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Winning Her Rival's Heart by ellefielding_author
Winning Her Rival's Heartby Elle Fielding
Love thy rival... Winning the promotion she's up for at work is all Abby Gillis cares about. Well, it is until she's forced to move in with her rival, Justin D'Marco. Su...
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A New Mommy by gorystories
A New Mommyby gorystories
* This short story is part of the Mommy's House contest that @Z0mbies is holding, and is a continuation of what could have happened. Go and read all of her books, they a...
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🌕THMC team🌕 by moonstruckcommunity
🌕THMC team🌕by The Moonstruck Community
The Moonstruck Community is finally hiring new members!
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Competing with Boys (sequel to Hanging with Boys) by limeaddict7
Competing with Boys (sequel to ella
The (...) with Boys series are back once more. This time, Kirsten Wilde takes the spotlight. Her and her brother are constantly competing. It's so typical. Boys vs. Girl...
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Batch File Programming by wolfskater989
Batch File Programmingby Cloudy_Morning
Here is a book to tell you and inform you on batch file programming and coding with interesting bits and tutorials on code. Additionally, it includes the link to Nova wh...
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Harry Potter vs Twilight                                                                Hunger Games vs Divergent by DQ4life
Harry Potter vs Sky Celeste Malfoy
So all Potterheads and Twihards may join and rant about each other. Same way with Divergents and Hunger Game fans. Since I'm a Potterhead and a Hunger Games fan, I will...
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Computer Science by _mukto
Computer Scienceby Dewan M.I. Mukto
NON-FICTION In this modern era of constantly developing technologies, digital devices are the utmost crucial resources that underpins all of the luxuries and factors of...
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The Rings by okayletsbesirius
The Ringsby OkaySiriusly?
Darby Quin had it all. She was a well known athlete, training to compete in the Olympics- her dream since she was five, and a loving boyfriend of four years. But when an...
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The chestnut mare by katteselin
The chestnut mareby katteselin
Kelsey is a 16 year old girl living in Sweden. Everyday she faces a tough life, seeing as her mom has an alcholic problem. Going to high school, taking care of both her...
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Competing Against Luck [PDF] by Clayton M. Christensen by hypoduzu38116
Competing Against Luck [PDF] by hypoduzu38116
Read Competing Against Luck PDF by Clayton M. Christensen HarperAudio Listen to Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice audiobook by Clayton...
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BRIAR RIDGE ACADEMY// ELITE by thegoldequestrian
Briar Ridge Academy is one of the highest ranked schools in the United Kingdom. Filled with the rich children of celebrities, Olympic athletes, and royalty. Literally. T...
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Auroinfo by AuroinfoIndia
Auroinfoby Auroinfo
Auroinfo is one of the most passion-driven digital marketing company that offers digital marketing services like Search Engine Optimization, SocialMedia Optimization, PP...
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GeeksMobile by owenthomson9
GeeksMobileby Owen Thomson
Cloud computing offers information technology that one can access over the Internet. They host and maintain the physical infrastructure required to provide the service...