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YA Writers' Conference by youngadultreads
YA Writers' Conferenceby Young Adult Reads
Join @youngadultreads and a variety of popular authors, avid readers, and undiscovered writers for an online writers' conference. It'll take place from August 21-25, and...
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Secretly Famous by malin87
Secretly Famousby Malin
Darlene is a world famous singer, loved and adored by her fans and she loves the popstar life. She is used to hold concerts in front of thousands of people on world tour...
  • fight
  • present
  • aquarium
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His Majesty's Personal Maid by Scattered_Roses
His Majesty's Personal Maidby Elizabeth
Maria Rosario was your average maid who worked in the Royal's Kingdom. With the 'No magic practice' rule in order no one was allowed to practice their magic except the r...
  • conference
  • maria
  • kai
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Senior Year by silverblooms
Senior Yearby silver
Eighteen year old Charlotte Winchester expects senior year to be the absolute best as she and her best friend Harry soon end their highschool year. Her first day goes we...
  • conference
  • expel
  • highschool
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Book Series You'll Love by clichelover05
Book Series You'll Loveby clichelover05
These are the book series that got me hooked and addicted, enough for me to read the sequels. Hope you like them! Feel free to suggest your own personal favorites! ;-) 0...
  • matchmaker
  • joke
  • forgive
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The White House by XxLochNessMonsterxX
The White Houseby Nessa
Kasper is the son of the President of the United States of America. Listed as one of the sexiest men in the world he has a lot going for him, but Patience thinks otherwi...
  • bodyguard
  • salt
  • president
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Barely Justified (Young Justice Fic) by Far_kay
Barely Justified (Young Justice Kay
****Young Justice Fiction**** The rising villain Cancer has sent his apprentice, Alex, to Gotham Academy without giving her a task however the Justice League is comple...
  • gullible
  • brucewayne
  • reunion
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The Time They Almost Ruined Everything by maraudermania
The Time They Almost Ruined maraudermania
Another press conference for Paul, John, Ringo and George--they should be able to handle it, right? They should be able to stop themselves from accidentally telling the...
  • ringo
  • georgeharrison
  • pressconference
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The parent-teacher conference | Shawn Mendes by qwtmendes
The parent-teacher conference | Mendes' Cupcake
"Shh... Don't worry, love, I'm here with you." He was hovering over me, planting soft kisses down on my neck. "Mendes..." A soft moan escaped my lip...
  • drama
  • teenage
  • mendesarmy
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Forbidden (Chapter One) by NeverxGivexIn
Forbidden (Chapter One)by Tabby Mae
Alianna Willis was sure her Junior year of highschool would be just like her Sophmore year. Consumed by her perfect track record and keeping straight A's. But all that c...
  • whip-cream
  • dates
  • confessions
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The Press Conference by StardustAndCosmic
The Press Conferenceby midnightsnapdragon
When Cinder hosts a press conference meant to answer the questions of her people, the subject immediately turns to suitors ... and what the emperor might have to do with...
  • lunar
  • linh
  • konn
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The Annual International Vampyre Conference and Fashion Show by BrittanieCharmintine
The Annual International Vampyre Britt
What happens when Edward Cullen is the first sparkly vampire to ever be the keynote speaker for the Annual International Vampyre Conference and Fashion Show in Transylva...
  • fishwater
  • satire
  • cullen
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Tax by beatriznix68
Taxby beatriznix68
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  • stand
  • start
  • good
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By by marliefisk10
Byby marliefisk10
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  • above
  • different
  • film
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Manager by mercitocqueville19
Managerby mercitocqueville19
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  • no
  • dog
  • reduce
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Love, Lost, Broken... by prisha_24
Love, Lost, Prisha
A saddening story about a struggling family. Hope you guys like it.
  • reallife
  • birthday
  • larissa
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What if Larry turned his eyes blue? by FloatingMartin
What if Larry turned his eyes blue?by Gladeena Martin
As somebody with Larry's face on my head, I'm allowed to tell the truth. It's also concise entry for my artwork. Lol. Now I will not say too much here as I am Aware of w...
  • conference
  • lestwins
  • tequila
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Speech by boorerhughson79
Speechby boorerhughson79
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  • heavy
  • conference
  • nearly
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Shameless Ramblings of a Work In Progress... by FallonDeMornay
Shameless Ramblings of a Work In ♕ Khaleesi ♕
I'm a CBBF bikini model, mother of two, wife, full-time communications professional and only 28! There isn't a single day that goes by where I don't write. And there sh...
  • fantasy
  • writer
  • novelist
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Hot by rubelawlor66
Hotby rubelawlor66
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  • position
  • born
  • country
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