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destined to be by mayni_9259
destined to beby HByoutiful
a fame author? a study work girl? would they be destined? would be the girl fell for the boy :guys this is just a calm story wala pong kaoahian to yun lang
connverse one-shots ➵ s.u by -mxdiison
connverse one-shots ➵ s.uby - ˏˋ 𝘮𝘢𝘥𝘪
❝ 'cause you're the only one i need . ❞ ↣ oneshot book . started: 17.5.20
Banana Converse || & j.jk [REWRITING] by KookieDaWookie
Banana Converse || & j.jk [ Z.
Jeongguk grew up with a stutter and also can't properly say the word yellow. So, what happens when he wants to buy a pair of yellow converse highs? [CURRENTLY REWRITING]
Electric Guitar •larray FanFiction  by sophiacaleb355
Electric Guitar •larray FanFiction by sophiacaleb355
A small music creater goes on a small tour . During that tour you meet a stranger that becomes your friend and you became friends .
A Brief Converse by KapZan
A Brief Converseby Kap Zan
Have you ever wondered what our phones think of us! Let's take a stroll within the tiny soul of our beloved phones.
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KNY Boyfriend Scenario And Headcannons by Ms_kozo
KNY Boyfriend Scenario And Mrs_Kiego
This is a scenario book where you and your pillar boyfriend. Hope you enjoy it and pls check out my other book ' a pillar lemons.'
Converse | Jungkook x Reader  by thisaccountisntinuse
Converse | Jungkook x Reader by -quit account-
After Jungkook gave up hope for finding love, a new girl shows up to school. To everyone else she was a normal person and no one payed attention to her, but he always n...
WALTON REAPER SERIES #2 "Leave the website this instant or death will come knocking at your door." After high school student hacker, Saijou Maya finally crac...
Spin the Bottle | Madwheeler | Stranger Things by daddytedschicken
Spin the Bottle | Madwheeler | Hey, im Soph
Max is stuck in a cycle, and the only one who can bring her out of it is well, Mike fucking Wheeler. --- COMPLETED ... still can't believe you guys are reading this, tha...
Hollow Inside by rareheartzz
Hollow Insideby sophie
With the weight of his actions heavy on his shoulders, Steven struggles to come to terms with his life and trauma. How could he ever be forgiven for the horrific monster...
Not Yellow by krzzzten
Not Yellowby Kirzten
Yellow \ ˈye-(ˌ)lō , ˈye-lər or ˈya- \ - symbolizes happiness, hope, and deceit ... a short story of how a girl meets a boy and it isn't love at first sight because o...
Prom Dress by _WillowValdez_
Prom Dressby ᭙ill໐ຟ
read the title dumb ass
The Path of Light by Dragonfrost1999
The Path of Lightby TimeTravelingGamer
Are you one of those people that like Pokémon, Steven Universe, Undertale, and Rick and Morty? Well, this fanfic may (or may not be, I don't judge) be for you! Unlike my...
Steven Universe  one shots  by ChaoticBlook
Steven Universe one shots by ... ಠ_ಠ
What the title says :) I do not own ANY of the characters in Steven Universe, not the show. All belong to Rebecca Sugar.