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Remains Before by thePag3Turner
Remains Beforeby thePag3Turner
"And you also know that I love you, more than my own life. And one day, if your not here anymore, I would give nothing more than to hear your breath in the wind or...
  • reality
  • forbbidenlove
  • nazigermany
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Holocaust Short Stories by ImmortanHolmes999
Holocaust Short Storiesby Lilly_Tomanek
Inside this book is a compilation of stories based on the Holocaust. Most are only a chapter long, and are individual stories in themselves. I may decide to write a long...
  • one
  • shots
  • oneshots
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The Nazis Are Coming by Peper100
The Nazis Are Comingby Peper100
Two best friends Lara And Elaine. Lara is a polish girl who is 14 with fair looks. Elaine a smart Jewish girl who is 13. They both risk there lives trying to keep each o...
  • nazi
  • jewish
  • wwii
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On Our Darkest Days by VannahRain2001
On Our Darkest Daysby VannahRain2001
When you find love, sometimes you just know. But, what if you're not allowed to know? What if you're not allowed to love? What happens when you know that being together...
  • auschwitz
  • concentrationcamp
  • wattys2018
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The Condemned | ✔️ by asphyxiaxx
The Condemned | ✔️by Ruth!
"Why are you crying?" "Because I never knew the world could stoop so low." The Allies campaign has reached Germany; a plethora of soldiers are making...
  • sadness
  • england
  • concentrationcamp
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not sure( Hitler x reader) by altoraptor
not sure( Hitler x reader)by Maddie
You are à jew that has been sent to one of the concentration camps,but you arent really à jew,you work for thé americas....but thé odd thing is you eventually fall for H...
  • fanfiction
  • holocaust
  • hitler
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The AbNormals by ShaylaFaye568
The AbNormalsby Shayla Faye
"I have to survive. I need to survive. If not for myself, then for my family. For my friends. For him." There are two types of humans in this world: Normals an...
  • genocide
  • oppression
  • revenge
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Hair Like Lemons | The Book Thief AU by milesofpages
Hair Like Lemons | The Book Lily
She stole books... ...and his heart.
  • germany
  • liesel
  • death
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Have Faith by 88keys98
Have Faithby 88keys98
Living on the streets is never fun, especially if you're a Jew during the Holocaust. Kayla is used to a rough life, but it's about to get ten times worse. Will she hav...
  • historicalfiction
  • worldwar2
  • homeless
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A Monologue on Death by ArthurMillieur
A Monologue on Deathby ABAR
  • concentrationcamp
  • death
  • thoughts
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The Waking: An American Concentration Camp novel by forgottenfarie
The Waking: An American lilacmoondragon
My name is Sullen Iris. I was out in a concentration camp, just like everyone else - but unlike everyone else I escaped. And the government is trying to kill me.
  • concentrationcamp
  • fema
  • romantic
FEMA by Angelkaii111
FEMAby Angelkaii111
The lost journal of a teen who watches as the United States becomes a warzone that results in concentration camps coming into play to reduce the population and violence...
  • concentrationcamps
  • fema
  • conspiracy
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One of Many *WW2 Love Story* by NaturisticHeart13
One of Many *WW2 Love Story*by ✌❤
1944. All remains hopeless and deadly. Celestia Matthews, 17, visiting girl from America, has been taken to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. What once used to be h...
  • love
  • annefrank
  • concentrationcamp
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Concentrate On Life. by sophiafaith5
Concentrate On Sophia Gilgirl
Tracey's life has no meaning when her mother is killed. She has nothing left. She is imprisoned. She is broken. She is hurting. She is in a concentration camp and probab...
  • guards
  • savingpeople
  • rescuing
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I had to write an acrostic poem about the Holocaust. This is what I created. (2 separate poems)
  • hitler
  • survival
  • poem
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In the Camps ║ The Diary of a Holocaust Survior by J_Silvyr
In the Camps ║ The Diary of a Jin
This is from a short project that I had to do for Literature class. Just thought some random people might want to read it. This is based off of Elie Wiesel's autobiograp...
  • death
  • pain
  • holocauast
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The Bishop Diaries by tellsbooks
The Bishop Diariesby T. R. TELLS
| Coming soon | Historical Paranormal - Thriller | 1937, Salem, Massachusetts, Circe Bishop becomes of age to acquire her Grimore; a wytches most powerful and prized pos...
  • holocaust
  • thriller
  • witches
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Smurfiness before WWII: World War II. by BtsIca_98
Smurfiness before WWII: World Jessica Fernandez
Bruno and the others were staying home for the rest of the days until the war is over. But, they were staying in the cramped room since Pinault's cousins ran away since...
  • concentrationcamp
  • wwii
  • smurfs
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keep your eyes on the moon by rubberspider
keep your eyes on the moonby grace
short story
  • holocaust
  • nazi
  • fiction
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The Yearning Escape by theatreofgnr
The Yearning Escapeby ~ Elle ~
Life isn't fair. She'd witnessed that first hand. Everything had played out so fast and all she wanted to do was get back to them. To escape.
  • concentrationcamps
  • nazi
  • wattys2017
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