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 The Emperor's Journey by typical_Indiangirl
The Emperor's Journeyby typical_Indiangirl
Note:- This is a complete work of fiction and has no relation to any person living or dead and any similarity found is just a matter of coincidence. After b...
The heartless conqueror by RaniPrithvi
The heartless conquerorby Prithvi
Cursed from birth, known as a disgrace to his father. He had to fight his 100 brothers for the throne and had a rage that not even he could conquer. "Shalt come...
The Demon in Me by Wordsmith-Rain
The Demon in Meby Wordsmith Rain
As Greta Continues her adventures and misadventures coming into power as an Empress and Demon Princess in her own Right, what will stop the most powerful sorceress in th...
Crimson Flower: Captured by the king  by AbigailErickson5
Crimson Flower: Captured by the Abigail Erickson
December 1183: 3 years into the time skip, after managing to wake herself up, Byleth is making her way back to the monastery when something sends her flying into a wall...
A set of Drunken Marrages: Jewelry & Knives by Foxbot91
A set of Drunken Marrages: Foxbot91
We love to read the RWBY Drunken Marriage stories, So here one of the Sonic versions but this one is a two for one deal enjoy :).
War Between The Wolf Packs by DeviBrooklynParker
War Between The Wolf Packsby FallenAngelOfStars
The Aristocrats and the Ganders are the most famous and well-knowned family of hybrids also known as wolf packs, tinitingala at iginagalang ang mga ito. Ngunit ng dahil...
Evading Darkness by silently_in_oblivion
Evading Darknessby general addiction
Ophelia "Lia" has a hard life, not in the way you're thinking. She is rich in money but not in affection or love. When she meets the orphanage kids they heal h...
Playing the Pirate (the introduction) by snoangel14
Playing the Pirate (the snoangel14
A girl who becomes unstoppable, a boy she used to know, a backstory for a bigger one.
Conquering Chloe by NatalieDanz
Conquering Chloeby Natalie Danz
A sixteen year old girl is going through everyday struggles and find the most unexpected good in the midst of madness.
Fugitives: A Werewolf Story by --Charlotte13--
Fugitives: A Werewolf Storyby Charlotte
-DEBUT PROLOGUE- 'There's been word of an attack....We think she was the only survivor...' * * * Ellio Grey always thought his life would be normal. That is...
poems of a warrior  by loproductions
poems of a warrior by loproductions
over the years I've written but never really shared ...
The Allegory Of Thedes by -BeeJay-
The Allegory Of Thedesby Bossgar Jr
Can one person change the fate of a whole nation from great unbalance to great stability? Almost the whole population of an entire nation puts their trust in one person...
THE CONQUERERS ❊ a warrior's command game by sunsetpool
THE CONQUERERS ❊ a warrior's mollie
The Valley is thriving, and drawing cats from far and wide. But unfortunately, not everyone cat stay. COMMAND GAMES WERE CREATED BY @UNITEDWARRIORS BEAUTIFUL COVER BY @B...