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The Gauntlet (The Gauntlet #1) by words_are_weapons
The Gauntlet (The Gauntlet #1)by Jamie Harris
Codi James is a chronic underachiever. A straight C student, her life is going nowhere. Causing havoc at yet another school it looks like she's heading for another expul...
  • sport
  • tournament
  • gauntlet
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Beyond Limits-Male Saiyan Reader by JoseGlz44
Beyond Limits-Male Saiyan Readerby JoseGlz44
A story that takes place in an alternate multi-verse where Goku and friends don't exist. We venture through the life of y/n, a regular mid-class saiyan who strives to be...
  • vegeta
  • fighting
  • saiyan
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Iron Heart (The Gauntlet #2) by words_are_weapons
Iron Heart (The Gauntlet #2)by Jamie Harris
It's a new year and Gauntlet finalist Codi James is back for round two. With her new position at the top ranked Battlecast Academy and with last year's victor no longer...
  • science
  • wattys2019
  • fighting
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Lost Fantasy-The Flowers of Stelis (Arc 2) by NightLightLuminus
Lost Fantasy-The Flowers of NightLightLuminus
Arc 2 of Lost Fantasy series. Arc 1 Lost Fantasy-Life After Reincarnation link: "...
  • daily
  • reincarnation
  • action
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A Love Worth Having by caffrey1974
A Love Worth Havingby Mary
Saryah Williams finally has her dream job as a social worker for the military. During a visit home, she meets Sergeant Ben Campbell, a wounded warrior and combat hero. B...
  • prejudice
  • relationship
  • amputees
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Lost Fantasy-Life After Reincarnation (Arc 1) by NightLightLuminus
Lost Fantasy-Life After NightLightLuminus
"I am not the hero." That is the conclusion that Loganel Ainzloft came up. He was originally a young man who woke up one day in a fantasy world in the body of...
  • academy
  • lightnovel
  • family
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Mythic (NaNoWriMo14) by Skyhuntress
Mythic (NaNoWriMo14)by Skyhuntress
Rena wanders a decaying land, searching for purpose to a life that was supposed to have been laid out for her. As a Mythic, the people worship the ground she walks on...
  • crystal
  • nanowrimo14
  • combat
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Dystopia by _cupcake_cherry_
Dystopiaby Lil
Bienvenue dans mon monde ! Je m'appelle Dystopia et je serais ton chef de territoire désormais. J'imagine que tu dois être enchanté d'avoir une fille aussi mignonne que...
  • fantastique
  • magie
  • fantaisie
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Close To Home Pt.1(Team 6 Series Part 3) by imanihso
Close To Home Pt.1(Team 6 Series imanihso
Spoilers for volume 2. .. . . . The remnants of team 3 work tirelessly to roundup the rest of their team. A new face will appear that noone cou...
  • love
  • lightvsdark
  • darkness
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The Symbols Of Evil by MoinMahmud
The Symbols Of Evilby Moin Mahmud
Izuku Midoriya was devastated upon learning that you can't be a Hero without a Quirk,Then on that same day he met a boy with Multiple Personality Disorder who is The son...
  • heroshigaraki
  • bromance
  • guns
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The Veteran Left Behind - ON HOLD by mortaldarkangel
The Veteran Left Behind - ON HOLDby A. N. Mendez
Ben is a disabled Army veteran that struggles on a day to day basis. The nightmares keep him from sleeping. The daily physical pain is almost unbearable. But, the wor...
  • army
  • suicide
  • soldier
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BONA FIDES [An Apocalyptic Crime Roleplay] by CarbonatedMilk_
BONA FIDES [An Apocalyptic Crime __ » Rory « __
The year is 2035. Pollution and man-made disasters have scathed the earth of its natural resources, sending the planet into an accelerated decay. Food is scarce, tension...
  • military
  • dog
  • sci-fi
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Katja  by Flowerscantfly
Katja by Flowerscantfly
Pskov, Russia No one had expected the Germans to come so soon . No one knew the Germans would defeat Russia so easily. Katja Kuznetsova is an eighteen year old girl w...
  • wilhelm
  • historicalromance
  • worldwartwo
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Born Again (TVD/The Vampire Diaries FANFICTION) by THE0riginalGroupie
Born Again (TVD/The Vampire ❤️
Madison Brooke abhors the characters and plot lines of The Vampire Diaries universe, so how will she react when she's thrust into their midst during her time of mourning...
  • kolmikaelson
  • love
  • thevampirediaries
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Nectar of Vengeance (Cheater RWBY x Male Vampire OC) by FanficMayhem
Nectar of Vengeance (Cheater FanficMayhem
Cruelly betrayed by his lovers, witness the twisted fate of Night Rune after a murder attempt on him gone wrong. RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth.
  • depressed
  • cheater
  • ozpin
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Shadows (Harem X Male Reader) A Rainbow Six Siege Story by AsmodaiVII
Shadows (Harem X Male Reader) A Asmodai
Written by, @LightningWolf04 and his assistant @AsmodaiVII. #1 in rainbowsixseige: Tortured, beaten, lost, and grief all fuel a merciless warrior. This warrior is F/n L...
  • snipers
  • xreader
  • rainbowsixsiege
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Stormchild: Emeline and the Forest Mage by JoyCronje
Stormchild: Emeline and the Joy Cronjé
A Grimdark Fantasy Novel of Epic proportions. In the North Mountains an ancient danger lurks, a powerful being set on destroying all Erdil, and only the Girl Child can d...
  • dreams
  • fairy
  • immortal
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Le violon de cristal : les partitions perdues (suite) by sirfalas
Le violon de cristal : les sirfalas
ceci est la suite directe du violon de cristal. Pour découvrir le début, c'est ici:
  • musique
  • demon
  • heroic-
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Un Zeste de Citron [Sous contrat d'édition] by ManonSeguin
Un Zeste de Citron [Sous contrat Manon Seguin
Depuis le décès de sa jeune soeur, Valentin s'est donné une mission : Apporter du bonheur à ceux se trouvant à l'hôpital. De l'enfant malade, au gars accidenté par la vi...
  • amour
  • combat
  • wattys2019
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The Blessing of Unclean(40k male reader x Yang) by liukwan2406
The Blessing of Unclean(40k male liukwan2406
A plague marine,(Y/N) is teleported to the planet of Remnant by a strange wrap accident.After his arrival,he find this planet is full of death and sadness.He decides t...
  • warhammer
  • plague
  • warhammer40k
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