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I'm not afraid of you (UNDER MAJOR REWRITE) by onebooklover1
I'm not afraid of you (UNDER Silje
'Do not be afraid of the monsters, make them afraid of you.' Skylar Smith, gang leader, murderer and so much more you can call her. She is the most dangerous person in A...
  • drama
  • highschool
  • gangs
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Las cartas nunca se equivocan USUK Cardverse by AlmaRamos714
Las cartas nunca se equivocan Señorita Cocoa
Dedicado a una linda lectora por su cumpleaños ¡Michelle que cumplas muchos más! -----UsUk---- Las cartas nunca se equivocan, el reloj siempre sabe la verdad, todo en pe...
  • usuk
  • clishe
  • dramadenovelamexicana
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The Nu Gurl by TheAngelHero
The Nu Gurlby A⃟ηɡεʆ/ A⃟L⃟
Mary Sue of the Sakura Tree Blossoms is a new gurl at Super Duper Hoghskool. Teh hot guy guts a thing 4 her. Will there love survive in dis crul word? Or will it fall ap...
  • clishe
  • lol
  • tttaaagggssss
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Wildwood by SandyThorn
Wildwoodby Nov
Suburban life is boring. You've got the streets, the occasional streetlight, the city and, finally, the forest that endlessly creeps along the outskirts of the entire ar...
  • kiss
  • romace
  • run
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Fuck You by CassianFloyd
Fuck Youby Cass
Linus Vladimir was struck with bad Luck. Everyday, it was this and that, but never really any good. School was always the biggest war zone for him, especially around the...
  • life
  • boyxboy
  • drama
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Chin up, Beautiful {ON HOLD} by Jasmine0522
Chin up, Beautiful {ON HOLD}by babigirl05
I do not own any pictures for the cover. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Marie Conners is a single child with big dream's for a sophomore. Right now she has everything she's always wanted...
  • love
  • heart
  • marine
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Falling For The Bad Boy by swag-gurl
Falling For The Bad Boyby swag-gurl
She is the new badass student in Westover High that catches everyone's attention.Including him-the schools bad boy.He will fall in love with her and will do anything to...
  • clishe
  • badboy
  • lovestory
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my asshole neighbor by brookeandbenji
my asshole neighborby brookeandbenji
between the way he crosses his arms and his fuckboy smirk, zayn is absolutely done with her neighbor. she knows he's trouble, and he knows she's trouble. they hate eacho...
  • losangles
  • newwriter
  • neighbors
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Clishè by District4_DAUNTLESS
Clishèby District4_DAUNTLESS
This is a totally mushy, romance, fluffy, and clishè book. It's about Anna Flintone and Dan Howell. And this is their story.
  • clishe
  • danisnotonfire
  • love
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The Alphas Dancers by JellieEllie
The Alphas Dancersby King Elle
We are a team, always have been always will be. We do everything together, well almost everything. Kenzie and Kale are sisters, twins in fact. Kenzie is the dancer, a...
  • dance
  • funny
  • twins
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Ο Καραμπάτσος by Yoremeh
Ο Καραμπάτσοςby yore
~Παραμύθι/Παιδική Ιστορία, στυλ Σταχτοπούτας.~ Το έγραψα πριν δύο χρόνια, για έναν διαγωνισμό που τελικά δεν έλαβα μέρος (ΑΧΝΕ) Τέλος πάντων, ΑΠΟΛΑΎΣΤΕ ...
  • παιδικο
  • kids
  • cute
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Pokémon Mystery dungeon:The Elden Winds by TamashiiHirokaFanBoy
Pokémon Mystery dungeon:The TamashiiHirokaFanBoy
Personally I tried to do my best to make a good story.
  • clishe
  • dontreaditthisisaripoffstory
  • poorlywritten
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Wishing <on hold> by Fanfictionqueen_12
Wishing by G
This is a story a both two bestfriends One boy One girl It's kinda cliché but I'm okay with that. Will they find love or will they not? Find out now And cover credi...
  • romance
  • guy
  • romace
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Falling For Mr Jerk by llkewlsoulll
Falling For Mr Jerkby kewlsoul
Zelda Santiago Goody 2 shoes ,introvert, sarcastic... But falls into the BN category aka boring nerd category of Xander's High. Tyler Adams The coolest n hottest guy of...
  • drama
  • goodgirl
  • romance
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Dia Crush Pujaan Hatiku by nuttynadh
Dia Crush Pujaan Hatikuby NADH
Ziyyad Syahidin Akmal mempunyai dua perwatakan berbeza. Kadang kala dia mengatakan diri dia ialah Zaqwan, yang mempunyai sifat playboy. Nur Nathalia Iris Medina seorang...
  • sweet
  • crush
  • splitpersonality
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