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He's The Thorn in My Flesh That I Can't Take Out (ColdFlash One-Shots) by Crazy_Comet_97
He's The Thorn in My Flesh That H.G. Scott
My collection of one-shots and continuation one shots of ColdFlash moments needing to be exposed. (Title inspired by the song Broken Arrow - Pixie Lott) [Author's note a...
Mark of the Frost  by jh_storybook
Mark of the Frost by Jamil Howerton
"Am I only half of a whole, wandering the earth all alone?" A coldflash soulmate fanfiction! Requested commision
Arrowverse watching Arrowverse by Idontcare1835
Arrowverse watching Arrowverseby Z
What if all the main(ish) characters of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow are all teleported into a room. By a mystery person, and are all forced into wa...
What Lovers Do by Syarue
What Lovers Doby Syarue
Ranked #1 for cwflash Barry starts an endless chase with Len but what does that make them? Lovers? Are they, though?
SoulMarks- Coldflash (Discontinued) by fukitall
SoulMarks- Coldflash (Discontinued)by :(
Soulmarks- Definition: soulmarks are the marks you get when you touch your soulmate. They usually illustrate a part of your soul mate's personality. Very few sets of peo...
ColdFlash One-Shots by trashyweirdo
ColdFlash One-Shotsby Alexander Hermes
ColdFlash Smut & Fluff I take requests... *Mature Content* All characters are the property of DC Comics and The CW
Coldflash fics by moon_for_moon
Coldflash ficsby Moon_for_moon
Coldflash ficlets. Chapters unrelated
ColdFlash One Shots by miagirl33
ColdFlash One Shotsby Ashboy
I'm not apologizing for the lazy title. This book is dedicated to all of my one-shots for Coldflash bingo events and weeks. Once one event is done with, it will be marke...
Peachy by Elviraxxz
Peachyby Mustang Kid
When the Legends take a little break, Leonard Snart, also known as Captain Cold, sets out to turn Central City upside down (let's just assume he didn't die because we a...
Family Easter. by LunarPlayer16
Family LunarPlayer
Barry and Leonard are soulmates. There marks are different from everyone else's, and they want to know why. They've also been keeping their relationship secret from Barr...
Frozen in Place by _unlockthedarkness_
Frozen in Placeby _unlockthedarkness_
What if Snart hesitated before killing his father, buying Barry just enough time to talk him out of it? Leonard Snart and Barry Allen are complete opposites of one anoth...
The One With All The Oneshots (ColdFlash) by peachystrategichoe
The One With All The Oneshots ( peachy
I have a lot of ideas for coldflash oneshots and I need a place to put them.
Frozen In The Heat (ColdFlash) by squid_ink_2124
Frozen In The Heat (ColdFlash)by 🦑Damien🦑
Does Leonard secretly have feelings for Barry Allen? Would Barry date a criminal like Leonard Snart?
Fake You Out (Coldflash Fanfiction) by Syarue
Fake You Out (Coldflash Fanfiction)by Syarue
Leonard Snart knows who's underneath the suit but Barry doesn't know that he knows. Guess how well it would go when Len decides to flirt with Barry without revealing his...
Being Unprofessional by Onions23
Being Unprofessionalby Will.iam62
Len acidentally drops of a package to the wrong adress but in doing so he meets an attractive young man named Barry Allen.
C-o-l-d-f-l-a-s-h  by MAURA101
C-o-l-d-f-l-a-s-h by MAURA101
Barry had a bad day. But luckily Len was their to help. SMUT
Back To Earth X  by Bloodyheroes95
Back To Earth X by MrsAllenQueen
The protégé/adoptive daughter of Dark Arrow & Overgirl is a powerful and dangerous homophobe on Earth X and Leo Snart recruits Oliver, Barry & Kara to help him. Barry...
[ ] Blogger 101 [ ] || Superhero Highschool AU by not_kiri
[ ] Blogger 101 [ ] || Superhero tetsutetsu tetsutetsu
"There's this thing everyone at the school know about. It's this blog. It's updated like every day and it just started this year. Do you know about it?" "...
One Shot's. ColdFlash/Olivarry by HxseokBruh
One Shot's. ColdFlash/Olivarryby Bruh.
ColdFlash/Olivarry Cortas historias que saldrán de mi imaginación sobre estos dos Shipp que me enamoran