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What's Wrong With Me | TYDE/CREEK | South Park Fanfiction ✔️ by Yeet_Clyde
What's Wrong With Me | TYDE/ :)
Bullies and beauty standards have caused 15-year-old Clyde Donovan to lose all confidence and develop a horrible self-image, along with an eating disorder. // Meanwhile...
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel- Tyde(DISCONTINUED) by somexiaokinnie
The Light At The End Of The Fawn
Clyde is an absolute mess. He has problems at home, eating problems, and is a big crybaby to everyone. Token is the complete opposite. He has straight A's and his whole...
Pretending In Style by cupiidschokeholdd
Pretending In Styleby codemeister
basically what happened to tweek and craig on the yaoi episode happens to stan and kyle
Tyde One Shits by GlitteryDelinquent
Tyde One Shitsby 4-Townie
Just because my love bug is upset with her stories. I really like Mosquito..
Love Me, Not Her (COMPLETED) (South Park) {ClydexToken} by Blazedarkness
Love Me, Not Her (COMPLETED) ( Blaze
UNDER EDITING - SPELLING MISTAKES Token trailed kisses from Clyde's lips, to his jaw, to his neck. Butterfly kisses. Kisses which were soft, yet passionate. Kisses whic...
House Party - SOUTH PARK by clouddx9
House Party - SOUTH PARKby George !!!!!
So uh- this story contains - Teen drinking, Maybe a bit of smut, swearing, a few homophobic, transphobic and racist slurs, and a lot of gay stuff because I'm the next JK...
teenage days - creek x tweek - by GreenTweek
teenage days - creek x tweek -by Tweek
A young male named Tweek was asked on a date by his boyfriend Craig. Craig and Tweek both needed help it was their fisrt dates so they contact Clyde and Token another ga...
Two Idiots Once Again by CursedLowlife
Two Idiots Once Againby Lovely Lowlife
IMPORTANT: This is the sequel to my other fanfiction, "Two Idiots One Bed." If you have not read that one, then I advise that you do. If you don't then you pr...
Lost | TYDE ONESHOT | South Park Fanfiction ✔️ by Yeet_Clyde
Lost | TYDE ONESHOT | South Park :)
Clyde and Token get lost in the woods. [COVER ART NOT MINE, SOUTH PARK DOES NOT BELONG TO ME]
Two Idiots One Bed by CursedLowlife
Two Idiots One Bedby Lovely Lowlife
Tolkein, now trusted by his parents to go by himself, invites his friends to the summer resort that his family travels to every year. He decides to bring along seven of...
Adversidades (South Park Yaoi) by siharlet15
Adversidades (South Park Yaoi)by milk and cookies
-Te dije esa noche que te protegería hasta la muerte, ¿o no?-dijo el pelinegro sin borrar la sonrisa que lo caracterizaba-mientras vivamos, mantendré esa promesa. Lo que...
My Crybaby~ClydeXToken~ by HummyBunnie
My Crybaby~ClydeXToken~by Bun
Clyde is the crybaby in the South Park Highschool.Token is the popular typical rich kid.Heres the twist,though.Clyde started to have a crush on Token in fourth grade,out...
South Park ship stuff for whenever  by scotttenormans
South Park ship stuff for whenever by Mika
most chapters focus on a few characters or change Ship focus
Split due to you | Fractured but whole | SHIPS by WpSapnap
Split due to you | Fractured but Nightmare Rose
What happens when the split went differently in fractured but whole? Can the couples figure out their shit or be stuck to what happened. Ships: Stan Marsh x Kyle Broflov...
creek coffee shop au☆ by cupiidschokeholdd
creek coffee shop au☆by codemeister
the stereotypical coffee shop au, with tweek and craig in the mix ╰┈➤this is also posted on my ao3 account ! swear warning !
Our Glee Club (Complete!) (South Park)  by sincerelyleianexoxo
Our Glee Club (Complete!) (South Leiane Bowler
Stan ignores Kyle for years before deciding to re-enter his life and impact it forever. How will the glee club deal with the traumatic things that happen between them? F...
Sweet Dreams by Leopoldbunny
Sweet Dreamsby Leopold
Kenny keeps dying and repeating the same day, over and over. During this day his main task is, keep Butters from loosing it. Butters seems to finally be fed up with all...
R U Mine? (Creek) (UNDER HEAVY EDITING AND NEW CHAPTERS SOON) by _saltynoodles_
R U Mine? (Creek) (UNDER HEAVY _saltynoodles_
What can I say? The folks are still problematic, and the teenagers.... who the hell knows? They're just kids after all. Craig and Tweek are bitter ex's but are making t...