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Our little wonder - Clexa  by clexa_endgame_
Our little wonder - Clexa by clexa_endgame_
Clarke finds out that she's pregnant, but who could possibly be the father because she has only recently slept with Lexa, but than she hears that there is a new virus th...
Don't leave me by skldbs29
Don't leave meby Lesbian disaster
Lexa, 17 years old, promising captain of the soccer team, got transferred to ArkadiaHigh, being forced to leave her twin sister and her girldriend. What she doesn't know...
The One Who's Fallen by The_Sarcastic_Dork
The One Who's Fallenby Beau Howard
After Abby realizes that Jaha may use his executive powers to float Clarke before her 18th birthday, she and Raven scrape together a pod and send Clarke down to earth a...
The Skaiprisa by The100-Clexa16
The Skaiprisaby Clexa forever
This is a Clexa story! The 100 has just landed on the ground, excited and unknowning of the dangerous new world they entered. Lexa the Commander of the 12 clan is alread...
Head Over Boots (Clexa AU) by clexafics
Head Over Boots (Clexa AU)by clexafics
Clarke knew she had a lot to learn when she agreed to work on Woods Ranch. What she didn't know was that, in addition to horseback riding and cattle corralling, she'd be...
lavender dreams by lunqreclipse
lavender dreamsby L
just a happy clexa highschool au
It will be me before it's you (And that's okay) by _TheFreak_
It will be me before it's you ( _TheFreak_
Lexa was a soldier in the us army before she was struck from duty with an attack that left her paralysed. Struggling to handle taking care of her sister alone, Anya hire...
depth by paintedviolet
depthby paintedviolet
She thinks of her readings at school; the words and stories she grew up with. Finn is no virtuous Othello: jealousy makes a fool of the noblest man, but Finn was just a...
The Other Side Of Me by the100GAY
The Other Side Of Meby bisexualqveen
Lexa's almost 17 years old and lives in Washington DC with her dad. Her dad is very rich so Lexa has everything she could wish for from a perfect life. Or does she? She...
Soulmates//Clexa by arcane_shera_edits
Soulmates//Clexaby arcane_shera_edits
Lexa and Clarke thought they'd never see each other again after the city of light. But they will. This is what I think should of happened in the final episode of season...
Loving the Commander by alwaysdarklove
Loving the Commanderby alwaysdarklove
takes place after 3x07. Clarke is trying to cope with the death of her love, and Lexa.... Well you'll see. Lots of fluff but it will have a story.. I just need these two...
Our Fight Is Not Over//Clexa by arcane_shera_edits
Our Fight Is Not Over//Clexaby arcane_shera_edits
What happens when Lexa and Clarke reunite in the city of light? (This is what should've happened after they reunited)
Red Light | Clexa AU by forclexa
Red Light | Clexa AUby drew
A compelling love story about guilt, forgiveness and happiness that takes place in the small town of Concord, Massachusetts. Clarke Griffin and Lexa Woods meet in the mi...
Life should be about more than just surviving. (CLEXA AU) by ItsN0tMeme
Life should be about more than Lance
Alycia Clarke has spent 2 weeks alone, fearing that if she gets close to someone she'll lose them just like she has lost everyone else. However, after stumbling across a...
Don't Be Afraid//Clexa by arcane_shera_edits
Don't Be Afraid//Clexaby arcane_shera_edits
What happens when Clarke and Lexa meet in a different world, at a different time? What happens when they may be the only ones left in a zombie infested planet? (Clarke...
Beyond Our Horizon by gretagillcankillme
Beyond Our Horizonby abby<3
Clexa Modern AU (Clarke Griffin's POV) Clarke Griffin goes to school at Arkadia High. She is in 11th grade and is best friends with Raven and Octavia who have been in a...
I'll wait for you (modern clexa) (clexa) (clexa fanfic) (the 100) by squirc1e
I'll wait for you (modern clexa) ( Squircle
Lexa has had a bit of a rough past so her and her family decided to move to a new country to start over and have a better life. Lexa is quick to make new friends and bec...
Weak For You (Clexa) by clexa4lyfeee
Weak For You (Clexa)by Emme
After threatening to kill all of Skaikru for the attack on her people, Commander Lexa kom Trikru must form an alliance with her rivals. War is coming against the mountai...
Define Love by clexasberonica
Define Loveby clexasberonica
"Define love." "I don't think you can define love." "But you can define us." This is a modern Clexa AU, btw. Idea credits to @recxrds or so...