His Game by SarahattheDisco168
His Gameby sarah
Paige Clark has always been a believer of the term that hard work gets you through success in an instant. And when she gets accepted into an academy she's been longing t...
  • rivals
  • kingandqueens
  • humor
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Perfect Chemistry by Dec_22
Perfect Chemistryby Micayla Bogany
Delaynie Bryant and Jackson Lyon first met in the 7th grade and immediately hit it off. Everyone knew they were meant to be together, but a jealous mean girl got in the...
  • highschool
  • bestfriends
  • wattys2018
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The Write-Off by harryrosie
The Write-Offby harry
Cassandra "Cass" Reynolds has always been classed as a quiet bookworm, which she's totally okay with. But high school is tough, and boys are tougher, and Cass...
  • cliche
  • student
  • school
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LHH: Texas  by Wpentv
LHH: Texas by Wattpad Ent
The Production team takes on Texas as the socialites rappers djs relations and etc, start to come out the claws and drama does to welcome to Texas where everything is bi...
  • cliques
  • gossip
  • complicated
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Spanish Badass by SkylaG14
Spanish Badassby SkylaG14
Valentina or " Vee" is the schools most popular girl in the school. Everyone wants to be her. Have her stunning looks, flawless skin, crazy beautifully perfec...
  • badass
  • highschool
  • españal
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Geek's Obsession by jenniferkatherine7
Geek's Obsessionby JenniferKatherine
3rd Place Winner in The Wolf Awards. (Paranormal Category) Senior year starts out as it always has for outcast Edison Bates and best friend Nora Slater but changes one a...
  • cliques
  • nerds
  • featured
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The Gossip Game by fefefulton
The Gossip Gameby Felicia Fulton
  • modeling
  • abuse
  • queenbees
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Project Date Levi by UnderMySkin
Project Date Leviby Sabrina
Levi Hughes decides in his senior year that he will take every student in his grade out on a date for a social experiment after his English teacher gives his class a pro...
  • 1990
  • grunge
  • wattpride
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The Time We Fell In Love by what_if_we
The Time We Fell In Loveby 💕
It's the start of summer and what's better than starting summer out at Discovery Kingdom. The excitement is addictive. Screaming people on rollercoaster and the laughter...
  • yeyeyeye
  • wesleytucker
  • goodgirl
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All is Fair in Emo Love and Clique Wars by AvaWood12
All is Fair in Emo Love and AvaWood12
A female nerd goes to a school where cliques exist, popular people rule, nerds are made fun of, and she is in love with an attractive emo bad boy, but cliques aren't all...
  • school
  • cliques
  • love
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Blondie's Geek (COMPLETED) (EDITING) by SarahattheDisco168
Blondie's Geek (COMPLETED) ( sarah
Tiffany Annabelle had it all. Being River West High's all time popular It Girl, leader of the cheerleading team, being in a tight clique of equally powerful students in...
  • blondie
  • enemies
  • cliques
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Adorable Memories... by dimple_smiles
Adorable dimple_smiles
How would you feel when you know the time has come... for your friendship part ways...after the last high school year? It could be more nostalgic if the pa...
  • partnersincrime
  • cliques
  • parting
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Outcast by MusicMixes
Outcastby Nadia J
♧I watched as people rushed to their their tables. My back was up against the far end wall of the cafeteria, but even then I was getting pushed around. The cafeteria was...
  • happy
  • quads
  • uncomfortable
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Caprice by _effleurer
Capriceby _effleurer
In which she learns the true meaning of life and love.
  • wattys2018
  • cool
  • cliques
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VOICEMAILS by chaoticdaisies
"they said the case's closed. quit it" - in which a heartbroken boy tries to send voicemails to his missing lover and accidentally gets involved in something m...
  • mystery
  • tears
  • friends
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To Love Is To Destroy (TLITD) | #Wattys2018 by Heartless__Souls
To Love Is To Destroy (TLITD) | V a l ♛
#106 in players (10/07/18) #172 in badboys (11/07/18) #11 in hot list (11/07/18) #22 in hierarchy (13/07/18) #128 in murders (16/07/18) #31 in cliques (17/07/18) ❝This i...
  • romance
  • badboys
  • hotlist
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Her and I by ThunderBolt_Draws
Her and Iby MunieCrank
Thunder, was once a popular High-Schooler who seemingly moved out from her town to Manchester Ohio. She enters in a new school, adapting her surroundings, making herself...
  • cliques
  • girlfriend
  • love
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Disney Highschool Roleplay by penniegrange05
Disney Highschool Roleplayby penniegrange05
read the title
  • cliques
  • girls
  • boys
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F*ck Cliques by Love_Me_Hopeless
F*ck Cliquesby ♡ m y r i ♡
Being the new girl isn't very easy in a school filled with judgement. Drama. Gossip. That's why when Andrea Martin came to Carol High, she stayed away from people. She w...
  • feelings
  • teenfiction
  • hiddenfeelings
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The Daily Life of a Teenage  Princess by SleepingWithSnacks
The Daily Life of a Teenage 🌻Keely🌻
You'd think that the only things normal 18 year olds have to worry about is getting into college, asking their crush to prom and acne, well I only have to burden one of...
  • betrayal
  • romance
  • teen
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