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Ignite by Skylar-Black
Igniteby Skylar Black
Memoirs of a Middle Child by Butterflies1980
Memoirs of a Middle Childby Beatrice Severien
You first met Borys Leszczyński in the science fiction novel At the Twilight of Mankind, also available on my Wattpad profile. If you haven't read At the Twilight of Man...
At the Twilight of Mankind by Butterflies1980
At the Twilight of Mankindby Beatrice Severien
In the near future, the world and planet Earth have changed a lot, but not quite as we imagined. Professor Tempéra Akheeli is an artificial birth and genetic engineering...
Earth, After ✔️ by talia-v
Earth, After ✔️by T
Some fates are worse than death--survival is one of them. In the two hundred years since humanity left the Earth's surface to live in the sky, life on the ground faded...
Falling Skies | Lo'ak  by aethra-
Falling Skies | Lo'ak by 𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘤𝘢
₊˚.༄ "I don't want this feeling, I can't afford love." - The Weeknd, Die For You ₊˚.༄ Second book to the Skipping Stones series! Comes out as soon as I've see...
Atlantis Rising by LadyVirgo20
Atlantis Risingby Virgo
King Orm was raised to put duty to his people above all else. When the Surface Dwellers continue to pollute the once pure and majestic oceans, King Orm decides on war. V...
Sand Red by allinaac
Sand Redby Alina C
The year is 8 billion and the Sun is dying. The richest of humanity has made its way to the distant Life planet Cerulone, leaving behind billions to die. Fast-evolving a...
The Last Scarecrow by Neiljhart
The Last Scarecrowby Neil J Hart
(Scarecrows of Coldharbour Farm #1) WINNER Wattys 2021 | '...adorable and heartbreaking...' Erin loved to build scarecrows. She made a dozen in all. Her Pa showed her ho...
Rhodoreef by SuVida777
Rhodoreefby Su Vida
| 𝟮𝟭𝘅 𝗙𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗨𝗥𝗘𝗗 · An Asian sci-fi retelling of The Little Mermaid that steers the tale you know in a whole new funky direction | An ambitious teen mermaid must...
Nagligivaget by Alwaysaloaf
Nagligivagetby Penelope Roberts
Hope, friendship, and love in the midst of climate change.
The Big Book Of Debates!  by writing_slowly
The Big Book Of Debates! by Nina ❤
On your marks, Get Set, DEBATE. •||Highest Ratings No. 1 #debates No.3 #solutions PLEASE VOTE !!!!
Farewell, Neverland (Choi Yeonjun x Reader) by janloumas
Farewell, Neverland (Choi janloumas
17-year-old Im Y/n is known as the "crazy earth girl" in her town on Mars. She claims that everyone used to live on Earth a decade ago, and now it's safe to go...
Breaths of Neopolis: The Pulse Beneath Progress by TemporalEmpath
Breaths of Neopolis: The Pulse TemporalEmpath
In the futuristic city of Neopolis, a monument to human resilience and innovation, two souls, Eli and Luna, traverse its glittering landscapes. As the city basks in the...
Climate Change Awareness  by Supernatural673313
Climate Change Awareness by PeriodicTable✏️🔬🧠
A complete guide to Climate Change filled with facts, evidence, and the truth. This book will explain the causes and effects of climate change, as well as the steps th...
The Great Green North by Ollie236
The Great Green Northby Ollie
Climate change has gotten the best of us and planet Earth has been stuck with a second ice age. Afterwards the animals have taken over and formed a government...but they...
Climate Change by Cmartin142
Climate Changeby Cameron Martin
Booklet on Climate Change
Lesbian Space Whales by 052086612SL3
Lesbian Space Whalesby Maxwell Zachs
Space Whales are threatening to destroy the earth because humans refuse to stop polluting the sea. Kayley Cook, a closeted lesbian wildlife photographer from small town...
               Roop-Goon by JesmineAraLaskar
Roop-Goonby JesmineAraLaskar
A bunch of poems written down by J Laskar.
Science fiction. It is 2075 by Javid117
Science fiction. It is 2075by 2075: They Loved In 2075
It is a short science fiction where the excitement begins from the first line and ends only when you have read the last line. It is about the world in 2075 and how someo...
flora - environmental awareness by aesthetecommittee
flora - environmental awarenessby 𝚊𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚝𝚎.
twenty seven thousand trees are cut down each day so we can have toilet paper. landfills are among the biggest contributors to soil pollution. about 80% of the items bur...