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Kurt & Blaine One shots by SingMeToSleep7
Kurt & Blaine One shotsby also known as @scottybrock on...
A collection of one shots pertaining to the couple from Glee, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, also known as Klaine.
Anything Could Happen by DreamingToSmile
Anything Could Happenby DreamingToSmile
When Aisha takes part in the biggest audition of her life, her path crosses with her idol: Mr Darren Criss. But does she get the Audition? Does she get to know her idol...
The last four years. (A Nick Jonas Love story) ♥ by InfiniteRealityx
The last four years. (A Nick Lissa
Sara Alexander has the perfect life. That is until she loses four years of it. What will happen now? Now when she doesn't remember her life, her bestfriends, her... love...
It's Always Been You by LucienneVampire
It's Always Been Youby Lucienne Vampire
Both Kurt and Blaine are struggling in their lives right now. Kurt is dealing with his fathers death and being abandoned by Finn and Carole, and he has to accept the fac...
The Land of Stories: Gleefully Ever After by ChrisCalledMeSweetie
The Land of Stories: Gleefully ChrisCalledMeSweetie
Chris Colfer, bestselling author of The Land of Stories, finds himself (along with Darren Criss, who is unwittingly responsible for this perplexing state of affairs) tra...
The Land of Stories: Gleeful Days Are Here Again by ChrisCalledMeSweetie
The Land of Stories: Gleeful ChrisCalledMeSweetie
Chris and Darren once again visit the fairy tale world, this time on a rescue mission to save the Fairy Godfather - with a little help from some Gleeful old friends.
A Beautiful Boyfriendship by CaramelCandy11
A Beautiful Boyfriendshipby CrissColfer 'shipper!
The story of what it's like behind the scenes of a hot TV show, where the two men playing boyfriends on screen are having some backstage romance of their own. But when o...
I'm Never Saying Goodbye To You by himynameisbells
I'm Never Saying Goodbye To Youby himynameisbells
Fanfic about Kurt and Blaine from Glee. After their hook-up at Will and Emma's almost-wedding, what is going on with Kurt and Blaine? Blaine is madly in love with Kurt a...
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The Land of Stories: A Very Gleeful Threequel by ChrisCalledMeSweetie
The Land of Stories: A Very ChrisCalledMeSweetie
Darren has returned to the real world, while Chris is trapped in the Gleeful Land of Stories. Can Kurt, Blaine, Mother Goose, and Joey Richter help them find their way...
My Artemis Fowl fan fiction by I_Am_Mustard_Lady
My Artemis Fowl fan fictionby mr.mumbles
A strange girl shows up at Fowl manor with an LEP tracker behind her ear and no memory of her life. With the help of the fairies, and Butler of course, Artemis must unra...
Somewhere Only We Know by TheWalkingDead_Bethy
Somewhere Only We Knowby Allycia Barr
Kurt has come back from New York and went to a welcome back party. When Blaine comes into the kitchen, he see's Kurt. They get to talking and become best friend's. Is th...
Just a favor {Klaine} by darrencwriss
Just a favor {Klaine}by «Klaine»
Era tan solo un favor. Un favor que cambiaría por completo la vida de Kurt Hummel sin siquiera darse cuenta. Un favor que le traería varios problemas a su vida, al igual...
If You Only Knew by AnnabelleGraceton
If You Only Knewby Annabelle Graceton
"If you only knew how I felt about you, how crazy you drove me. If you only knew that I even existed..." It's been a year since Kaley moved to New York with he...
The CrissColfer Story by hoyingxfrantaqueen
The CrissColfer Storyby rachel
Darren Criss, an up -and-coming actor from the University of Michigan, has just been cast as Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel's mentor and love interest on FOX's 'Glee.' Da...
~Darren's day off~ A CrissColfer FanFiction by Klainebows-forever
~Darren's day off~ A CrissColfer Kurt Freakin' Hummel-Anderson
Darren doesn't have any scenes on the Glee set for awhile.. So he decides to go get Chris and have fun anywhere or anyhow he can. Besides he did have a crush on him.
Courage - A Collection of Klaine One-shots by redhairedreaper
Courage - A Collection of Klaine *inactive*
Kurt and Blaine and their many, many ups and downs.
The CrissColfer Story by ILoveKurtHummel
The CrissColfer Storyby ILoveKurtHummel
The story of how Chris & Darren fell in love, going from "Never Been Kissed" to present day. All based on on things Darren & Chris have said and real events.
Random TLOS Skits | Collab || ✔ by aamazing_grace
Random TLOS Skits | Collab || ✔by boop noodle
Random one-shots of your favourite TLOS characters! Prepare to have fun with the witty banter these guys produce! Lots of fun, lots of laughs. (Some one-shots are set...