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The Secret by Aether_Down
The Secretby Corin
Everyone knows of the fierce competition the Soviet Union and United States were locked in for decades after the Second World War. The stockpiling of weapons, launching...
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What Are We Fighting For? - A Hetalia Fanfiction by Space_Is_The_Place
What Are We Fighting For? - A Abbey Rose
A nation's job - a nation's life - is to watch over their people. America constantly gets bombarded with statements like, "You're young, you wouldn't get it."...
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{ 𝗟𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 } by AlissaWolf
{ 𝗟𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 }by Bambi
a call me by your name au, in which one has been drafted to the war and the other stays behind.
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Until The End | Steve Harrington  by HannahDottier
Until The End | Steve Harrington by Victoria
"An insomniac artistic girl with more than enough problems. When you mix her with a mysterious lab and the disappearance of her brother's best friend, there will b...
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Quiet x Male Reader (MGSV) by another-ffwriter
Quiet x Male Reader (MGSV)by another-ffwriter
Set in 1984. You are a spy for Diamond Dogs working in Afghanistan. You meet Quiet on a mission. Will contain violence, sexual content, and strong language. Note: I do...
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Parallel | ONC 2020 by lepus_leporis
Parallel | ONC 2020by Lepus
The world ends at 10:43am. February 12, 1950: an atomic bomb hits central Pennsylvania. All life for miles is wiped out. Except for, somehow, Alexander Dombkowski, who h...
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Cascadia - Sequel to Beelzebub by melichor
Cascadia - Sequel to Beelzebubby melichor
1989: a year has passed since the terror of Beelzebub; in the midst of a community in decline, a series of strange events lure Marcia back into the realm of the superna...
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Third Person - Complete by TimothyWillard
Third Person - Completeby Timothy Willard
PFC James Roberts just wanted to serve his country, like his father and grandfather. He left his middle class life to join the military with the hope of making his famil...
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Countryhumans Oneshots [SMUT!] by sovietrussa
Countryhumans Oneshots [SMUT!]by sovietrussa
uhm its basically a bunch of erotic novels smashed into one but its for countryhumans enjoy
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Elissa Volkova and the Cursed Vaults by lynxthewitch
Elissa Volkova and the Cursed Ellie Anderson
Elissa Volkova has always thought she was destined to be alone. After a series of unfortunate events tore her family apart, she's had no one, nothing to hold on to - exc...
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The Spy Who Loved Me by VLAGODDESS
The Spy Who Loved Meby Janaé
The year is 1950, when the Golden Age of Hollywood is at its peak and the hate of Communism is rampant in American society. Caught in the middle, are two unexpected love...
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~Cold Heart~{USSR X Reader} by Mexicantothesoul
~Cold Heart~{USSR X Reader}by Juan Carlos Miguel Maximilian...
A young teenager who was orphaned at a young age living with her aunt and uncle abused by them. Living in Russia was not the best thing... Until you met him... Cover art...
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Ussr x America (writing comp) by DeadlyTrx
Ussr x America (writing comp)by Trxy 𓅓
Winner of @darkmoon636 's Writing competition! Cover isn't my art!
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Historical Fiction Short Stories by lepus_leporis
Historical Fiction Short Storiesby Lepus
Here's a bunch of short stories all set in the past. Some are mysteries, some are romance, some can't really be categorized. Everything is organized inside by year and t...
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Beelzebub - Sequel to Shadrach by melichor
Beelzebub - Sequel to Shadrachby melichor
1988: temperatures are rising, insects are falling from the sky, and a morbid murder is causing moral panic. It is up to a hardened Marcia and her friends to find out wh...
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Animal Crossing: Cold War by lalalinhb
Animal Crossing: Cold Warby lalalinhb
Im sorry
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The Underground by JMSpy49
The Undergroundby JMSpy49
Elizabeth Scamander, daughter of Newt and Tina Scamander, entered the world as her mother began to leave it. She grew up mostly oblivious to this fact until her father w...
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Frozen Front  by RedImperium
Frozen Front by Crimson Warlord
Shortly after Ooarai's 'liberation' match (as everyone decides to call it), the Ministry decides to place a new tank limit; 1960's vehicles only, main battle tanks to be...
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The Sidenstrasse Tapestry: An Indiana Jones Fan-Fiction by A_R_Mitchell
The Sidenstrasse Tapestry: An A_R_Mitchell
In 1945 archaeologist Indiana Jones was called on one last mission. Now, even in 1960, it haunts him as his youngest daughter, Emily Jones - just as rough and tumble an...
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CountryHumans Rp by Dragon_Galaxy
CountryHumans Rpby Hiss hiss
Because Why Not???
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