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The Two-Tailed Little Fox Demon and His Taoist Priest Gong by vladthewarlord
The Two-Tailed Little Fox Demon vladthewarlord
The Two-Tailed Little Fox Demon and His Taoist Priest Gong Not mine, just for online, offline reading
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Dared Love (Vkook fanfic) by Whatsjungcookin
Dared Love (Vkook fanfic)by Happy Pride Month!
Where the school's kingka is dared to date the school's nerdy geek. ! UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! ! WILL BE UNPUBLISHED !
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What You've Done by IWearSneakers
What You've Doneby Li-Li or Maxxie
**Sequel to In Ruins, Cover by GladYouCame** After Voldemort is killed for a second time, Hermione finds herself stuck between two men, the man she loved and the man wh...
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My own reincarnation story by Hopleshipper
My own reincarnation storyby Hopleshipper
follow the protagonist as she is reincarnated into the villainess of an otome game she hasn't ever played. Watch her daily life as she uses the power of knowledge on cli...
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Summer's Winter (New York #1)  by two_common_people
Summer's Winter (New York #1) by COMMON PEOPLE
HIGHEST RANK: #113 in ROMANCE ********** I looked across the room and saw him throwing daggers at me with his grey orbs. Satisfied with his reaction towards my little a...
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Mister Superstar ll Choi Yeonjun FF (Completed) by Angelkim_10
Mister Superstar ll Choi Yeonjun Angelkim_10
Is it possible that a Superstar like him will fall for a girl like her? Choi Yeonjun × Yumi Chua
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Common Enemy by magicficsuitcase
Common Enemyby magicficsuitcase
Theseus Scamander. Everybody knows him. The war hero, the head auror. If you haven't met him, you certainly have heard the grand stories of a courageous hero. For y/n, s...
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Phobias by Aroha_Monbebe_ARMy_
Phobiasby Stanning Oneus
A whole book of phobias!! If you have any questions about a fear you or someone you know has I could look for it and tell you...!! #5- Common
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The Ignorant Wife by meangel17
The Ignorant Wifeby moon😸
Diana Richmond. The name itself is beautiful and so is the lady who is bearing this beautiful name. She is unnaturally beautiful. She is extremely rich. These things are...
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Logic and Brain Teasers by frustratedjaja
Logic and Brain Teasersby frustratedjaja
Logic questions and Brain Teasers which can be answered by using common sense and basic logical operations. So get your thinking caps and let's get started. Keep your br...
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Scp-001 (SCP SERIES) by Reading_X_Machina
Scp-001 (SCP SERIES)by Readingxmachina
This is another series im making about the unknown making it quite a good series.As i read this scp i gave me goosebumps and i felt a slight un ease too.I hope yall enjo...
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Adopt a Character Name | Ongoing by gracemccleskey
Adopt a Character Name | Ongoingby Grace
Please adopt some names. I have too many. ((Alphabetized by Chapter!)) Also sorted by gender, with gender neutral names listed in both categories. Last names and theme...
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Hogwarts The Next Generation: A New Beginning by hisimperfectangel25
Hogwarts The Next Generation: A Charlie C. ∞
Alexia Tonks goes to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry and becomes friends with James Sirius Potter II and Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. They become the best of fri...
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the book of lies by disasterlys
the book of liesby 𝑐𝑟𝑎𝑛𝑘𝑦 𝑝𝑎𝑛𝑡𝑠
basically a book filled with the overused lies most people say. all rights reserved ©raadicaI ; jelena williams [ coooool cover by offline- ]
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Lost: Somewhere (ft Princeton) by Skybabyblue
Lost: Somewhere (ft Princeton)by Bam Bam
I Never understood why she was so afraid. Or if we would ever meet again. My name Government name is Jacob Perez but I go by Princeton. Only to protect the ones I love...
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The Nerdy Girl [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] by YennaOrigami
The Nerdy Girl [UNDER MAJOR SweetChaos
It is hard to be a normal girl. Coz you can still encountered different things. Pretending is hard, so life too. Having a life is a blessing but being a lifeless is a wo...
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Just Thoughts? by -MysteriousSomeone
Just Thoughts?by -MysteriousSomeone
I don't know how to give detail of my book but there are just small thoughts on every page u will turn to . Read them and decide urself, Hope so u find these encouragi...
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Wattpad cliches by virginsacrifice
Wattpad clichesby jo🦋
***Highest #101 in humor(03/03/17)*** *** #1 in cliches (19 june'18)*** Who doesn't love a cliche? Me. Thus, this entire book will be about those damn cliches you see fl...
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Medically Correct Writing by Alice_Iceflower
Medically Correct Writingby Alice Pierce
I'm a medical student, and I complain too often about medical errors in books or on TV. So here I've gathered some common medical mistakes, hoping I might help clear up...
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Bits and Pieces by harmonyrules
Bits and Piecesby 「little jess」
❝she wrote the words down in ink, slowly and carefully, watching as the letters permanently bled into the pages she held so gingerly in her broken hands.❞ a collection o...
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