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Prohibited by MidnightWolf_stories
Prohibitedby MidnightWolf_stories
Werewolves were always told that they could never be mates with a vampdragon; there was never a real problem until Faye, the beta of Howlers pack, found her mate who hap...
The Disaster Date Had Amazing Results by kayla_019
The Disaster Date Had Amazing Kayla
Harper is demisexual and his roommate/best friend Ashton is bisexual, they confess feelings after a date gone wrong for Ashton. This is a short story for The #ConnectToA...
I'm Coming Out by HeadWriterInCharge
I'm Coming Outby Níki
This is my coming out story. Part of the #ConnecttoAccept Challenge
The #ConnectToAccept Write-a-thon [CLOSED] by lgbtq
The #ConnectToAccept LGBTQIAP+ | Ambassadors
This Pride Month, Wattpad and Fido have teamed up to launch the #ConnectToAccept Short Story Write-a-thon. Let's connect all Canadians to a more diverse representation o...
I love you by Tweektweak55
I love youby Ry
this was fun to write hope you enjoy (cover is not my picture)
Courage - #ConnectToAccept by rainbow-w4ffle
Courage - #ConnectToAcceptby useless lesbian
Dandelion and Aura both struggle with their mental health... but, as a couple, they can try to work it out.