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Junai by Pandabear3498
Junaiby Pandabear
On his way to work, Shimizu, a systems engineer, faints at a train station because of his strenuous job. As everyone pretends not to see him, the only person to call out...
Re:zero:Connor IF by BATABOOP
Re:zero:Connor IFby Bataboop
What if Connor was sent to the world of re:zero. this story is in the first episode of the series so he doesn't know Natalie and that's it.
Gianni of Circopia by MantaRayDragon
Gianni of Circopiaby MantaRay Dragon
Inside an entire continent covered by a gigantic circus tent, Gianni strives to see the mysteries of the outside world and escape his dystopian circus-themed society. Th...
Le meilleur du pire du Coronavirus by Aelnen
Le meilleur du pire du Coronavirusby Aelnen
Parce qu'en cette période troublée, quelques tranches de rigolade ne feront de mal à personne !
Incarcerated [Kazuxiao] by sentifrost
Incarcerated [Kazuxiao]by Frosty
After the last week with his beloved, Xiao knows he'll never get his answer. So he seeks his own alternative. [Crossposted from ao3! As always, I own only this book, all...
Hiding from Him by _DeShun_
Hiding from Himby D
Alex McDaniel has lived under the SilverShadow caven as the Master Vampire mate, who so happens to be Elijah Jefferson. Derek Kennedy was the clan's werewolf rival Alph...
Secure. Contain. Protect | D-9341 x Reader by thatCutesyPie
Secure. Contain. Protect | ahopelessfangirl
You are a Test Subject at the SCP Foundation. You have no idea how you got there or why you are at the Foundation, and you don't even know who you once were. All you kno...
Screenplays by sunlake
Screenplaysby Darcy Ridge Coleman
Dive into short screenplays by Darcy Ridge. Get a glimpse into the future with "To Get Home" and "Discovery." Analyze the world with "Strong&quo...
The Selected by hbur16
The Selectedby Hollie L. Burgess
She will break, shatter and then be rebuilt. Connie Harper is one of the Selected. That means she will lose her entire identity and be built a new one, all the while bei...
Forsaken confinement  by Charmed_Sunshine_22
Forsaken confinement by Charms
Coming real soon! "You are nothing to me, Mr Virat Chawan," She yells at the man who she was married to at the tender age of 18. She wanted to enjoy her last 2...
Painless (B×B) - ON HOLD by Star_Bem
Painless (B×B) - ON HOLDby Star_Bem
What was like to run barefooted on the pavement in winter? To feel heat of the sand and sun on your feet and skin at the seaside in summer? Have you felt the kisses of t...
Letters from a Forlorn Tower ♠️ by MochaChocolateRose
Letters from a Forlorn Tower ♠️by Bridget G.
Collection of dark poetry exploring the hidden corners of the mind
A Certain Villainess' School Life by Injeolmi_
A Certain Villainess' School Lifeby fictional hoe
{ not mine and not my translation } Title: A Certain Villainess' School Life Original: 悪役令嬢のとある学園生活 Author: あみにあ Link: note : i post i...
ARTBOOK  "confinement" by Seishin_3290
ARTBOOK "confinement"by seishin_3290
chaque jour un nouveau dessin apparaitra...\_(" ~ ")_/
Journal de ma vie sous le coronavirus by AngelArmor12
Journal de ma vie sous le Angel {LWK}
Hey hey hey ! Mes parents m'obligeant à tenir un "journal" pour occuper mes journées, je poste ça sur Wattpad dans l'espoir que des gens m'imitent et me montre...
ESEE Tails, You Win by lastlasagna
ESEE Tails, You Winby lastlasagna
A long time ago, on a distant planet, there lived a species of dragon-like creatures. This is their tale.
8 Keys to Manifesting Money by chetantalele123
8 Keys to Manifesting Moneyby Chetan Talele
Many of us have a desire to make more money to help more people. But it is extremely difficult to manifest money if you don't know how. Being aware of the power keys is...
SCP #6 by Mayu021X
SCP #6by Mayu021X
Ceci est la suite de mon ancienne histoire "SCP#5". Ici nous traiterons les SCP de 1000 à 1199. Les articles présentés ici ont été produits par différents trad...
captured by lostwriter2453
capturedby lostwriter2453
basically about a girl stuck in solitary confinement and she's slowly slipping in and out of insanity. I just need to know if it has potential and if u guys think I shou...