Run, Ari by chloexisabella
Run, Ariby Chloe Isabella
Arabella Lockwood was a selfless person. She was everything that was good. Her intentions, her soul and her heart were without a trace of taint. Hurting people was somet...
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Doña Concepción by lunaescarlata890
Doña Concepciónby Luna Escarlata
[EDITANDO] Una mujer , fina , estricta, inteligente, muy disciplinaria y con un deseo sexual incontrolable. Es la dueña de una de las nuevas cinco naciones que dividen...
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Poemas 1 by fprietos21
Poemas 1by
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Remodelación Paicavi by TheCreepyLaughter
Remodelación Paicaviby That Guy in the corner
Desde mi ventana miro...
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El último batallón. by Monk93
El último batalló
Vida estudiantil universitaria. Tragicómica.
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El último batallón. by Monk93
El último batalló
Vida estudiantil universitaria. Tragicómica.
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I'll Be by fancinatingprincess
I'll Beby QueenDark🔱
love story
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Tumulto by Abearwrite
Tumultoby Abearwrite
Micro-cuento que bordea las 100 palabras; aproximadamente. La sociedad adoctrinada y el arte martirizado.
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This story is about Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion <3
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Trops by maxene_clare
Tropsby Xm_queen
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ROYALTIES by radiantpcy_
ROYALTIESby broken
In this story, their trust, honesty, and reputations will be tested. Will they pass the test and have a happy ending? Or will they fail the test and betray each other? R...
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I Got Tagged (Too long!? Too honest??) by GoodConnie
I Got Tagged (Too long!? Too I am BUSY
I got tagged. Thanks to an awesome author. The day I got tagged is the first time I knew about making an own fact book about yourself. Keep reading to know more about me...
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Glance Back by WandaCosmo
Glance Backby WandaCosmo
A crazy fanfic that had been playing like a movie inside my head for years since the first time I knew him. At the time of my writing here, it may have already been ten...
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Ashlyn by A5hl444
Ashlynby Ashley Rivera
  • allenbalderrama
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Drabbles Because Feels by tagaponds
Drabbles Because Feelsby chelsea
Literally the caption. Random one-shots for all my other ships that are Non-KathNiel (cause I have a separate story thing for that).
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I am and He is Sam Lee Garcia Concepcion. Small World, huh? by CountingBackwards
I am and He is Sam Lee Garcia CountingBackwards
If you are, by any chance, named Sam Lee Garcia Concepcion. Then, Join Sam and Sam, two different people, who are a complete stranger to each other. They happen to also...
  • concepcion
  • frizzy1211
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THE CLOCK IS TICKING by ereven1229
What if the world is about to end? Would anybody be able to stop it? Or would they die trying? Find out!
  • kavace
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Mahal kong ka-loveteam by Pinkletwink
Mahal kong ka-loveteamby Pinkletwink
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My Four Eyed Hero by TianaJaneZurlo
My Four Eyed Heroby FUNNYMUFFIN
HELLO... this is just a part of the story, sorry sa mga corny na physics pick up lines, :) “ Alam mo idol na idol ko talaga si Einstein,” “Huh?” naguguluhang saad nito s...
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STUCK ON AN ISLAND by DevKi-fan_gera
STUCK ON AN ISLANDby DevKi-fan_gera
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