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Bound by Law by bvtterflyeffect
Bound by Lawby | l i z z i e |
Highest ranking: #9 Romance!!! (thanks so much to @MintJujube for always notifying me!) *** "Listen here," he roared, pushing me against the wall and placing...
  • kiss
  • hatred
  • generalfiction
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It's Complicated by ambivertreader
It's Complicatedby Sanobar
They are married, but not a couple. . . They are Husband and Wife, but complete strangers. . . What will happen when their worlds collide together? . . . . ************...
  • complicated
  • lovehate
  • watty2018
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Rowan (Published July, 2018) by gabriellelark
Rowan (Published July, 2018)by ☾
PLEASE NOTE: the entire story is back up for a limited time (minus the bonus chapter which is still only available in the Amazon version). Sometimes the truth hurts...
  • truth
  • fiction
  • complete
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breakaway by AveryKeelan
breakawayby AveryKeelan
When nursing student Ryan Winters moves into hockey captain Ethan Russell's place, they both agree that they can keep things from getting weird. The only problem? Smolde...
  • athlete
  • newadultromance
  • featured
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Saved And Taken By the Mafia  by nunyahbyusness
Saved And Taken By the Mafia by nunyahbyusness
Lilith has been getting abuse by her family since she can remember. Verbally, sexually, and physically everything bad they can do has been done. But she gets saved by t...
  • abused
  • badass
  • past
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A Billion Dollar Mistake by ChocolateLoverQueen
A Billion Dollar Mistakeby ChocolateLoverQueen
Yasmin is a 17 years old muslim girl who has for only family her father and little brother. She will do everything to please her father. But what if the only thing he wa...
  • romance
  • drama
  • billionaire
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Don't Fall For Me (Completed) by _Jay_lovee
Don't Fall For Me (Completed)by Jay 💜
*MATURE CONTENT* Cherish is the type of woman that loves sex.. a lot. The no strings attached, non relationship, care free, problem free type of sex. Why? Because she wa...
  • urban
  • wattys2018
  • florida
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He Makes Me Blush by goodbyeandhello
He Makes Me Blushby ksb
There's always been an attraction between feisty, quirky Lexie King and jerkish bad boy Cameron Grey. Denying it of course, is their main issue. **NOT YET EDITED** *Beg...
  • hot
  • badboy
  • undescovered
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Arranged Marriage by JustBelle1
Arranged Marriageby Just call me Belle
She didn't want this and neither did he. Two stubborn teenagers forced into a marriage that they didn't even want to be in. A story between a sarcastic girl and a boy w...
  • complicated
  • player
  • relationship
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Definitely Interested  by Hijabi-Princess
Definitely Interested by Anonymous Writer
Sequel to definitely not interested
  • love
  • complicated
  • journalism
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Destined to be HIS by glory7991
Destined to be HISby Glory
AIDEN JUSTIN ADAMS - 24 Years old billionaire, handsome playboy who gets everything he needs even if he has to snatch it from others, he is someone who loves to dominate...
  • billionarelove
  • alpha
  • teenfiction
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Not So Perfect  by totallysteph
Not So Perfect by Stephany
Bea Callaway becomes pregnant at nineteen, throwing away her parents dream of her attending a top notch university. Her parents give her the option to stay if she does w...
  • baby
  • completed
  • pregnant
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Caught by the Billionaire | ✔️(SLOWLY, HEAVILY EDITING)  by pandaxlovingxloser
Caught by the Billionaire | ✔️( Ria 🐼
Highest Ranking in Romance ~ #31 (Tuesday 16th May 2017) COMPLETED I was trying to run away from my past, instead I got caught by him. Amber Grey is trying to forget her...
  • wattys2017
  • lust
  • kidnapping
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You Are Mine Forever And Always by Crystle_Heart
You Are Mine Forever And Alwaysby ❤️Sangita❤️
"Don't! Don't ever do that to me." "It's my life my choice!" "It's not!" "Why do you think so?" "Because YOU ARE MINE FOREVE...
  • manik
  • highschool
  • parth
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Who We Used To Be // h.s by One_Direction_x
Who We Used To Be // h.sby ESMÈE
Ever wondered why time goes by so quickly? It has been years since Emma and Harry last saw each other. He regretted letting her go, and she regretted not staying. But...
  • oldfriends
  • complicated
  • singer
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Enduring the Fire by knightsrachel
Enduring the Fireby Rachel
Completed. Chuck Smith has everything he's ever wanted. He's the star QB in 10th grade, and has the entire school eating out of the palms of his hands, including the che...
  • illness
  • completed
  • popular
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Wanting Her by radiantbrown
Wanting Herby L
Everyone wanted something from him and most of the time he couldn't give it to them. He took haven in a girl who barely new of his existence because she wanted nothing f...
  • youngadult
  • bwwm
  • swirl
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Miracle (Carmichael Series #4)✔️ by AuthorrUnknown
Miracle (Carmichael Series #4)✔️by AuthorrUnknown
FOURTH BOOK IN THE CARMICHAEL SERIES Brock Carmichael has been wandering through life (and more specifically beds...) ever since he was a senior in high school. Against...
  • love
  • badboy
  • romance
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Experiment by Kiara_vr
Experimentby Mhm123
Kaylie is kidnapped by a group of scientists who specialize human hybrid experiments. Her specific experiment is the first to go sort of as planned of her hybrid that th...
  • wolves
  • taken
  • angel
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My roomates a gang leader (COMPLETED) by bookreader00021
My roomates a gang leader ( bookreader00021
He slammed his fist into the wall beside my head "Your mine. Do you understand me!?" And with that his lips crashed into mine *** Isabella's former roomates j...
  • ilove
  • death
  • ex
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