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The Untamed season 2 by -cosmicmysteries-
The Untamed season 2by Eternal Flames
This is a story continuing from the last episode of the series The Untamed. It doesn't continue as it is in the book but it continues from how they are in the series. I...
The Untamed: Lan Zhan as he waits for Wei Ying... by CroftManor21
The Untamed: Lan Zhan as he CroftManor21
We don't get to see Lan Zhan during those years he searched for Wei Ying and raised A-Yuan...and I had a few random thoughts that all coalesced into this rambling fic of...
Husbands by ppanda_is_here
Husbandsby ppanda_is_here
Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji find themselves in a situation they don't want to be in when they're forced into an arranged marriage. Wei Wuxian finds himself a parent to Lan...
The Wooden Butterfly  by MohonaBose
The Wooden Butterfly by Mohona Bose
Lan Shizhui, an obedient son and student. True pride of his Dads, Wei Ying and Hanguang Jun. Join his life as he explores the different aspects of life and most importan...
Anniversary Gift  by ReneCainMarien
Anniversary Gift by Renè Cain Marien
After a night hunt with their Wei-Qianbei, the juniors came to know from a drunk Yiling Laozu that his and HanGuang-Jun's wedding anniversary is nearing. Wei Wuxian proc...
𝐓𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐃 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐋𝐒 by yllzdefender
Lan Qiren gains a new cabbage. Wei Ying grows up without being abused. Lan Wangji is impulsive. How does this change the course of history? Read to find out! - Wei Wuxia...
The Untamed ( New Generation ) by BTS_girl79
The Untamed ( New Generation )by K-pop Baby💜💓
If you have seen The Untamed (original series) so here you are going to get some surprises. As you can see I've written ( New Generation ) in story title that means you...
A Silent Breeze (MDZS AU) by Jelleshiii
A Silent Breeze (MDZS AU)by J'elle
What if Wei Wuxian never came back?
Cloud Recesses by Lan_zhan85
Cloud Recessesby Lan WangJi Matsuivo
This is a short poem about the difference between Gusu Lan and Yunmeng Jiang. Which one you will choose? Which clan you will like?
💙cloud recesses rules💙 by Rayeri_
💙cloud recesses rules💙by Rayeri_
Hi😁💙 This is just something stupid i thought about and typed on here none of them are in real life and are lan clan nonsense. This is the known cloud recesses rules fr...
Little Miss commoner (Slow Updates) by rainbow_limeaid
Little Miss commoner (Slow Updates)by rainbow_limeaid
Jiang Lai is just a normal girl in the Yungmeng sect. All she wants in life is to be free of the expectations of her father Jiang Da. One day she just so happens to come...
-Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation- Mo Dao Zushi Lemons by DryCrash
-Grandmaster of Demonic DryCrash
-Various characters -Request open -I don't own the novel or any of the characters
The Untamed 2: Deranged Minds by Harini-Dissanayake
The Untamed 2: Deranged Mindsby
People were dying in mass numbers, and nobody could figure out why. Everyone is facing fear and confusion not knowing what they face. Wei Wu Xian is still away, roaming...
Mounting the bunny || Wangxian OS by TaeTheGoodBoy
Mounting the bunny || Wangxian OSby Riddhi
Wei ying had never thought that he would ever find one of the fluffy cotton ball like creatures scary but it seemed like life had a knack for always proving him wrong in...