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Condoms/ Han Jisung  by YUKHE1S
Condoms/ Han Jisung by 홍중
"Uhh, where are the condoms?"
  • comedy
  • straykids
  • hanjisung
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Well this is the second story in the series it contains the same characters in it but this time there's baby trouble cause Cole has no idea Cass is pregnant and she deci...
  • sexy
  • angerissues
  • stressed
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TROJAN CONDOMS , NJM + LJN by jenohomo
jeno bought condoms, only his crush was the cashier. ~ ❝ who's the lucky person? ❞ ❝ w-what i-i-.. f-fuck. ❞
  • condoms
  • parkjisung
  • trojan
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Blood, Sex and Booze by palewidow
Blood, Sex and Boozeby ♡ Carmilla ♡
  • joke
  • romance
  • fantasy
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Teenage Love  by popsmynard
Teenage Love by popsmynard
A sexual story including 4 main characters, appropriate for ages 12+. This story is about love at first sight. A great story to read as you are going to bed or just waki...
  • bed
  • alex
  • drinking
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It's a Boy Thing by shaxlepanda
It's a Boy Thingby Shax Rodriguez
A collection of one-shots that will range from cute to tragic and everything in between. Please do enjoy!
  • boys
  • queen
  • manxman
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Climaxx by AnonymousAuthoress1
Climaxxby AnonymousAuthoress1
Adult content 18+ and older. Fewer desecration advised. Warning! Read at your own risk! There will be explicit sexual content. Climaxx is a fanfic celebrity edition coll...
  • fantasy
  • kiss
  • whipcream
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Captain Condom by Captain_condom69
Captain Condomby Captain_condom69
  • superheros
  • tampons
  • dildos
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🔞 Rainy Night, Sexy Morning 🔞 by Daisha-Chan
🔞 Rainy Night, Sexy Morning 🔞by Daisha-Chan
Yn and Boruto have a sleepover. In the morning they do smexy stuff and he put it in her hole. Bam. Story. Read. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ⇨Rankings⇦ #7 in condoms #27 in holes #443 in...
  • naruto
  • boruto
  • condoms
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BLACK SHEEP by morbidsadgirl
BLACK SHEEPby morbidsadgirl
You know that awkward child in a catholic family? The type that dresses all in black, listens to heavy medal, has tattoos and piercings? Yep, that's me. My Dad thinks I'...
  • drug
  • condoms
  • cartel
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Wait you got dumped too...Weird so did i. So how again did we end up in bed together by makemebreakmebabe17
Wait you got dumped too...Weird Ki Ki <3
(Short Story) A boy and a Girl at a party Some how that leans to them making love! What will happen when the morning comes?
  • dang
  • dancing
  • action
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I Bullied Harry Styles? *Narry Storan*  Complete by Oh_How_Original
I Bullied Harry Styles? *Narry Laura
I bullied the nerd that was known as 'Freak boy' and other various names, little did I know that that would be my biggest regret...
  • narry
  • saver
  • pasta
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Baby's Breath by ElizabethMueller
Baby's Breathby Elizabeth Mueller
Hi, my name is Jessica and I am 16. I had sex with Joshua. I never thought I'd end up pregnant and now I am terrified. I've heard of babies found in dumpsters. I am bett...
  • pregnancy
  • secrets
  • abandonment
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Condom Girl by dancewithyourheart
Condom Girlby Lauren
"Condoms! Condoms for sale! Getting some tonight? Well don't be a fool, wrap your tool! Buy two get one free!" ******** Cleo Jordan is a shopaholic. She is alw...
  • cute
  • teenagers
  • anxiety
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Levi x reader by _taaayyllooorr_
Levi x readerby _taaayyllooorr_
Y/n and Levi has snap crackle and pop in the sheets Levi is so confuzzled he punches Petra in the tum tum
  • anal
  • farts
  • lévi
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Mr. S, Miss T, And The Blonde by wewritefanfics01
Mr. S, Miss T, And The Blondeby SCHOOLFANFICS/FIC
Daniella White- aka Miss T - is a tall slim girl in the 8th grade, she has her eye on the perfect guy, however, the perfect guy doesn't have his eye on her. Mr. S, Miss...
  • blonde
  • miss
  • sciencefiction
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Divada by TuesdayTimes
Divadaby TuesdayTimes
AnaMarie Morgan, A 17-year old girl is expecting the last child of her generation. She fears for her life when the government demands for her to turn her child in for th...
  • adventure
  • condoms
  • freeman
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