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The Halcyon Awards 2019 (OPEN) by TheHalcyonAwards
The Halcyon Awards 2019 (OPEN)by The Halcyon Awards
OPEN! NEW AWARDS! Are all the awards closed? Don't worry, because we're not! So hurry and apply now before the spots DO GET taken. If you think your book deserves to get...
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  • awards
  • writingcontest
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graphic contests [open] by moonlight_aesthetics
graphic contests [open]by 「zara; semi-hiatus」
[previously known as 'cover contests and requests'] don't judge a book by its cover, they say. but don't we all (secretly) do, on wattpad? interested in contests? want...
  • covershop
  • graphics
  • covers
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Black and Gold Leaf Awards 2019 [Open] by BlackandGold235
Black and Gold Leaf Awards 2019 [ B&G Community
Welcome to the first Black and Gold Leaf Awards!!. Here you can get feedback for your amazing work, so if you are looking for recognition and feedback on your work then...
  • lgbt
  • shortstories
  • novels
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Litwits Awards 2018-2019 by litwits_award
Litwits Awards 2018-2019by litwits_award
Welcome✨ 🌟Lots of hard work?? 🌟 Tired of reads and votes not increasing😑. 🌟so come on, what are waiting you for? let's get discovered🤓. ⭕️let's go on! Join...
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The Disco Awards 2019 by Miraculous_Magix
The Disco Awards 2019by rαchαєl
If you think it's about time you wanna get your book recognized or improve your book, then I assure that you're at the right place. Give this award a chance and win cool...
  • contestants
  • genre
  • winners
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Majestic Inc Universal Awards by MajesticIncAwards
Majestic Inc Universal Awardsby Majestic Inc.
Welcome to the MAJESTIC INC UNIVERSAL AWARDS. If you are reading this it means you have been invited to participate in the most exciting awards ever on Wattpad. This awa...
  • majestic
  • discovered
  • award
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Passing Judgment (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) by itsgonnabemay5
Passing Judgment (Louis itsgonnabemay5
Julianna auditions for the British X-Factor. She also has a crush on One Direction's Louis Tomlinson, who just happens to be a judge on X-Factor this season. Can she g...
  • harry
  • wattys2016
  • louis
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The Black Cat Awards 2019 by BlackCatAwards
The Black Cat Awards 2019by BlackCatAwards
Welcome to the Black Cat Awards! Closed and judging! Cover by @AuthorClarke
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Travel (BFDIA Portal AU) by Boisloaffanfiction
Travel (BFDIA Portal AU)by Shipper Trash
Golf Ball and Tennis Ball start to do experiments on contestants, until a gas leak breaks out. (This AU is kinda a mix between the first and second Portal games.)
  • tennisball
  • portal
  • coiny
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Wattpad's Got Talent by music
Wattpad's Got Talentby Music & Audio
Calling all lovers of the auditory arts! If you've been yearning for the spotlight, the Music & Audio profile has the contest for you! Showcase your performance talent...
  • piano
  • audio
  • contestant
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The 2019 Talent Awards| Closed Forever by Silhouette_Girl13
The 2019 Talent Awards| Closed Joy
Welcome to the 2019 Talent Awards! You've got an amazing book and you know it's good, but no one notices it. You have very little reads but it still is an amazing book...
  • 2019
  • fun
  • talent
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Total Drama Action by JessicaMarie_
Total Drama Actionby Jessica
The campers are back - only this time as movie stars. All battling for not only one-hundred thousand dollars, but one million. Alex is back and is ready to take anything...
  • after
  • heroes
  • team
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Ryan McLean In Total Drama Island| ON HIATUS by EmilyKatherine16
Ryan McLean In Total Drama Island| Emily
Ryan came from an abusive family until she was four, when she went to an orphanage. There she is still abused, until one day, two months later, a reality television host...
  • mclean
  • drama
  • chef
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Valiance by CanWePretend
Valianceby Sarah
His Brother Is Entering The Tournament.... Her Sister Is The Prize.... But Neither Of Them Can Bare To Lose Eachother.... Persephone's new step-father and the reigni...
  • drugs
  • blizzard
  • galen
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Singer,Songwriter,Contestant and Harry Styles twin sister (1st Version) by xXsocrazyXx
Singer,Songwriter,Contestant and xXsocrazyXx
Curls, green eyes, dimples. Surely you think of Harry Styles, but I'm sorry to say this, but it isn't him. This is about Skylar Nathalie Styles, third child of Ann Style...
  • xfactor
  • skylarstyles
  • gemmastyles
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WHATEVER I NEED TO POST, BOOK! by SquirticusMaximus
*this is the fanfic the shipped peeps feared* ROSAUMN!! This is a shipityship! The two flustered children, running around in the world of the internet, found themselves...
  • ship
  • contestants
  • theygonnakillme
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The Bae Book Awards by BooksBooksBae
The Bae Book Awardsby Bae Book Awards
"A neato bae-rrito contest." Exactly what it says in the cover: another nifty contest to bring attention and possible prestige to your story. Every story will...
  • fun
  • bae
  • vote
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493 Graphic Contest by Leeharin493
493 Graphic Contestby Harin.
  • hoshimiyastrawberry
  • romance
  • host
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DON'T TOUCH ME!!!! by SparkleJune_44
DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!by Team Valaur
Laurie takes Julianne's place as a Dwts judge but something happens at GMA with one of the Male contestants. Who will it be? Read to find out.
  • contestant
  • dwts
  • laurie
Fear Factor:The Game Changers Edition by JesskyaBradbury
Fear Factor:The Game Changers Jesskya
Full of dangerous stunts and courses to win nonthing. Probably just a shout out.. since I have small amount of followers. If you want to join just message me and I will...
  • factor
  • tv
  • danger
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