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GerIta Holocaust by orangelife
GerIta Holocaustby orangelife
Homosexuality was forbidden under Paragraph 175 of the Nazi Reich-Germany and Italy must pay the price of their love in blood and tears within the concentration camps as...
  • alliedpowers
  • trauma
  • wwii
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Remains Before by thePag3Turner
Remains Beforeby thePag3Turner
"And you also know that I love you, more than my own life. And one day, if your not here anymore, I would give nothing more than to hear your breath in the wind or...
  • tragedy
  • genocide
  • concentrationcamps
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The Bishop Diaries by tellsbooks
The Bishop Diariesby T. R. TELLS
| Historical Paranormal - Thriller | 1937, Salem, Massachusetts, Circe Bishop becomes of age to acquire her Grimore; a witches most powerful and prized possession that i...
  • mystery-thriller
  • cults
  • farm
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💞!日本のカメ!💞 by NarwhalTunes
💞!日本のカメ!💞by Pile of trash
(Rise of the TMNT turtles) Raph, Donnie, Leo, and Mikey, are back and better then ever! After being kidnapped and forced to work at a Japanese Concentration Camp for a w...
  • historicalfiction
  • rottmnt
  • concentrationcamps
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My Life In Nazi Germany (Completed) by hersheycatisbest
My Life In Nazi Germany (Completed)by
This book is about a girl that was born in a Nazi Concentration camp. Her mother was one of Jehovahs Witnesses and was taken to a Nazi camp because of her beliefs. We wi...
  • doctor
  • concentrationcamp
  • revelation214
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On Our Darkest Days by VannahRain2001
On Our Darkest Daysby I'm Blue
When you find love, sometimes you just know. But, what if you're not allowed to know? What if you're not allowed to love? What happens when you know that being together...
  • concentrationcamp
  • wattys2018
  • death
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Have Faith by 88keys98
Have Faithby 88keys98
Living on the streets is never fun, especially if you're a Jew during the Holocaust. Kayla is used to a rough life, but it's about to get ten times worse. Will she hav...
  • jewish
  • dachau
  • holocaust
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The Condemned | ✔️ by asphyxiaxx
The Condemned | ✔️by Ruth!
"Why are you crying?" "Because I never knew the world could stoop so low." The Allies campaign has reached Germany; a plethora of soldiers are making...
  • concentrationcamp
  • ww2
  • sadness
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Holocaust Short Stories by ImmortanHolmes999
Holocaust Short Storiesby Lilly_Tomanek
Inside this book is a compilation of stories based on the Holocaust. Most are only a chapter long, and are individual stories in themselves. I may decide to write a long...
  • ww2
  • shortstories
  • stories
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Can't Forget by Trekkiehood
Can't Forgetby Jamie Dawn
He reached the end of the treeline. Stopping abruptly at the sight before him. The tall barb wired fence had fallen in certain areas. The gate was crooked and pushed in...
  • hydra
  • ptsd
  • ww2
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Azriel- Dad where are you? Dad- I'm shopping for dinner Dad- Why? Dad- What do you want? Azriel- Dad? Azriel- Why is the Nazi Army marching by our homes? (*1) Dad- What...
  • hitler
  • onlyonejewleft
  • death
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not sure( Hitler x reader) by altoraptor
not sure( Hitler x reader)by Maddie
You are à jew that has been sent to one of the concentration camps,but you arent really à jew,you work for thé americas....but thé odd thing is you eventually fall for H...
  • concentrationcamps
  • jews
  • holocaust
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One of Many *WW2 Love Story* by NaturisticHeart13
One of Many *WW2 Love Story*by ✌❤
1944. All remains hopeless and deadly. Celestia Matthews, 17, visiting girl from America, has been taken to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. What once used to be h...
  • worldwar2
  • character
  • concentrationcamp
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The AbNormals by ShaylaFaye568
The AbNormalsby Shayla Faye
"I have to survive. I need to survive. If not for myself, then for my family. For my friends. For him." There are two types of humans in this world: Normals an...
  • dead
  • love
  • friendship
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The Girl with the Yellow Star by Olive-Panda
The Girl with the Yellow Starby Olivia Cage
A short story focusing on the life of a jewish girl during the holocaust.
  • jew
  • girlpower
  • jude
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Gulag [h.s. au] by idek_styles_
Gulag [h.s. au]by idek_styles_
a story of a girl who is saved by a boy in every way possible.
  • thriller
  • harry
  • harrystylesfanfic
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Undesirable by ohheyitsjackie
Undesirableby ohheyitsjackie
  • concentrationcamp
  • holocaust
  • undesirable
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The Water Woman by catlover1940
The Water Womanby carolineeee
When Nazi soldier Rolf Schneider is assigned to guard a concentration camp, he falls in love with a Jewish woman who lives there.
  • jews
  • love
  • novel
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Lukas In World War Two by avery_band
Lukas In World War Twoby avery_band
Lukas van Bruen is a Polish Jew during World War Two, he was recently taken to Aushwitz Concentration camp in southern Poland. Follow Lukas as he tells his story of how...
  • concentrationcamp
  • aushwitz
  • jewish
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Humane by Cinos226
Humaneby Cinos226
«I'll try to update every Friday» Jared is a German soldier working in a concentration camp, but, unlike the other soldiers, he takes it to mind when he's told to kill a...
  • worldwartwo
  • nazi
  • germany
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