Coffee House {Tomtord & Eddmatt}  by bubba_blaze_
Coffee House {Tomtord & Eddmatt} by kill me plz ._.
Edd and Tord have been living together ever since highschool and into college. Edd works in a coffee house along with Tord. They both have regular guests because of how...
  • cute
  • eddsworld
  • eddmatt
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Expressing Espresso by Sparkler8
Expressing Espressoby Sharon
Espresso forms the base for many popular coffee drinks. But this book is not about espresso and coffee. This book is about my passion for English language and writing st...
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black coffee and dark chocolate. by thedevilreincarnated
black coffee and dark ilgaz👽
because they are both as bitter as her existence.
  • bodyimage
  • barista
  • mentalhealth
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The Coffee House by Wattermelon_Unicorn
The Coffee Houseby Wattermelon_Unicorn
"How do you know that you can trust him?" "I don't. I just have to believe him." "Oh?" "I told you, I got a love on the house." ~...
  • adventure
  • love
  • teenfiction
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For You by Danielbel
For Youby ...
Victoria wasn't so sure about him. He was just so sure about her. This isn't a long story, but a short story of love. This is the small little love story of Victoria and...
  • sweet
  • youngadult
  • teen
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Moonlight by Broders
Moonlightby lex
"So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you." ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
  • liampayne
  • fanfiction
  • harrystyles
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The Coffee House  by margaret_96
The Coffee House by margaret_96
Everything happened at the Coffee Shop. The day I lost my job. The day my fiance left me. And the day I met Him.
  • interracial
  • bwwm
  • coffeehouse
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The Coffee Spot by wateriswater1
The Coffee Spotby Hello Sweetie 💕
Alaine lives in a small town in Missouri, she always has. She loves her little town and the lack of societal expectations it has for her. If she likes jeans and boots, s...
  • tolyds
  • coffee
  • romance
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coffeehouse poems by autumnfalls02
coffeehouse poemsby a.e.s
poems i wrote in a coffeehouse
  • lgbt
  • wattpride
  • shortstory
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I Pizza You by IpurpleyouKTaeHyung
I Pizza Youby Singularitae 💜🐯
A short story about an ordinary girl and an extraordinary boy. How does it begin? In the most ordinary way possible: By chance. A girl minding her own business when a ca...
  • coffeehouse
  • nothingkinky
  • singularity
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Sunrise  by _almostwritter_
Sunrise by _almostwriter_
"Being a naturally nocturnal gal like myself, you learn to take pleasure in watching the sunrise."
  • romance
  • shop
  • coffeehouse
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Cafes, Jazz, Grunge, And The City. by JasmineBonner6
Cafes, Jazz, Grunge, And The Jasmine Bonner
Gemma has struck out on her own in the Emerald City, circa long ago 1990s. Can the music lover still find a true fairytale ending in the not-so-distant past?
  • romance
  • music
  • grunge
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photograph by lespaulvevo
photographby EDDIE
a captured moment in time. a story to be told. frank iero makes his living taking pictures of beautiful things. but when one of the beautiful things he sees is gerard wa...
  • frankiero
  • coffee
  • photography
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Of Duties and Dreams-A Young Adult's Story. by RiddikulusBoggart96
Of Duties and Dreams-A Young RiddikulusBoggart96
A girl with an estranged relationship with her family. A quest to chase her dreams. A journey to self-discovery. A subtle old school romance. Dive in to indulge in an...
  • smalltown
  • family
  • beach
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Mugs and Kisses by StevieRaeFrazier
Mugs and Kissesby Evie Rae
Adyran Tyler, a sixteen year old girl obsessed with coffee, moves with her mom and little brother to Washington state where the coffeehouse culture is known to have begu...
  • coffeehouse
  • realisticfiction
  • lifeanddeath
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Coffee Stains by imonlypoison
Coffee Stainsby imonlypoison
A broken story of two vintage souls who were bound to meet. A bond through music, art and a small town coffee house
  • art
  • coffee
  • coffeehouse
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Cafe La Morte by JoJette
Cafe La Morteby Jo Jette
Damian hates his boss, his doctor has just told him he's got an inoperable brain tumour, and he's about to meet the Devil and the girl of his dreams, when all he really...
  • hauntedhouse
  • devil
  • scifi-fantasy
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Little Did I Know by lollipop40140
Little Did I Knowby lollipop40140
Larissa Hill lives with her mom at their coffeehouse. The Mill CoffeeHouse. She thought she was living a normal life with a normal family. But little did she know that e...
  • coffeehouse
  • mystery
First Comes Love - {Romance One-Shot} by idledream
First Comes Love - {Romance idledream
"They were dreamers who found out that dreaming is better with two." A quick romance one-shot between two of my original characters. Want to see more cute, sho...
  • coffeehouse
  • domestic
  • romance
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Caffeine by whisperingloudly
Caffeineby whisperingloudly
Not quite the most popular person, yet not looked down by everyone. She was the one in between. A hopeless romantic that doesn't believe in love, she was quite the contr...
  • teenagers
  • school
  • high
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