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Adopted by the Click House by HPL_3553
Adopted by the Click Houseby Alyss Watson
Y/N, a sixteen year old girl, gets adopted by her favorite youtubers, Click. *IN PROGRESS* Click x reader (Kind of) Fresh x reader
Lover Boy | mrfreshasian x Reader by ActuallyReady
Lover Boy | mrfreshasian x Readerby Lana
"I saw him." Being crowded with young fans screaming. I couldn't help but laugh. And then we turned to me, eyes wide. He walked towards me. And that's when I k...
Heart Not Rekt || Woods x Reader by springfox04
Heart Not Rekt || Woods x Readerby yeet
You were hired at Hi5 Studios by Matthias as a graphic designer and talent in Rekt videos. When you were there, you met a guy who changed your life... ~~~ #1 in Woodlan...
Lufu x Lannan  by imp0sters
Lufu x Lannan by maddie
Truly have no idea what this is I searched up lufu x lazerbeam and found nothing so I guess I'm the only ones who ship these 2? edit: cover by svftclick on insta
The Boyfriend and The Possessive Ex| Mrfreshasian x reader by ActuallyReady
The Boyfriend and The Possessive Lana
Fresh (Harley) is a lonely kid that just loves games in downtown Sydney. But when a lovely girl moves in with him. His whole world flips over. An abusive boyfriend is...
forgotten - lazarbeam by lazarbeammm
forgotten - lazarbeamby lazarbeammm
you and lannan were best friends from a very young age who did everything together. however, when his youtube channel began to really take off, he began to get busy and...
Paul x Woodland | a bad hi5 fan-fic by bearfox123
Paul x Woodland | a bad hi5 fan-ficby Kody Sanders
Awesome story with the comic relief of Tanner
Click love life by Stichlez
Click love lifeby A non human
THIS BOOK IS A JOKE, this book is a joke and something to laugh at (well I find my writing hilariously bad) You've heard of a love triangle but what about a never endin...
A Tannar Eacott Love Story  by imp0sters
A Tannar Eacott Love Story by maddie
Tannar wanted it. Tannar got it 😎 yo yo follow my fanpage on insta: @softtannar
In the beginning  by clickfanns123
In the beginning by clickfanns123
Our story is set in 2017 - future. Our account is fan accounts on Instagram. Click from the beginning to the end 🤰
The future of click by Stichlez
The future of clickby A non human
Sequel to click love life. This is set in the future . Eliot and kath are married and have a large family . Baz and cray have wife's and baz has twins . Lannan has a cru...
Mucus by clickcrew
Mucusby Click Fan💞
MUCUS IS REAL *just want to point out this whole thing is kinda a meme*
Loserfruit and Crayator  by Rocketruby10
Loserfruit and Crayator by Rocketruby10
I haven't seen many cray and lufu stories so hope you enjoy
Cold Cuddles - Muserfruit Fan Fiction by CallMeColin
Cold Cuddles - Muserfruit Fan CallMeColin
In a chilling Aussie Winter will bad weather bring Elliott (Muselk) and Kath (Loserfruit) together? And how will their emotions and feelings change in the future? Contai...
Click prank wars gone wrong by Rocketruby10
Click prank wars gone wrongby Rocketruby10
The prankster of the house went to far then paid the price
Home |Lannan Eacott|  by -bimyself
Home |Lannan Eacott| by 𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐈𝐄
Lucy Anderson. Barista, YouTuber, Gamer. Lannan Eacott. YouTuber, Gamer, Scientist. He comes into the coffee shop every day, and there she is. Always there, with her swe...
Lachlan, My Love by kindwriter
Lachlan, My Loveby kindwriter
I was so glad to finally be in Australia! After arriving at my hotel and unpacking my things, I immediately called an Uber to take me to Lachlan's place. I'd been friend...
You're The Image Behind My Lyrics (Woods X Tanner) by Hi5_StudiosFan
You're The Image Behind My Hi5_StudiosFan
'My heart isn't a Rekt prop, but it is fragile, just please don't break it' Woodland 'Woods' DeMars never thought that while he was writing lyrics to a new song that he...
Why does he look so good? Paul x Tanner by its_ya_gay_boi
Why does he look so good? Paul x Seb
Paul is a member of Hi5 studios. He is normal like you and I. He has friends and family. But he also has a secret. The cute blonde hair, blue eyed human has taken his he...