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Tales Of A Sassy Girl by dinafierce
Tales Of A Sassy Girlby D a v i n a✨
Sequel to The Sassy Girl's Bad Boys. Amy O'Neil, the Sassy Girl is back with her crazy friends in this sequel filled with romance and humor. So Amy finally knows who she...
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the demon king mate by muryia
the demon king mateby muryia
Mason is the most ruthless and the most terrifying demon king u will ever meet. If your lucky u would get off as a "friend" but there are only two who can get...
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Kaos Reigns by lonelyheartsjoin
Kaos Reignsby Lonelyheartsjoin
Lola lived for the heart pumping, adrenaline rush and it had gotten her in serious trouble with the police. To keep Lola out of juvenile detention, her mother sends her...
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Twin Mates (A Werewolf Tale) by TheGirly_Girl
Twin Mates (A Werewolf Tale)by Unknown
A heart cold as ice, widowed by thorns of the past, A vow of revenge rotted inside, nothing could break or withdraw, except maybe the heart of a soul, as light as his i...
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But I Still Love Him by OoloveeoO
But I Still Love Himby 😘
He stares at me and starts to laugh like he is the devil himself. " why are kim and little Sarah not home yet?" He asks me very calmly while he slowly let the...
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Pursue Her  | Old Version by xflowerpetalsx
Pursue Her | Old Versionby rose dalziel
A Small Teaser- "You have no affect on me at all." I spat standing firm and confident. His head snaps in my direction with a raised brow and a smirk plastered...
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Travel Diaries. by SreeLekhaMittu
Travel SreeLekhaMittu
One week. Seven days. One sixty eight hours. Ten thousand and eighty seconds. That's the amount of time Eve Jordan decided to take a break from her regular life. Tha...
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BECKHAM HALL by Hilah0810
BECKHAM HALLby Hilah Roscoe
It only takes one person to change everything... Garrin Quinn is spending her senior year of high school at Beckham Hall, one of the most prestigious schools in the coun...
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Famous But Cocky by ChokesOnTea24
Famous But Cockyby ChokesOnTea24
When Blair's house ignites in flames, she is left with almost nothing. Well, that's how it starts at least. When the famous Dylan walks into her life, he comes across as...
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BEGIN AGAIN by the_next_door_girl
BEGIN AGAINby the_next_door_girl
"He painted over her scars with every colour he could find until he lost her in the setting sun" Jenaiah Grey is waiting for death Reyan Richmond is living the...
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Cosa Nostra by Morganthomp
Cosa Nostraby Morganthomp
Celeste Montgomery is a lot of things in life. She's an only child, a college student with a 4.0 GPA, a good, maybe even great, kid. She is not, however, a hit man. But...
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Tiny Dancer (Complete Story) by JMWorthington1
Tiny Dancer (Complete Story)by JM Worthington
Sometimes the truth can leave you feeling alone more than the lies ever will... The new girl in town, Annie Lopez, was trying to discover the past and rewrite her future...
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Destined to Hate (Enemies #1)  by WriterAKSxoxo
Destined to Hate (Enemies #1) by WriterXOXO
Previously titled 'The Playboy's Revenge' "Why the hell would you do this to me?" She said as a tear slid down her cheek. "I thought we were doing fine!&q...
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Warrior cat Lemons by Murkrow42069
Warrior cat Lemonsby Murkrow42069
Will do requests, OCs all is acceptable.
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Him & I by xaelwrites
Him & Iby ∩-ƎΛO˥-008-⇂
Charleen Watson (Charlie) wants nothing more than to have her own car, surf the killer waves, love her boyfriend, Calum, hangs with the guys, and take care of her younge...
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THORIUM: The Infiltration  by quakecanary
THORIUM: The Infiltration by quakecanary
A Science fiction romance. what do they call them? Thorium. Lethal weapon. Weapons of mass destruction. whatever you would like to call them. A generation of pure art...
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she's mine. by mslelaina
she's mslelaina
"You think I care about Kameron?" he growled. I looked down- away from his hard eyes. "I just don't know," I said quietly. "Listen to me,"...
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Solace In The Silence √ by Margaret_Gemmar
Solace In The Silence √by Margaret Gemmar
Bess has been in love with Jake Watford her Best friend's brother for a very long time and he somehow never seemed to notice her before . Through her friend's referral...
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The Art of Falling by EurasianDaisy
The Art of Fallingby Daisy or Maggie
For her, Bennett Brier, soccer captain for her school's team, lived in a world separate from her own. He was the picture-perfect guy, and had been her crush for over sev...
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Hades & I by mssonder
Hades & Iby Ms. Sonder
"Where is he now?" He asked holding my hands above my head while I shiver stubbornly holding his gaze glaring into his steely blue eyes. When I jerked my face...
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