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Coffee Break | ✓ by oopsidaisy
Coffee Break | ✓by oopsidaisy
❝I'm starting think it's more than a coincidence that we keep going the same seat at the same time...❞ ❝It's better than being a loner, right?❞ ∘ ∘ ∘ The lives of two...
Along The Way by AvaViolet
Along The Wayby Jessica Cunsolo
*This is a choose your own ending story* When 17-year-old Audrey must drive 7 hours with her ex-boyfriend for her sister's wedding, everything that can go wrong, does. W...
Coffee Break by Jensen-E
Coffee Breakby E.J
Coffee Break is a mixture of short stories that I write to leave my writers block or just because I have some creativity to write things that aren't relevant to my previ...
Coffee Break *UNDERGOING EDITING* by Evieewalsh
Coffee Break *UNDERGOING EDITING*by Eviee Walsh
She twirled a spoon through her coffee, writing down words and fell in love with the boy across the bar, for no other reason than because he'd given her extra whipped cr...
Coffee Break (short stories) by coffeeshakes888
Coffee Break (short stories)by Coffeeshakes
A collection of short stories to drink coffee with and get you thinking about life; when you die, what we're eating, and more...
Coffee Break by ksvnxx
Coffee Breakby ksvnxx
Just a story from what pass in my mind right now.
Coffee Break by GladiatorPanda
Coffee Breakby GladiatorPanda
Never underestimate the power of a dream.
Can I Get You a Cup of Coffee? by Starz-Dust
Can I Get You a Cup of Coffee?by Xiao Xingchen
Alice finds a homeless man in front of her beloved Tim Hortons
Follow the flow by szmonika95
Follow the flowby Monika
A short, humorous story not only for kids to brighten up your day in less than 5 minutes. _______________________________________________________________________________...
☆Ask and Dare Casts☆ Coffee Break!! Exclusives [END] by PrismaticPrissy
☆Ask and Dare Casts☆ Coffee Andromache Galaxy
Usually after work. What will you do? Coffee break? Absolutely You know how tired you are after school or work, maybe watching some series you loved while drinking coff...
The Writer by JohnEllisWrites
The Writerby JohnEllisWrites
He is a writer, or someday he will be.
Tentang Hari-hari - Kumpulan Cerita by NonaLi17
Tentang Hari-hari - Kumpulan Ceritaby Nonali
[Randomly updated] "Tentang Hari-hari", hanya sekumpulan cerita-cerita pendek di hari-hari para manusia yang tidak kaukenal. Di sesapan kopi soremu atau suapan...
The Coffee Shop by MargaridaMarques114
The Coffee Shopby Margarida Marques
Depois de dois meses, Abigail nunca pensou voltar àquele café. Cheio de memórias de trabalho duro, tardes de paixão e o seu pior desgosto de amor. Será que vai fazer...
WDWs girl by oglimelight06
WDWs girlby oglimelight06
The boys share everything with their fans except Hannah,their best friend for years,she's family......and this is her life!!!!!
Instagram Coffee Poetry by user01019088
Instagram Coffee Poetryby
There are many things we can come together and agree on in my opinion. Not too many people disagree on the fact that we need clean air to breathe. I want a safe, clean...
10:50 [l.p. au] by LondonLightsxo
10:50 [l.p. au]by stephanie
❝ Where a boy goes at the same cafe every day at 10:50 on his break, to see the waitress he's in love with. ❞ +book two of the time series+ +previous+ +11:11 z.m. [compl...
c r u s h (depression rants, comments and aesthetics) by tentaclesinyourbutt
c r u s h (depression rants, ♡
A shrine to depression /krəSH/ verb 1. deform, pulverize, or force inwards by compressing forcefully. (Cover photo not mine, credit to the photographer. I just added the...
When Paolo Met Cheryl #ATStoryToTell by MelissaSanMiguel6
When Paolo Met Cheryl Melissa San Miguel
Kung Saan Si Paolo Ay Nag Meet Kay Cheryl Nang Dahil Sa Touchscreen? Na Kung Tawagin Ay #MagicWall At Mukhang Nagbabadyang Babae Sa Buhay Ni Paolo Na Si Mylene At Indina...