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Trash of the Royal Family by CallenEvance
Trash of the Royal Familyby CallenEvance
Kim Rok Soo wakes up as the Sevent Prince. His older brother is Alver Crossman. His Second brother is Robbit Crossman. His fucker brother was the third prince. and his f...
My Inner Demons Boyfriends/Girlfriend Scenarios and Preferences by HaveACutie
My Inner Demons Boyfriends/
This will the new and improved version of the book I wrote on my other account. This is a MID book, My Inner Demons by Aphmau. The story is about five hot Daemos boys go...
Jerome bad childhood  by TaylorStalcup
Jerome bad childhood by Taylor Stalcup
Jeremiah helps his brother and other people from their mother
You're Crazy by somherst
You're Crazyby
Foul language warning! Also this story is in a very rough patch I'm currently not editing at all I'm just writing the story so it's absolutely butchered and there's a lo...
Соберите мой паззл by dream_sofa
Соберите мой паззлby dream_sofa
Брюнет сам себя обрек на страдания и теперь пытается собрать по маленьким кусочкам разбитое сердце. Его предали,растоптали и выбросили как ненужную вещь. Парень меняет с...
Unexpected, a Harry Styles Fanfiction by stoleyourheartx
Unexpected, a Harry Styles Yarelis Diaz
Angelica is a seventeen-year-old teenager from the US who loves being at home. This summer, she was staying for one weekend at a cabin in front of the beach with her fam...
Fine by Ishimondosimp
Fineby Food and Dogs
SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIERTY OF DANGANRONPA TRIGGER HAPPY HAVOC After Sakura's death, Aoi decides to kill herself. She ends up in a bizarre world of in-between, a place for...
A Night of Parties by MoonStones07
A Night of Partiesby MoonSt0nes07
Perhaps Lampy could not stand the parties at The Masters new house, with all the new appliances, and all his friends missing. It's in a stressed haze he struggles to dea...
Pain Of A Lost Child by RainbowShineBonbon
Pain Of A Lost Childby RainbowShineBonbon
When Sonata Dashsky gets caught in a mysterious fire.It leaves her Family Heartbroken when they find out the possible affects that could happen to a 9 year girl with her...
Truth Or Dare by LittleMissRaven13
Truth Or Dareby Kirenia Ayako
Sequel to Getten' My Fox (THE REWRITE) It's the Marionette's initiation and things are going great. That is until it's time for truth or dare. When the Shadows dare Rave...