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Falling Apart  by miaaamiamia
Falling Apart by H.Mia
While Andrea Brandon dreamed happily ever after with her handsome boyfriend, the love of her life, the most eligible bachelor, Alejandro Fernandez, he crashed her dreams...
The Side Character ☑ by ZarinLyss
The Side Character ☑by Lady Curse-A-Lot
**Featured in the Wattpad humor profile** "The ones who laugh the most, are also the ones who cry the most." No one will laugh with the pimply, overweight girl...
Alpha Valdus  by friesbeforeguys101
Alpha Valdus by friesbeforeguys101
"You may think you're the strongest and the most feared, but I would never be scared of you." I growled while my back hit the wall. He continues to have a bla...
Smut Scenarios  by tiyahslaysz
Smut Scenarios by riri . 🤍
this is a book with alot of smut . there isn't an love story for 2 people there is going to be new smut pages every 2-4 pages .thank u for reading I upload chapters dail...
Golden Boy by miaaamiamia
Golden Boyby H.Mia
When a good boy turns into a bad boy... Ethan Carter was the most popular and successful boy in the world. He was handsome, athletic, smart, caring, thoughtful and compa...
Stealing Stars - Stealing #1 (Sample of Published Book) by ReganUre
Stealing Stars - Stealing #1 ( Regan Ure
Jessica has learned that the right choices are often the hardest ones to make. It takes a marriage proposal to know she's made the wrong one. But before she can look to...
Spitfire in Love by isabelleronin
Spitfire in Loveby Isabelle Ronin
The brooding and mysterious Cameron St. Laurent isn't intimidated by the feisty woman at his doorstep. And when she asks him for the impossible, Cameron knows just how t...
Going North by ReeseScott8
Going Northby Reese Scott
After her parents decide to move from Scotland to Canada Annie Feels alone and out of place, but a handsome baseball player can fix that right?Or will she just spend he...
White Nights  by miaaamiamia
White Nights by H.Mia
Dimitri Fedorov - The heir of Fedorov Enterprises Holdings Inc. Devilishly handsome, irresistible, arrogant. The prince of nightlife. One of the most powerful businessme...
Flame of Desire(The beauty & the possessive series 5) by 22_MonAmour
Flame of Desire(The beauty & the Zoé Isabel
Bitch and stone-hearted. Those are just two words among all the negative words that could be used to describe Nadia Skyler Amouretti. She's carefree, wild, enjoys life t...
His Vengeful Heart  by tigressforu
His Vengeful Heart by Kim Sheen
" What is happening with me ? . . for God 's sake come back to your senses " Arihant shouted at himself kicking to door of his bed room . he was furious, he...
Haven's Knight (Sample of Published Book) by ReganUre
Haven's Knight (Sample of Regan Ure
When I was a little girl, I believed in fairy tales. I believed in princes and princesses and knights in shining armor. I believed in forever and happily ever afters. I...
Alpha - Forever #1 (Sample of Published Book) by ReganUre
Alpha - Forever #1 (Sample of Regan Ure
Seventeen-year-old Scarlett Hayes is living her life by her own rules. Losing her parents at a young age has made her strong and fiercely independent. She knows exactly...
Loving Taylor - Loving Bad Series (Sample of Published Book) by ReganUre
Loving Taylor - Loving Bad Regan Ure
The only rules I live by are my own. I never offer a girl more than one night. I never sleep with the same girl twice. And I never sleep with virgins. But when I meet T...
An Alpha's Bite by FairytaleMushrooms
An Alpha's Biteby Anna
"Look dude, I get that you probably have some emotional problems, and you have taken to random strangers to find comfort. I mean I get it, I really do" I total...
Why do you hate me? by saraf_lives
Why do you hate me?by saraf_lives
I never thought that I will fall in love with my bully/ boss . Who thought that my high school bully will be my boss?? Funny right?? But I guess destiny is a funny thing...
His Maid (a Neymar Jr fanfic) by neymarjunixr
His Maid (a Neymar Jr fanfic)by Neymar Jr
•• in which a nineteen y/o girl ends up feeling something a lot more powerful than what she should for her world-famous footballer boss ••
DAMNED by CelineMahadeo
DAMNEDby CelineMahadeo
Finding evidence of her dead brother's whereabouts, Katherine Donovan believes that he is still alive. In pursuit to find her brother and restore her family's remaining...
Vampire King and the Girl by rosellaaugustine
Vampire King and the Girlby rosellaaugustine
"What are you doing here?" she asked, when his feet touched the ground and he pushed himself up to start walking towards her. His handsome features looked dark...
Untamed by miaaamiamia
Untamedby H.Mia
When destiny wanted to trap you with the girl, who disliked you and wanted to strangle you every time you saw each other, your life got complicated. It was hate at firs...