GreyEyedGirl02
The Dangers of Butt Dialingby Lila Grey
"ive probably been butt dialing you..." "butt dialing. you. butt. dialed. me." -------------------- carlas life was running pretty smoothly until she...
JinJen Incorrect Quotes II by Redsherry16
JinJen Incorrect Quotes IIby Kiara Heartphylia
Jin: I really wish you were here because I just want to hold you. Jennie: That's disgusting.............I'm on my way get a dose of the cute and hilarious JinJen couple...
Jungkook's Fan Account  by -jeongini-
Jungkook's Fan Account by 𝙃𝙄𝘼𝙏𝙐𝙎 !!!
jeonggukie has followed you. • • • In which a BTS member followed a fan account, dedicated to him. • • • - ᴇ ᴘ ɪ s ᴛ ᴏ ʟ ᴀ ʀ ʏ ✔️ - ᴡ ʀ ɪ ᴛ ᴛ ᴇ ɴ ɪ ɴ ᴇ ɴ ɢ ʟ ɪ s ʜ ✔️ ...