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Was it a mistake? by samaamin05
Was it a mistake?by Frostbite/black flash
Barry's eyes went to her lips, slowly there lips touched, It was soft and loving but also needy and aggressive. Barry placed Caitlin so that his legs where in between Ca...
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MESMERISM by GingerBuzz
MESMERISMby GingerBuzz
This is a short story that was written for a competition with the prompt 'The price you pay' A further summary is inside
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Gonna Make You Want Me [ editing ] by TAMiraXO
Gonna Make You Want Me [ editing ]by Tamiraaaa
When newly turned 18 year old Tamnasia is denied but not rejected by her mate she is determined to make him hers. With all her tricks and schemes can Brandon remain firm...
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"What am I doing wrong?" by rockk_scott
"What am I doing wrong?"by rockk_scott
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An Optimistically Pessimistic Idealistic Nihilist by TheAmbience
An Optimistically Pessimistic TheAmbiss
Hidden optimism, under layers of nihilistic pessimism, with a touch of fruit idealism. A mish mash of stories, slapped together out of some weirdo experimentation of the...
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Recover by Ruthie_Philpot
Recoverby Ruthie
This story is about a teenage girl named Georgia who went through a traumatic experience, and how she recovers from it, I hope you enjoy. This is my first story I'm putt...
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Care Angel - AI & Voice Powered Virtual Nurse Assistants Exponentially by insightscare
Care Angel - AI & Voice Powered Insights Care
Wolf Shlagman is the CEO, Founder, and Chief Angel of Care Angel. He is a creative technologist, tinkerer, and visionary behind the success of the company.
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Zero Personality by celiagfuster
Zero Personalityby celiagfuster
I get bullied. A lot. I don't think it's fair. Should I stand up, should I end my life? What should I do? Read on to discover what I'll do.
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Daughter of the Moon by LittleFireWolf
Daughter of the Moonby Kathleen Rose
This is a WereWolf story. Hi I'm Rose Green, I am 15 and hate my life. Rose Is beaten, abused, and a omega. Its her 16th birthday the day she finds her mate. She shifts...
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The Perfectly Imperfect Life by Inyanje_23
The Perfectly Imperfect Lifeby Inyanje
A very short story about a girl who is introverted and is very in her head. What will happen when she's confronted by a stranger? Thoughts will be the life and death of...
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Surviving or dying by babybella1506
Surviving or dyingby babybella1506
During World War Two, and the rise of hitler, a young man, makes his way out of aushwitz concentration camp, and into civilisation, but how, will they catch him? How wil...
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Collide by Califonia
Collideby Aria Seabrook
It all started when the two worlds collided. When two became one. When souls became whole. When I became wild And wild became me. When one killed another, Another ki...
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The longest way by mylittlestoriesIC
The longest wayby mylittlestoriesIC
A life story of a girl struggling with an unknown depression. Read to know how they feel, it's confusing, confronting and terrifying. Learn to understand.
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Confronting and Controlling Thoughts [PDF] by Anthony M. Coniaris by mexobafa85003
Confronting and Controlling mexobafa85003
Read Confronting and Controlling Thoughts PDF by Anthony M. Coniaris Light & Life Pub Co Listen to Confronting and Controlling Thoughts: According to the Fathers of the...
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Broken Angel by AnnaHua
Broken Angelby Anna Hua
Liana has been hurt her whole life - she's been emotionally and physically abused. She's had a tough time growing up but she managed with her best friends James and Lea...
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Something like love (Sterek) by horangirl2019
Something like love (Sterek)by HoranStyles2020
Stiles is leaving for college the next day and has already said his goodbyes to the pack except Derek. Derek decides to confront Stiles and wants to know why Stiles didn...
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Hungry by kaelelx
Hungryby Sixteen
'Hungry' is a poignant piece which reflects the disastrous nature of eating disorders and their dominance of the teen culture in this day and age.
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