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Better Than You | ✔️ by brynnbunker
Better Than You | ✔️by BABY J🌻
Logan Pierce and Noah Locke are sworn enemies. Both are captains of their volleyball team and at the top of their class. When their teams are sent away to a team bonding...
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Twisted Love by yashika999
Twisted Loveby yashika999
⚜️#14 in Humor-29/6/18⚜️ ☸️#19 in Humor-18/6/18☸️ ⚛️#2 in competitive-3/11/19⚛️ ✡️#72 in popular out of 4.5k stories-3/11/19✡️ "What do you think of yourself!huh?&q...
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You're Driving Me Wild [Ziam] by lilacthorns
You're Driving Me Wild [Ziam]by a.
"You think we've fucked the hate out of each other?" "I didn't hate you. D-Did you?" Or where Liam and Zayn are competitive little shits who think th...
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The CEO'S Chef by Jennifire2001
The CEO'S Chefby Jennifire
Meet Harriet Hyland (21). She is a very talented chef who is trying to make it in the big city of Los Angeles. One strange day later, she finds herself working for Los A...
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When Two Smarts Collide /editing-ish/ by loverdolphin57
When Two Smarts Collide / insecure_poet💛
"So you're the smartest girl this side of the state, yet your main goal in life is to be a cheater? That's quite ironical isn't it? Or is it incongruity? I forget...
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"Heart & Soul" by Stab_Me_28_Times
"Heart & Soul"by Kyo --- きょ。
The First Time Boruto Touched The Ice, He Was Five. And That's When He Realised, Ice Was His Life. ( Boruto "Figure Skating AU" ) "I don't own anything bu...
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love on ice//b.c&y.ji by bcphosphine
love on ice//b.c&y.jiby phos
text on cover reads, "take a large rink, a large pool, rowdy friends and whats the worse that can go wrong?" ____ as a olympian, you're almost always incredibl...
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The Heelys Competition by aurorafw1314
The Heelys Competitionby aurorafw1314
Olivia Powell was born in a poor family. She finnaly got a pair of a new pair of Heelys for her 11th birthday! she can't wait to try it on, but her friends say its lame...
Posnega  by ritzdesai1
Posnega by Sweetheart
What if likes attract and unlikes repel? Earth has several selected people with supernatural abilities and many of them are not aware of it. To nurture the abilities of...
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The Lion King 3: The Newest Generation by Jabali_And_Sauda
The Lion King 3: The Newest Sauda_Jabali
Two daughters and two sons are born to Kiara and Kovu. The two daughters are betrothed, and the two sons are chosen to rule together, to prevent another Scar. But the tw...
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Swimmer quotes and more (Competitive, mind you) by Katrina_Chambersispy
Swimmer quotes and more ( If u know me u would know...
For all the competitive swimmers out there, here are some very true quotes. To tell the tale of our hard practices, the feels, pros and cons of swimming. Most of these...
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Schrijf Wedstrijden by RomantiekNL
Schrijf Wedstrijdenby RomantiekNL
Alle schrijf wedstrijden van RomantiekNL gebundeld.
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Falling for My Brother's Enemy by GabrielaMartinez303
Falling for My Brother's Enemyby Gabriela
When Keira Sander’s parents get divorce, her life is turned upside-down. While she moves to New York with her mother, her brother Tyler stays in Florida with their fathe...
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competitive vs sideline cheer by OfficiallyAnnoying
competitive vs sideline cheerby ^^^^^^
people tell me that cheer isnt a sport. and i get that, because sideline cheer is just for fun honestly but competitive cheer... its much different then youd think.
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Little Book of Giveaways by EmmaLoweBooks
Little Book of Giveawaysby Emma Lowe
The Little Book of Giveaways is filled with magical opportunities to win. All competitions vary, ranging from writing competitions, free editing, prizes and much much mo...
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Competitive Pokemon Sets by venturephoenix
Competitive Pokemon Setsby Winterphoenix23
I can make you competitive sets for pokemon if you submit them to me! I will usually post 2-3 sets of one pokemon. Feel free to comment and use my sets in the game.
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Power of the Pen by AwepicEm
Power of the Penby Emma Stefanick
Short stories I write in 40 minutes according to a prompt.
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Lameen Witter by lameenwitter
Lameen Witterby Lameen Witter | YMCA of Metro...
So, these are the few ways to develop marketing communication in order to win audience heart, mind, and interest. If you want to lead in a competitive environment like L...
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