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Elevator Music by Jordy_Marie
Elevator Musicby Jordan Marie
What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with Hollywood's hottest sensation? Well, you certainly wouldn't fight with him over baseball, like Addie Clark would...
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Story Ideas for You! by Lena-Presents
Story Ideas for You!by Lena
Need inspiration for a story? Look no further. From one-liners to full chapters, here are some ideas I once had that I am now giving to you. All I ask for in return is...
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COMPULSIVE LIAR || y.nm by Suga_with_Mochi95
COMPULSIVE LIAR || y.nmby Lea Gribowski
What happens if you fall in love with your new neighbor, who's also a compulsive liar? How can you see through all the lies he makes? And... . . . . How will you k...
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I know I'm insane   by prncssparanoia
I know I'm insane by ♤unnecessary♤
I had never thought I was insane. I guess everyone else felt different.
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Tell Me A Lie by Morganne_Freelin
Tell Me A Lieby Morganne_Freelin
Lizzy has finally found a good one. Shane. Six feet and 180 pounds of muscle, and he's sweet against all odds. Lizzy is the happiest she's been in a very long time. The...
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Liar by RareFox42
Liarby Martin Muñoz
"A poet is just someone who can lie as well to everyone else as he can to himself" Another perspective, this time a cross between second and third person. I d...
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Silver Tongue by kvanhooser
Silver Tongueby kvanhooser
Bree Argyris; compulsive liar, thief, Greek, loner, and now... a what? "Big or small, lies are lies." "The most mischievous liars are the ones who keep sl...
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Cathartic by reallybademopuns
Catharticby reallybademopuns
ca·thar·tic kəˈTHärdik/ adjective providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis. Cas likes to lie... no actually, Cas...
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Mental Damage (C.H.) by KatDannan
Mental Damage (C.H.)by jermbot
My parents warned me about drugs in the street, but they never warned me about the one's with big brown eyes and a heartbeat.//// They story of me, Eden, who got sent to...
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Thick and Thin by LastExistingHippie
Thick and Thinby Kawaii-Anne
The two 5'6" twins ran as fast as they could down the wet, dark, and slightly slimy alleyway. Of course Oliver was ahead of Imogen, he was the fastest of the two. I...
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