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Annual meeting on Neuroscience and Neurology by mahe92
Annual meeting on Neuroscience Mahendiran R
The conference would be leading to a better understanding of the field Neurology and Neuroscience. Current research and advancement make a better vision for researchers...
  • neuroscience
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  • seminars
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The Honorable Madam by kulturekav
The Honorable Madamby kulturekav
In the savage word that is politics, many women in many nations find it hard to get into public service, but that's changing fast.
  • politically
  • weapons
  • politics
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'Kumaraswamy' does not remain 'Swami' of Karnataka by news-honk
'Kumaraswamy' does not remain ' NEWS HONK
After the Lok Sabha elections, such a tremendous wave of BJP has started. By which the child and child of the country is familiar. Modi wave has left behind all parties...
  • bjp
  • karnatakagovernment
  • kumaraswamy
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World Congress on Neuroscience and Brain Disorders by komalmehra456
World Congress on Neuroscience komalpreet mehra
World Congress on Neuroscience and Brain Disorders is going to held in Kyoto, Japan during 30-31 March 2020 which mainly focused on Discovery of novel mechanisms that ca...
  • 2020
  • global
  • conference
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World Conference and Expo on Vision Science and Optometry 2020 by komalmehra456
World Conference and Expo on komalpreet mehra
World conference and expo on vision and optometry 2020 is scheduled on 19-20 March 2020, at Barcelona, Spain which mainly focused on An Antidote to Eye - Imagination wit...
  • conference
  • world
  • march
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Rajiv vora dynamic personality from Raipur Chhattisgarh into Politics. by basuprasad19
Rajiv vora dynamic personality basuprasad19
Being the son of an esteemed journalist gave Rajiv Vora an early insight into the conditions of society and lack of education among the rural population of the country a...
  • education
  • indianpolitics
  • rajiv
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Heavy rage in Congress workers by news-honk
Heavy rage in Congress workersby NEWS HONK
"Cocaine" comments made by Rajya Sabha member Subramaniam Swamy on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi have caused a lot of anger among Congress workers.
  • congress
  • rahulgandhi
  • subramaniamswamy
Offshore India Congress 2019 by komalmehra456
Offshore India Congress 2019by komalpreet mehra
3rd Offshore India Congress 2019 will be held during 19th-20th September in New Delhi, India.
  • 2019
  • offshore
  • september
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A story yet not told by woofwoof-fish
A story yet not toldby woofwoof-fish
A boy named Philip, grows up as a writer, but what shall he do when he finds out he is being robbed of everything in his life. Shall he keep his sanity, or shall he get...
  • congress
  • adventure
  • writing
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Alliteration Nation:  A Poetry/Article Compilation Examination Of Our Nation by MarvinThomasCoxFlynn
Alliteration Nation: A Poetry/ Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn
Spiel for Alliteration Nation: If you love your country, you must embrace its worthy attributes, and examine and expose its flaws for correction and removal. Spiel for...
  • america
  • modern-life
  • god-bless-america-again
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Offshore Caribbean Congress 2019 by komalmehra456
Offshore Caribbean Congress 2019by komalpreet mehra
Offshore Caribbean Congress 2019 is going to held in Guyana during 04-05 July, 2019.
  • offshore
  • upcoming
  • events
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The Balloon Was A Fantastic Banana by BenAdryl2
The Balloon Was A Fantastic Bananaby Ben Adryl
This is a poem I wrote in my final class. It's not a special quote as in celebration for my graduation, but it was my first semi stream of conscious style of writing.
  • monkeys
  • streamofconsciousness
  • welcome
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Christian's Letter to Paul Dhinakaran about his False Prophecy of the Indian... by RajRichard
Christian's Letter to Paul Rajkumar Richard
Dr. Paul Dhinakaran's prophecy regarding the 2019 Indian elections failed miserably. As a fellow Christian, I believe I am well within my rights to take issue with his p...
  • pauldhinakaran
  • indiavotes
  • rahulgandhi
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Congress on Biosensors and Bioelectronics by komalmehra456
Congress on Biosensors and komalpreet mehra
The 10th World Congress on Biosensors and Bioelectronics offers a 2-day event showcasing a number of technologies, which put forward wider sessions on bioelectronics.
  • bioelectronics
  • world
  • switzerland
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Congress on Biotechnology by komalmehra456
Congress on Biotechnologyby komalpreet mehra
23rd World Congress on Biotechnology is going to held in November 14-15, 2019 at Amsterdam, Netherlands. The theme of the conference is "Exploration of latest Appli...
  • upcoming
  • biotechnology
  • conferences
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Full by tullusrock28
Fullby tullusrock28
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  • bill
  • decision
  • life
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Wide by linnorr10
Wideby linnorr10
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  • billion
  • come
  • plan
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Matter by vanderhoekrollans25
Matterby vanderhoekrollans25
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  • line
  • father
  • move
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Tax by whangtanner92
Taxby whangtanner92
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  • price
  • congress
  • culture
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Language by reedeparisi33
Languageby reedeparisi33
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  • democratic
  • miss
  • sign
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