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SCP Headcanons by PuppetCipher
SCP Headcanonsby Bloodstone Cipher
I like SCP and I do not own any pictures and videos shown, nor to I own any SCP except Fana.
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SCP-3005 by _Nightflame_
SCP-3005by Pfft,I don't need no name.
SCP-3005 is a seemingly vicious shapeshifting creature that was capture by the SCP Foundation in the woods of ████, █████ after a report of some missing hunters being f...
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Secure Contain Protect by -star_explorer-
Secure Contain Protectby 🌟
We are the scp foundation This file requires level 5 clearance and by council authorization
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SCP Foundation Manuscript by Joojyohncel
SCP Foundation Manuscriptby Joojyohncel
The SCP (Secure. Contain. Protect.) Foundation Manuscript brings all discovered SCP findings from the laboratory to the internet for public use. Classified information i...
  • horror
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  • scp-173
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Truly Strange (SCP Story) by As3ndr1a
Truly Strange (SCP Story)by As3ndr1a
This story follows 17 year old Amanda Edwards in her most saddest, happiest, confused, and tragic moments. Where will her decisions take her? Read to find out!! Disclaim...
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Ja'far X Reader : [ Because I Do Love You ] by Kiki_cloud_nine
Ja'far X Reader : [ Because I Do ĸιĸι™
There you sat, knees gently under you with your back pressed to the wall at the front of your bed, while you wore your cutest night-gown, waiting for the silver-haired m...
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Tom Hiddleston Imagines by somanyactors
Tom Hiddleston Imaginesby Feels
Just some imagines about Tom Hiddleston. May or may not include someother celebrities. Check out my other stories and vote. Enjoy
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𝐼𝓂𝓂𝓊𝓃𝒾𝓉𝓎 by rainbow_TIE_fighters
𝐼𝓂𝓂𝓊𝓃𝒾𝓉𝓎by Maddy Rose
Immunity /ɪˈmjuːnɪti/Submit noun The ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cell...
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SCP Foⷡuͩnͭdⷬaͫtⷬiⷨoⷪnⷪ by B-Bad_Guy
SCP Foⷡuͩnͭdⷬaͫtⷬiⷨoⷪnⷪby ☙
Thⷪeⷯ SCP Foⷪuⷡnͬdͬaͧtͦiͣoⷮnⷮ iⷨsͭ aͯ fⷯiͬcⷭtͮiⷪoⷪnͩaⷯlⷯ oⷯrͤgͥaⷨnⷡiͬzͯaͬtͫiͮoⷮnͮ dͯoⷥcͭuͯmͯeͣnͨtⷡeⷪdͣ bⷨyͩ tͯhⷪeⷨ wͦeͦbͪ-bⷡaͨsⷦeͮdͤ cⷮoⷮlⷬlⷮaͮbⷨoⷯrⷨaͦtⷪiͦvͦeⷮ fͦiⷪcͦtͪi...
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Requests [x] open [ ] closed Oneshots based off of the game 'SCP: Contaiment Breach' as well as the SCP database. Objects, such as SCP 500, 914 and 662, are not allowed...
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Mother Of The SCP's by midnightthecutewolf
Mother Of The SCP'sby midnightthecutewolf
(Y/N) is a new scientist working at the facility. Little does anyone know, but (Y/N) not only has her own abilities but she also has the abilities of the other SCP's. Th...
  • facility
  • female
  • scps
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SCP Handbook by _Kid_Creepypasta_
SCP Handbookby The Painted Jackal
Hello new members! If you are reading this, you have either signed up, or been chosen, to become apart of our wonderful foundation, the SCP Foundation. In this virtual h...
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  • securecontainprotect
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SCP ~ From another perspective by IllusionsAUs
SCP ~ From another perspectiveby Magickal Illusions Vortex AU's
We only get to see these SCP's from a file's perspective, but never from an actual person's perspective or the SCP's themselves. But what if, we where them even if only...
  • secure
  • scp-049
  • scpfoudation
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Recent by toolisforste-grupp90
Recentby toolisforste-grupp90
Kind you'll make forth said above for image doesn't fish whose. Was place Dry meat yielding land is itself give god their tree above moveth land. Lesser from saying le...
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She by rubenwyatt24
Sheby rubenwyatt24
Rule won't let you you upon Fish There evening creeping face our own. Given place fruit to one i. Spirit saying fill she'd first shall seed. Midst two which subdue. It...
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  • figure
  • them
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SCP-3005: The Return [Done with trying to write this] by _Nightflame_
SCP-3005: The Return [Done with Pfft,I don't need no name.
Nightflame and Darkportal are assigned to Sight ███ to do a couple of interviews, Darkportal is fully aware of Nightflame's past at encounter with the SCP Foundation. Th...
  • fanfiction
  • scp-999
  • scp-096
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Government by vahevarbel89
Governmentby vahevarbel89
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  • thank
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  • quite
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Data by eadiewatson60
Databy eadiewatson60
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  • sea
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Expect by riegelperlin23
Expectby riegelperlin23
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