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Fall love book by cassiecrawford067
Fall love bookby cassie crawford
🍁This is a fall love book of poems 🍁 . This is a Ballard with a mixture of rhyme scheme and free verse . This poem follows the narrator's fall love story🍂
A Kiss Goodnight at the End of Forever by david_hull
A Kiss Goodnight at the End of David Hull
[IN PROGRESS] Martha and James are soulmates trapped together in a never-ending reincarnation loop. Not a bad way to spend eternity, but they wanted more. They wanted a...
The Sun Shone at Dawn by BirtheV
The Sun Shone at Dawnby Birthe
The wind blows harder under many shades of grey. The sun shone at dawn. *** A collection of haikus, tankas, poems about nature, climate change, platonic love, and any ot...
Parallel Lives, Theo of Thebes by Makofueled
Parallel Lives, Theo of Thebesby Makofueled
A young man in a bleak future finds himself the subject for a new treatment, that causes him to relive moments of past lives, namely the liberation of Thebes from its Sp...
Nagligivaget by Alwaysaloaf
Nagligivagetby Penelope Roberts
Hope, friendship, and love in the midst of climate change.
The Organization (Season Three) by KingzGaius
The Organization (Season Three)by Kingz Stories Gaius Empire Of...
I'm Gaius Dominic. An avenger. The only legitimate son of the late deputy senate president (Senator Uche Dominic). CEO and legitimate owner of the Dominics multipurpose...
The Last Scarecrow by Neiljhart
The Last Scarecrowby Neil J Hart
(Scarecrows of Coldharbour Farm #1) WINNER Wattys 2021 | '...adorable and heartbreaking...' Erin loved to build scarecrows. She made a dozen in all. Her Pa showed her ho...
Woodpecker by Mandrikai_Yoshi
Woodpeckerby Mandrikai_Yoshi
Woodpecker says the end of the world is coming, there's a dead body on a bed, an empty field in Somerset is somehow connected to a secret government project, and Samanth...
The Great Green North by Ollie236
The Great Green Northby Ollie
Climate change has gotten the best of us and planet Earth has been stuck with a second ice age. Afterwards the animals have taken over and formed a government...but they...
Eden Reclaimed by itstheevening
Eden Reclaimedby C.E.Brennan
In a distant future, humanity's reckless pursuit of progress led to the brink of annihilation. A visionary inventor once hailed as a saviour, inadvertently triggered the...
Saving Amy by MarrionWayne
Saving Amyby MarrionWayne
Amy is a sweet girl who thinks too much. Charles is the guy down the hall who doesn't think enough. Jonathan is the billionaire who wants to make Amy his. I'm a golden r...
When It Rains by LeaStorry
When It Rainsby LeaStorry
Book Two of the Nature Rules series I"ll be adding 200 words every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
57 °C: Surviving Hell Earth by MatchaChocolate69
57 °C: Surviving Hell Earthby MatchaChocolate69
2074, the world has been ravaged by relentless global warming, causing an unprecedented catastrophe. Billions of human and animal lives have been swept away, while the E...
The Trouble with Women by Renee_RK
The Trouble with Womenby Renee RK
A woman suspects that her government-imposed birth control implant is controlling her. As reports of uncharacteristically violent female behaviour begin to surge, it bec...
Road to Arcadia by DreamerCail
Road to Arcadiaby Cailin
Kai Gilling, a transgender wanderer traversing the American West, has to trek hundreds of miles in his beat up Jeep, in order to reach an urban legend rumored to be the...
Lesbian Space Whales by 052086612SL3
Lesbian Space Whalesby Zach Maxwell
Space Whales are threatening to destroy the earth because humans refuse to stop polluting the sea. Kayley Cook, a closeted lesbian wildlife photographer from small town...
The 300 by _Dominiquemm_
The 300by Dominique
"Our world is going to change more in the next 20 years than in the previous 300 years ... and it could be heaven or it could be hell." Gerd Leonhard - Forbes ...
Poetry by Theatre_Trash22
Poetryby Lake
Shit poetry I write lots of free verse
Everything is a dream when you're alone by just_another_body
Everything is a dream when you' Nemo
I watched Wes Craven's Swamp Thing movie and I just felt I had to write this story. It's my first try at climate fiction but I still tried to keep it a very personal sto...
A Polar Bears Dying Wish by crazy_cae
A Polar Bears Dying Wishby CrazyCae
I wrote this poem in 2019 while in high school. I came back to it 3 years later to renew it and to being even more awareness on climate change and global warming. I hope...