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Losing Herself by LauraCasualty1996
Losing Herselfby LauraCasualty1996
It's always one thing after another in Connie's life but as her health deteriorates will she finally accept help
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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by LauraCasualty1996
Have Yourself A Merry Little LauraCasualty1996
Just a build up to Christmas and that perfect day that we all have envisioned for them
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Short Stories by LauraCasualty1996
Short Storiesby LauraCasualty1996
Just a selection of short ideas to pass the time ☺️ All focused on Connie including a mix of other characters
Just a kiss by QueenConnieB
Just a kissby Teigan
"I forgot your name again." She laughed weekly, the people behind the cameras chuckling too, "Jacob." He smiled, "Connie." She joked, "...
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My baby by Queenbeauchampxx
My babyby Caitlin Xx
What if Connie walked in on Jacob and Sam after Jacob hit his head
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Lost Without You by LauraCasualty1996
Lost Without Youby LauraCasualty1996
Connie was career-driven, her work had always meant everything to her but even she wasn't immune to the ways of the world.
Everything beautiful is fragile  by kayleighpmp1987
Everything beautiful is fragile by Connie_jacob_grace
Connie had to walk away from her family, walk away from her loving father, walk away from her baby sister. Life for Connie had its ups and down without her family but sh...
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Thought you'd never ask by KendalRosey
Thought you'd never askby KendalRosey
A Valentine's two parter as requested by carolinehc007. Hope it's okay :) xx
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It's you. [ teacher x student ] by shxelacehardy
It's you. [ teacher x student ]by freechamp trash 🏹
* moved from my one shots because people want more !! * When Rita has feelings for her teacher, what does she do about it?
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The Past In The Present by LauraCasualty1996
The Past In The Presentby LauraCasualty1996
A FOLLOW ON FROM HIDDEN TRUTH ~ There was a past that nobody knew much about and it was all about to catch up with them.
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A Doctor's Craving {Casualty} by _X_Sammii_X_
A Doctor's Craving {Casualty}by 💋Tinkerbell💋
Ella Beauchamp is Connie's daughter. She joins the ED when she finally graduates University. She wants to make something of herself. Both Ella and Connie agree to keep t...
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My Forever And Always (Complete) by QueenConnieB
My Forever And Always (Complete)by Teigan
Connie is a foster kid, Jacob on the other hand is your average teen. They met at the age of six and loved eachother from the age of eight. Eight years later, how will t...
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Saved(Complete) by QueenConnieB
Saved(Complete)by Teigan
Connie is in a bad situation, along with three year old Grace. No one in the ED has any idea. When a new nurse starts at Holby, will She confide in him? Will things be s...
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the complaint  by beauchamp_connie
the complaint by evilregAL
so what happens when Connie Beauchamp and Jacob Masters have a complaint filed against them? Will they make up on the course they are expected to take or will their hate...
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See you Later.(Complete.) by QueenConnieB
See you Later.(Complete.)by Teigan
As Connie slowly begins to fall in love with her very talented second half, she begins to realise something will always be in the way. Will the pair carry on or call it...
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Come What May by kayleighpmp1987
Come What Mayby Connie_jacob_grace
A story of young love and sacrifices to keep the ones you love safe
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Who will she pick? by jacsamacon
Who will she pick?by Hannah Birch
Connie is really down after she has recently broken up with Jacob she is lost and doesn't know what to do. What happens when Micheal turns up from the USA will that caus...
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The Beautiful Saved by DarveyXOX
The Beautiful Savedby Nic
Connie Beauchamp, the mysterious woman in the whole ED and being the highest call of charge and being a 37 woman what could possibly be wrong with the medic and her pers...
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Live your Life (complete) by QueenConnieB
Live your Life (complete)by Teigan
Inspired by Me Before You, which is a fantastic film if you haven't watched and I highly recommend. Jacob finds himself paralysed Connie finds herself in need of a new...
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She's my baby (Casualty) by Carolineeexx
She's my baby (Casualty)by Caroline
When Caleb knight died. He left behind his girlfriend who was unaware that she was pregnant with his baby. Now Lacey is pregnant and a big decision to make and has to ma...
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