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ANIDITA - THE BARRISTER COUPLE by aakankshajha8079
Story of Anirudh roy chaudhary and his wife Bondita roy chaudhary based in the town of Tulsipur in late 1920's . They were married when Bondita was 11 and Anirudh was 2...
Anidita - Kuchh Toh Hai...  by ksaurav15
Anidita - Kuchh Toh Hai... by A.Saurav
What happen when a father of a 6 yrs daughter married a widow woman to save her from society....??? How will they cope up with each other when both are just opposite...
Destiny is everything  by DhvaniMehta0
Destiny is everything by Dhvani Mehta
What happens when Anirudh and bondita get married in their childhood...... What if Anirudh doesn't accept their marriage after coming from London.... Where will their de...
Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi by Hslwritings
Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hiby Hslwritings
A story of Choti Bondita and Badi Anirudh❤️ This story is set in India's pre independent era that follows the lives of two best friends Bondita and Anirudh. Like every...
ANIDITA- Faith in love ❤  by Yourswithloveup
ANIDITA- Faith in love ❤ by U.P
This is fan fiction of show "Barrister Babu" Anirudh Roy Chaudhary 23 year old London return barrister has dream to change the society and bring equality. Bon...
THE CURSED BEAUTY by unicorn__Salt
Early 1800's India, traditional society with thousands of social evils all against women rights. But you don't need to bark loudly in order to make a point, strong voice...
Anirudh- The Story Of A Misread Barrister by ManasaveenaP
Anirudh- The Story Of A Misread Manasaveena.P
The story is based on the most popular show of Indian television called "Barrister Babu". When Anirudh Roy Chowdhary, a twenty-one year old barrister, who is...
AniDita : Spaces Between Us by Sinthia_BD
AniDita : Spaces Between Usby Sinthia Tasnim
A handsome man near 27s was Sitting on a chair helding a photo " Tumhari to shadi hogayi hogi, Mujhe maaf kardo main apni zimmedari puri nehi kaar paya, tumhe nehi...
Jag andhera tu sitara mera (Complete ✅) by Sinthia_BD
Jag andhera tu sitara mera ( Sinthia Tasnim
This ff was created on Colorstv's most popular show barristerbabu. Its totally based on my imagination. I am starting my story from Manorama and Anirudh's marriage tra...
Anidita Belongs to eachother (complete☑️) by Sinthia_BD
Anidita Belongs to eachother ( Sinthia Tasnim
This Story is created on famous show #Barristerbabu of colourstv. This is totally based on my imagination its different from show. Barrister Anirudh Roy Chowdhury and D...
AniDita ~ Short stories (currently pardesiya) by Sinthia_BD
AniDita ~ Short stories ( Sinthia Tasnim
A book where I tried to write some short anidita stories. So the first story is named "Pardesiya" this is a story of child bride how she was thought from child...
A Bond Like Anidita  by violet_mxgic
A Bond Like Anidita by violet_mxgic
The story starts from Manorama incident of the television series "Barrister Babu" and continues with a different plot (based on writer's imagination). What wil...
Anidita: Love and Care by sinchini2004
Anidita: Love and Careby Pravishtian_Sinchu
In this story Bondita is 16 and Anirudh is 28. Love is not only about romance. It's about CARING. I'll show how they care for each other and specially support each other...
The Invisible String(Complete) by preetigoutam94
The Invisible String(Complete)by Preeti Goutam
Hi Everyone, I thought to write this story after watching the बैरिस्टर बाबू series which airs on colors TV channel @8:30 PM and yes, l love to watch this show very much...
Shiddat  ❤❤❤ by shona_samayrea22
Shiddat ❤❤❤by Shona_samayrea22
everyone has some weakness so lets see whats the weakness off this story nd harr kisi ne apni life mein kbhi na kbhi kisi na kisi se shiddat wala pyaar kiya hi hota he...
Pyaar Na Jaane Duniya Ke Fasane (Season 2) by pravisht_fangirl
Pyaar Na Jaane Duniya Ke Fasane ( pravisht_fangirl
An Anidita Based Story second season of my first Story but in a different way not the continuation of the First season ....
Bondita- Anirudh's Lost Heartbeat by ksaurav15
Bondita- Anirudh's Lost Heartbeatby A.Saurav
This is my second fanfiction... ( FROM MANORAMA TRACK..) And I am stating this ff from that second marriage of anirudh... And his two choice for bondita... Where she do...
Barrister babu (Different story of love) by yournightmare1662008
Barrister babu (Different story Prapti
This is my first ff so please support.Here my story will start after Bondita is send to London for fulfilling Anirudh's and Bondita's dream of becoming Barrister Bondit...