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Kidnapped (Bbrae,Robstar) by __CardiB__
Kidnapped (Bbrae,Robstar)by
In a battle with A pack of Villains Raven gets kidnapped 3 days later Star tries to go and find her but she gets kidnapped herself but they kidnapped by 3 Villains Red X...
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I See You Now(J. Daniel Atlas) - A Now You See Me FanFiction by themag1c1an
I See You Now(J. Daniel Atlas) - La Maga
Helena Jackson, aka Miss Jackson, is a nerdy emo YouTube goddess. She's known for her film/TV show/music video reviews, video game skills, musical skills, and her magica...
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30 cool wattpad books by joanese14
30 cool wattpad booksby joanese14
This is just 30 out of all the books I've read that I think are cool. I'm giving only the name and writer because I've read most of them over a year ago and cannot real...
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Teen Titans Go! x Reader  by Peri-Peridot
Teen Titans Go! x Reader by Amethyst ThugLife
you're new in the school. inside the school, had a lot of supernatural students. each of them had powers. because it's a school for supernatural people. but you, you're...
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Custom Made by lieselotds
Custom Madeby Lieselot
Madison Evangeline...(a thousand names later) Parker, a young wealthy woman living in the big city of New York. Her life turns around clothes, overdramatic situations an...
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Hypnotized by Insane_Outsane
Hypnotizedby Grayson
Danny Phantom/ Teen Titans fanfic. I do not own Danny Phantom or Teen Titans or any characters from those shows or the DC universe. I do, however, own the characters tha...
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Teen Titans by abbymote
Teen Titansby abbymote
First in series!
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If Akademi was a Boarding school by Aia_Akira
If Akademi was a Boarding schoolby Aia_Akira
*Yan Sim x Male rivals* Your name is Akahane Akito. Your mother is the CEO of HALO.X- the greatest rival of Saikou Corp. For the first ten years of your life, you were...
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Teen Titans: From Jump City With Love by NeversideFaerie
Teen Titans: From Jump City With NeversideFaerie
After it is discovered that Mad Mod is conducting another fiendish plan, the Teen Titans are sent on a top secret mission to figure out his next move. Unfortunately, the...
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The lost by that_gurl_cathy
The lostby that_gurl_cathy
This is a story of a girl named Emily and her 4 bunch. Emily was a very nice girl, yet very unfortunate. She had the most loving but most hatred friends. She would do an...
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New World by SansPaper9304
New Worldby SansPaper9304
Keo wakes up in a different world, Ketrin being the creator of it. At first, it wasn't that bad. But then it went spiraling out of control. *CURSING AND GORE*
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Thinking of You by Kickboxing_queen
Thinking of Youby Kickboxing_queen
Leah always knew things were temporary, people were temporary, that just made her hold on tighter. And watching her best friend fall for her high school crush over the p...
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Where Rainbows Might End by KNOWITALL00
Where Rainbows Might Endby KNOWITALL00
Amy Mayhew a successful career woman gets the shock of her lifetime when she thought that her long time boyfriend Nathan is finally going to propose to her. Except he di...
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Sorry Not Sorry Daddy by bipolareyeza
Sorry Not Sorry Daddyby bipolareyeza
This story has three parts leading up to legal issues due to the world's best father based a true story on a local from Chicago.
The Boy I Found in my Basement  by Unicorn_1616
The Boy I Found in my Basement by Unicorn🦄
ANGELINA LUNA's father is odd, peculiar some might say. He always wakes up at the same early time of 5:03 am with no exceptions. He buttons his shirt up to the top butto...
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Fake Friends? Fake Freinds. by bresteezy
Fake Friends? Fake bresteezy
Tilan bipolar friends family fake ghetto wierd rude mean
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The Class Games by makem72
The Class Gamesby MAKEM
What exactly would happen if our class (Abbz Emz + Marzie) was put to the test? With the exception of one lucky person who becomes the head gamemaker and the winner of t...
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Enigma! by insomnia-incarnate
Enigma!by Anu
Do you ever just want to fall to your knees and stay stupefied. That's how I felt when I looked into those pale green eyes . ~...~...~...~...~...~ Some things are me...
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The Mutual Acquaintance by ankitasarkarofficial
The Mutual Acquaintanceby ankitasarkarofficial
Amelia Bennett loves and appreciates the small things in life. But since the day her father left her and her mother, she grew up believing that love doesn't last and it...
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