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Don't Leave Me! #WattpadIndiaAwards by background21
Don't Leave Me! #WattpadIndiaAwardsby Neetha Sai
Looking at the bright sun, which is not so bright right now hiding itself to create darkness all around totally makes me think about my present situation. I heard that...
Living with my autistic boyfriend by Princess_Paris826
Living with my autistic boyfriendby 💚Choose Love💙
Louis never thought he'd fall in love with someone like harry. Harry was perfect in his eyes but it isn't always easy. There are struggles that nobodies sees. It's not a...
Stalking Mr. Cupid (DA series Book 2) by MedievalTomboy
Stalking Mr. Cupid (DA series Lady Prim
"Sir Cacao, what is the different between love and romance?" The devotion in her eyes is as bright as hundred suns combined together. Somehow, for some reason...
Neirohi 💜            by Aishh1246
Neirohi 💜 by Aishwarya
Aarohi returned to the age of 23, caressed the platinum ring on her ring finger, and decided to break off her marriage with Neil immediately. Her mother: "What happ...
TAKE ME TO YOUR HEART❤(ONE SHOTS SERIES)  by fangirlbhoomi1307
TAKE ME TO YOUR HEART❤(ONE SHOTS fangirlbhoomi1307
Since I love Shakhi falling for each other... here's a Series of events with constant characters Shaurya and Anokhi and formation of their love stories😋❣️
A Place In This World by hiljik
A Place In This Worldby Alexa
What if Taylor Swift was never discovered at the Blue Bird café? What if she had somehow wound up in Vancouver, and became best friends with Josh Ramsay, the lead singer...
Prem Ki Naiya hai Ram ke bharose by PreetKc
Prem Ki Naiya hai Ram ke bharoseby PreetKc
A girl helping two lovebirds, who are none other than her best friends, ends up being hit by the arrow of cupid, in fact, during the wedding of her friends, she starts f...
Destined To Be His 💕[Completed] by Crackheaded240
Destined To Be His 💕[Completed]by Blissful ✨
✔️[Completed] ✔️ A guy who was cold to the world but warm for Emily Oliver,Jack Brendon.Jack is 10 years older than Emily.But he has been loving Emily for 10 years !! He...
I'm Insane For You(Doctor Bonnie x Patient Reader) by Belle_Oswald
I'm Insane For You(Doctor Bonnie Belle Oswald
(Your Name) was an ordinary girl. Living a carefree life along with her parents .But that rainy night changed everything. Her parents were murdered right in front of her...
The Mega Miss by Peacebabye
The Mega Missby Your B00$
In the city of New Duncord there arises a hero larger than life itself will she save those closest to her?...Or let her own burdens and demons drag her down? -Characters...
My Naive Wife by skylover136
My Naive Wifeby star____gazer
Her parents made a contract for financial support with the Nobels so that they could earn their living. They just traded their daughter for their sake. She is an impecca...
Amorous by XxDelirious_LeexX
Amorousby Lerato
Pearl has a condition. An urge she cannot control. Will she find the help she needs before its too late? Or will she lose the man she loves?
The Ghost of the Soldier by VincentAndrade28
The Ghost of the Soldierby Vince Andrade
The Ghost of the Soldier is a Romance-Drama-Action Story about Two Lovers between the Soldier and the Lover who Fell in love eachother but one tragic day that end their...
Queen She Is by MaddyisRoll
Queen She Isby Maddy
//Sequal to Human She Was\\ ~ "I don't bow down to anyone. Especially when they are a human scum" I could only glare looking down at him. "Well that's ch...
Book Series You'll Love by clichelover05
Book Series You'll Loveby clichelover05
These are the book series that got me hooked and addicted, enough for me to read the sequels. Hope you like them! Feel free to suggest your own personal favorites! ;-) 0...
Hospital love  by _cloud_19
Hospital love by _cloud_19
She has a rare type of cancer on her lungs that doesn't let her breath well. He is a loner. He has depression, he cuts to feel relief from all the pain he has been thro...
T1D Book by ElizaSchuylur
T1D Bookby ᪥꧁𝔈𝔩𝔦𝔷𝔞꧂᪥
I'm no expert, aside from the fact I've lived with it most of my life. But if someone else out there has it, please don't feel ashamed and keep it a secret. Come talk t...
My Crazy Cousin by lovetobepink
My Crazy Cousinby lovetobepink
my cousin justin has ADHD and autism he acts crazy as heck Request open
Choosing A Direction by CJD1005
Choosing A Directionby Chris
Savannah Heatherly was stabbed in the gut by her supposed "best friend" and left to die in the girls' bathroom of a One Direction concert. The members heard he...
The guide to living with IBS by Lys714fujo
The guide to living with IBSby Lys Ode
IBS (Inflammatory/irritable bowel syndrome) Is difficult to live with, but not impossible. Though I have made bad choices concerning what I eat, I'm only slightly-modera...