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The Corset by Qtaeminkook
The Corsetby Q
My life's goal was to fit into that Corset. My mothers Corset. The most treasured of her possessions and the cause of all her disappointments. My life and career depend...
I Lost The Stars by aparna_bedi
I Lost The Starsby Aparna Bedi
'Are you high?' I asked surprised. 'I am low.' He replied. 'You might be able to manipulate everyone but I will not allow you to manipulate my life like this. Stay away...
That Sunset Of December  by rizue_imperial03
That Sunset Of December by Mayumi Ruta
📌 Ongoing: That Sunset Of December (CTU-TC Series 2) To Ayessa Keith Armas, student life has a never ending obstacles. Reports, quizzes, activities, researches, and ma...
The One You Shouldn't Have Let Go [Douma x Modern reader] by Good_Mushroom_soup
The One You Shouldn't Have Let Soup
Y/n was a normal 19 year old girl , she had her life going for her she was doing pretty well in collage too , her life seemed to be going perfect, that is until a shift...
Trouble in Salem  by hannahcampbellisme
Trouble in Salem by Iishcampbellb
Y/n and her daughter Alice move to Salem just before Alice's 16th birthday. Alice has always been a troubled child, disobeying her mother, getting into trouble at school...
The Mission  by petra71120
The Mission by OG baby gurl
"You said nothing would give you pleasure more than seeing me in pain huh?" He said as he stalked me like his prey until I was trapped between his body and the...
Amy belongs to nobody. She fights using her own inner values. A life of solitude brings her towards a separate lonely soul. Her forever soulmate!
EREN by ValencianTracee
ERENby ValencianTracee
As I go in for the kill I signal mika through our coms to execute the two guards at the door. I scan the key key card I swiped from the cleaning lady at the elevator t...
The Mendez Trials (Rewritten) by Cocoa_Potato
The Mendez Trials (Rewritten)by Cocoa_Potato
Acay is more confused than ever. He has no such memory since it had been wiped. It seems that he's in some sort of maze. He doesn't know what he's about to face in the...
Don't You Remember? (She-ra prologue)  by catra_sfever
Don't You Remember? (She-ra Rey
This is a prologue of She-ra and the princesses of power
Him |Zarry| by kiara__14
Him |Zarry|by Z
all he knew that He just drives him craZee ~New at writing #2 bottom Z :D #1 compulsive #5 control #1 persuasion #1 gaslight #1 controlling
SOMETIME, SOMEDAY, chase davenport by hxartfelt
SOMETIME, SOMEDAY, chase davenportby ☁︎
❝life is about getting hurt. i get hurt all the time.❞ ( chase davenport x fem!oc ) | disney xd original series, lab rats | ~ seasons: one-four~ 2023 |
Why, what if? Why, why not? by ApostolVitale
Why, what if? Why, why not?by ApostolVitale
Highs we don't expect are soon to come with joy.
"Daddy.... Please don't do this" "I knew I wasn't dead but I wasn't alive either" "I felt it trying to take control over me... but I wasn't giv...
I will not repeat the mistake of the past by user88569504
I will not repeat the mistake of farano
This story is based on the web novel Chapter 125 - The Memories of the Hero. After milim was killed by True Hero Chloe O'Bell, for unknown reasons, he found himself in t...
Incessant by ZaxFox
Incessantby M.M.Fox
In an unknown year, six individuals are stuck together in a place that seemingly never ends. They work, eat and read all at once making it the perfect life. Every day, e...
Control (Sebastian x Reader) by caramelit00
Control (Sebastian x Reader)by MiAmorCito
It wasn't the first time she had been betrayed, but it was surely the first time it had been terrible. Framed for a murder she didn't commit, thus punishment was terribl...
Case124  by HopeLove719
Case124 by Hope Love
Romance and mystery
Mystic: The Me Within Me by NaturalWarrior
Mystic: The Me Within Meby Natural Warrior
I thought I got rid of it for good But I was wrong Something's evolving now More than I thought it would I just wish it gets over soon I can't control more power of what...
Perfect Chaos  by ShepsGrey
Perfect Chaos by ShepsGrey
He is a 30 year old mafia leader, he is powerful, he has a dark mind, he is the richest, most powerful man, he is dangerous, a force to be reckoned with. She is a sweet...