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Fairy tail x konosuba "What is wrong with them?" by weeb_willow_
Fairy tail x konosuba "What is weeb_willow_
Aight so this is a comedy/fantasy where Kazumas party get transported to the fairy tail universe. And the some stuff happens. Yea so it's a crossover.
Rooming with the Goddess of Night | on hold by lunarseas
Rooming with the Goddess of ❥bri sommers
Imagine waking up to the main character of your favorite book lying in your bed. If you're twenty-two-year-old Noah Price, this becomes a startling reality when he unint...
Jacobi Anderline Destroys Everything. by BadPenname
Jacobi Anderline Destroys Call me Fishmael
The following story is one involving a boy whose father is very important person, court proceedings, and flaming death horses. Oh, and beaver demons. It has beaver demon...
Implements and Elements: A Very Peculiar Tale by SylvaFlorence
Implements and Elements: A Very Sylva Florence
So, your planet sort of fell apart, your waitress job evaporated and then the homeless types in the remains of the nearby National Park burned most of your home for fire...
Hogwarts but its gay. by Wolfy_the_fake
Hogwarts but its Wolf Heart.
i mean i think its normal hogwarts
A Very Necromantic Christmas by CrispinOTooleBateman
A Very Necromantic Christmasby Crispin O'Toole-Bateman
** Christmas Special 2018 - bonus story to go alongside Watty 2018 award winning story A Very English Necromancer (which you should read first!) ** Hubert Grange, 34-yea...
Eltaire by museofhistory
Eltaireby bobble
Bounded by the barren wasteland of a world war, the lone surviving elemental nation of Eltaire sustains itself by designating each of the 4 elemental divisions its own t...
She is one with the wind  by Kaitlyn_Macguire17
She is one with the wind by Mrs. Macguire
'Emily O'connor, an American Irish girl, born with a dark curse since the day she was born. Could she find a way to break this curse?, she is well known as the dark hors...