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End-Game / FaZe Adapt by The_World_Of_Stories
End-Game / FaZe Adaptby The_World_Of_Stories
" You two are End-Game, the distance can't break you guys apart," Alissa says. {UNDER EDITING}
adopted by Alissa Violet? by MelsLemonademachine
adopted by Alissa Violet?by nev:)
exactly what the title implies,rachel gets adopted by the one and only alissa violet how will she adapt to her new life? read to find out (: #169 in fanfiction oh my ?. ...
Pregnant by Logan Paul  by natalia_0495
Pregnant by Logan Paul by natalia_0495
Elle a 22 year old went to a party that her bff Lydia invited her she met Alissa ,rice,banks,Logan.',and team ten Logan and Elle had a fun night at the party and what wi...
Ruin The Friendship ᯽ Logan Paul [1] by VoidBangtan
Ruin The Friendship ᯽ Logan Paul [ ⋆✴𝒜.𝐸.✴⋆
❝Baby you and I got history and we can't deny our chemistry so why the fuck are we a mystery? Let's just go with the connection. Give me your affection. Let's ruin the f...
My Clout by BadWriter12345
My Cloutby BadWritter101
Violet Banks. A soul so precious, so delicate and so easily scArred. Violet Banks. Her kilLer looks and curves are to die for. Violet Banks. Her fashiOn style is out of...
MODEL | social media  by 4DRUGZ
MODEL | social media by sᴀʜᴀʀᴀ
a cliche social media story. Started: 12/9/17 Ended: 8/23/18 Highest rankings: #1 in cloutgang
clout → social media ✓ by rosegoldvinyl
clout → social media ✓by celeste
in which being the newest member of cloutgang isn't all what it's cracked up to be. [social media au]
Lil Xan's sister (ON HOLD) by Bitchin_84
Lil Xan's sister (ON HOLD)by
"I wish I would of meet you before" "Yeah me too..." Y/N Léanos is an actor. A lot of p...
his sister | adapt by adaptsviolet
his sister | adaptby faZe & cloutgang <3
In which Ricky's ( faZe banks ) little sister moves into the clout house to pursue her youtube career, but struggles with her overprotective older brother.
Kessa~PERFECT *completed* by quakingtessa
Kessa~PERFECT *completed*by Thicktessa
This is a story about Kian Lawley and Tessa Brooks. What happens when Tessa and Chance break up and she meets Kian. My instagram is @laughing.tessa
Gold/ FaZe Adapt [ON HIATUS] by The_World_Of_Stories
Gold/ FaZe Adapt [ON HIATUS]by The_World_Of_Stories
Jazz King, who was known as a YouTuber, is now known for her impressive and continuing to impress, skills in the CWHL. As she is selected to play and represent Canada in...
Legacy {Book One} • Social Media ~COMPLETE~ by chelsstar123
Legacy {Book One} • Social Media chelsea :-)
What can go wrong when Ari, singer from YouTube band Legacy4 and famous social media star, starts moving on to bigger things in life? Everything!!! And the best part of...
Tell Me You Love Me ♡ Logan Paul [2] by VoidBangtan
Tell Me You Love Me ♡ Logan Paul [ ⋆✴𝒜.𝐸.✴⋆
E! News New Stranger Things cast member, Mackenzie Flemming, announced earlier on Instagram that she's finally tying the knot with longtime boyfriend, Logan Paul. Logan...
Where Love Begins (A Shawn Mendes X Reader Fic) by Marjorie56
Where Love Begins (A Shawn Marjorie
HIGHEST RANKED🔥: #13 under shawnmendes A Social Media Star, Y/N L/N. A normal girl who transformed into a Influencer. Becomes the Social Media Girl. Creates her own...
FaZe Banks Little Sister - FaZe Adapt by ChaiTea1230
FaZe Banks Little Sister - FaZe Chai
The younger sister of FaZe Banks-Hallie Bengston, has possibly the most hectic, all over the place life. Being in the public eye while trying to keep her private life pr...
Clout Gang (Instagram Posts) by fazestoriez
Clout Gang (Instagram Posts)by fazestoriez
19 year old Lauren Walters is a new Youtuber and is recruited to Clout Gang. See her experience with the whole Clout Gang and FaZe Clan squad through Instagram posts.
pink skies; teeqo  by oceandln
pink skies; teeqo by oceandln
"you know i've seen some things about you and it molds into what we are watching right now" "what is it?" i questioned him "your green eyes co...
I'm A Paul(Under Editing) by Sarahpurvisturtle
I'm A Paul(Under Editing)by I'm Sarah
Read at your own risk. It's so bad, I wrote it in like 6/7th grade.