Disney Highschool Roleplay by penniegrange05
Disney Highschool Roleplayby penniegrange05
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  • boys
  • goodie
  • high
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Edgewater High School by RPQueens
Edgewater High Schoolby Smut Queen 👑😂
Just a basic High School Roleplay, because I've been wanting to run one of my own for a while XD
  • school
  • roleplay
  • hsrp
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F*ck Cliques by Love_Me_Hopeless
F*ck Cliquesby ♡ m y r i ♡
Being the new girl isn't very easy in a school filled with judgement. Drama. Gossip. That's why when Andrea Martin came to Carol High, she stayed away from people. She w...
  • emo
  • romance
  • hiddenfeelings
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All is Fair in Emo Love and Clique Wars by AvaWood12
All is Fair in Emo Love and AvaWood12
A female nerd goes to a school where cliques exist, popular people rule, nerds are made fun of, and she is in love with an attractive emo bad boy, but cliques aren't all...
  • love
  • nerds
  • war
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The Trip by Lovesmellsofarmpits
The Tripby Andrea
A fun, kooky story about six teenagers on a forced camping trip across the US. With some "Amazing Race" sort of clues, will this group of teenagers make it thr...
  • amazing
  • fun
  • teen
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a long way down. by EshaTinks
a long way Outofdatepudding
a girl, living by the rules of
  • cliques
  • aesthetic
  • family
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The Write-Off by harryrosie
The Write-Offby harry
Cassandra "Cass" Reynolds has always been classed as a quiet bookworm, which she's totally okay with. But high school is tough, and boys are tougher, and Cass...
  • school
  • books
  • boyxgirl
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VOICEMAILS by chaoticdaisies
"they said the case's closed. quit it" - in which a heartbroken boy tries to send voicemails to his missing lover and accidentally gets involved in something m...
  • tears
  • drama
  • mystery
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Spanish Badass by SkylaG14
Spanish Badassby SkylaG14
Valentina or " Vee" is the schools most popular girl in the school. Everyone wants to be her. Have her stunning looks, flawless skin, crazy beautifully perfec...
  • cliques
  • badass
  • misspopular
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