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100 Ways To Come Out! by Lgbt-SafePlace
100 Ways To Come Out!by Happy Pride!
100 ways to come out! Some are serious & some are funny! 🏳️🌈 In honour of pride month 🏳️🌈 Resources for you: - How To Come Out:
  • closet
  • help
  • comingoutofthecloset
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He, Myself and I by MiaPerry06
He, Myself and Iby Mia Perry
He, Myself and I is a cliche boy-meets-closeted-boy. Liam Mitchell has liked Noah Kinsey, the popular, funny, attractive boy at school for as long as he's known him. T...
  • gayness
  • malexmale
  • manxman
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UNDERCOVER by SapphireIs
COMPLETED Find out what happens when Ace discovers the truth of Ravenburg High, as well as finally accepts his sexuality after a long period of denial. Find out what the...
  • coming
  • mystery
  • team
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Funny Ways To Come Out 🌈 by Joons_unshaken_hand
Funny Ways To Come Out 🌈by Joons_unshaken_hand
You're getting dusty from sitting in that closet for so long. It's time to taste the rainbow bitches 🌈👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Remember to never be ashamed of who you are...
  • bisexual
  • lesbian
  • comeout
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The Person that Lived in the Closet by isabellaandjamie
The Person that Lived in the Closetby Isabellaz
Alana had a normal life. Until one night her family went out, to come back to their door open. Now she keeps hearing things coming from her closet.
  • closet
  • horror
  • friends
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OCs' Closets by Jason_Peter_Todd
OCs' Closetsby a.k.a. The Red Hood
A Book showing what each of my OCs wear every day on a daily basis, along with their formalwear, accessories, shoes, anything else important.
  • original
  • closet
  • originalcharacter
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Can You Hear Color by ZalgoHeComes666
Can You Hear Colorby Michael Young
-in the author's note-
  • mentalhealth
  • gay
  • trans
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Mallo cup girl by kateluna855
Mallo cup girlby kate lee Luna
A sweet love story about a police officer and a marine. with a twist there both women! follow the twists and turns of there closets relationship and how they make it wor...
  • hiding
  • cute
  • love
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Closet Doors by AlyssaRucker
Closet Doorsby Alyssa Rucker
This single father would do anything for his two children...but even he can't protect them from every horror.
  • horror
  • scary
  • closet
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Solo te pido que te enamores (GAY) by unaiva__wp7
Solo te pido que te enamores (GAY)by unai varela
Alex es un joven chico que con el cambio de primaria a secundaria empieza a notar cambios en su orientación sexual. Se auto-margina y y se auto-lesiona, hasta que conoce...
  • amorhomosexual
  • suicidio
  • lgbt
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Ellie Closet Steven Sutherland 6/12/19 by SteveSutherland
Ellie Closet Steven Sutherland 6/ Steve Sutherland
I'm in need of some devine inspiration. I wish, I got my fill everyday. I heard a female voice, pandering back and forthwith herself amongst my wardrobe. It sounded like...
  • closet
  • ellie
John the Dog by milksodaa
John the Dogby milksodaa
  • thought
  • ack
  • doubt
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The Monster Beneath Lila's Bed | SHORT STORY by TheSolSoldier_
The Monster Beneath Lila's Bed | ✘Crap Bag✘
Through the six years of Lila's life, she's always had a scary monster living underneath her bed. #TrialsOfLove Creepypasta writing contest. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019 ...
  • scary
  • monster
  • shortstory
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°Kaya's Closet° by Http-InvisibleFox
°Kaya's Closet°by #BlueForSudan
Just some clothes this girl has
  • occloset
  • closet
  • outfits
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That Lovely Afternoon by Spurofmxment
That Lovely Afternoonby Spurofmxment
When your usual routine lunch with one of your best buds becomes an emotional turmoil within, when you wish things aren't just ordinary, when you wish you had the courag...
  • shortstory
  • onepage
  • lgbt
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Cosas de asexuales/ mi experiencia by Magi4445Set
Cosas de asexuales/ mi experienciaby Magi Set wattpad
QUIEN ES ASEXUAL! >:3 Pues si lo eres esta historia es para ti uwu Creada el 5/6/19 por:MagiSet Portada: de google creditos de autor
  • asexuales
  • etc
  • importancia
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Hide and Seek by LittleRedRidingHood8
Hide and Seekby Ellie <3
Awoken from her restless slumber, Iris finds herself constantly trapped in a dangerous game of hide and seek. A game filled with loathing, delusion and self-deception.
  • dark
  • deception
  • lies
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"Can u check the closet for monsters?" by MarkGraham846
"Can u check the closet for THE SCU
Epic games Where games happen to be epic (Original Horror story)
  • closet
  • horror
  • monster
Keeping her a secret  by Jennanot06
Keeping her a secret by Jennanot06
Jennica Smith was born in a family who believed that being gay was sinful and shamed upon, but all together a perversion. What happens when she crosses with Gracie May...
  • love
  • secret
  • lesbian
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